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Beth Phoenix & Mickie James Comment On Retirement Of WWE Women’s Championship

World Wrestling Entertainment has retired the WWE Women’s Championship, which lineage dates back to 1956. It was the oldest active professional wrestling championship in company history. WWE is continuing the title lineage of the Divas Championship with the Unified belt. Layla is the last recognized Women’s Champion.

Beth Phoenix, a three-time Women’s Champion, expressed her disappointment in WWE’s decision to put the title to pasture.

“It saddens me to see the historic Women’s Title moved into retirement, but I am so grateful to have had the honor of holding it,” she wrote on Twitter. “My sights remain on the Unified Diva’s Championship.”

Meanwhile, former WWE star Mickie James, a five-time holder of the belt, released an emotional statement on Twitter concerning its retirement.

“The retirement of the Women’s Championship breaks my heart,” she wrote. “The nostalgia and the legacy built off the backs of every woman who paved the way for women like me… Who gave it credibility… Honor… Prestige… & Truth! For every woman who’s carried the championship through the generations… Who know the power & history you feel in holding it high above your head.. That can never be replaced by anything in my mind… In my heart… I am truly honored and forever grateful to be among the women who have graced its presence… Thank you…”

Ex-WWE star Carlito wrote in response to James, “Dont worry, there’s now 2 butterfly belts!”

  • mack

    i think wwe will bring it back and the crusierweight championship


  • El Dandy

    Well now all they need to do is get rid of the IC and US belts…. sorry, I mean titles…. and they’ll all be hideous…. Yes, I’m including the WHC

  • Joe Piscapo

    Woman’s title > Butterfly belt

  • venom

    I agree with WWE about getting rid of one of the women’s title. They should have gotten rid of the diva’s title instead. When NXT 3 is done. I can see WWE releasing Jillian Hall, Tiffany, Rosa, Snuka’s daughter.

  • Code Red

    Well it makes sense, as much as I can’t stand the design of that crappy Divas title. WWE hasn’t referred to its Divas as “women” in years. It’s all part of the re-branding and this just reaffirms it.

  • jon

    man women title should have stay but i guessing the divas belt is for the youngest and the future women champs

  • Scooter

    the divas division is dead and buried and the fucking butterfly belt is the casket it was buried in

  • DA 420 KING


  • Dale

    @lamar I think your maths is abit out there it’s actually 54yrs. If it was 56yrs it would be 2012

  • lamar williams

    @ alhow I agree with you its stupid how the defunct these titles in silly ways.

    Its sad that they decided to get rid of it 2 day after its creation (its was created on 9/18/1956). That title has spent 56 historical yrs of being fought over and held by great women. Nothing last forever, good or bad. The questions now are.

    What will happen next for the Divas????
    I got a feeling that their going to be alot of budget cuts coming soon……


  • thao

    You know wwe only kept the divas title is the same reason they keep the ugly wwe spinner belt and it is because it looks like a toy and it would sell easier.

  • Al

    carlito is funny


    lol at carlito, but why does WWE always retire titles in horrible ways. I crusierweight title was retired after Hornswoggle won it. And the womens title was retired after being broken in half.