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Beth Phoenix Reveals Why She Left WWE, Vickie Furthers Storyline, More

– Vickie Guerrero posted the following message on Twitter, furthering the John Cena/AJ Lee storyline:

security cam footage is @WWEAJLee in a state of undress heading to @JohnCena’s room. Tune into RAW for footage #CougarInCharge

– WWE published an article looking at the history of the Hardcore Championship. The article noted that we will unlikely see the title again, which “might be for the best.”

– Beth Phoenix was asked why she left WWE on Twitter. She replied, “My family waited patiently for 10 years while I chased my dreams.I decided it was time to come home to put family first. That’s the reason.”

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  • That_Nerd_Guy

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  • Will Henderson

    i really will mark out like crazy if this AJ lee storyline end up with AJ “shooting” on Vicke, even if she has no choice but to bring up Eddie Guerrero.

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  • Tim

    I’m happy for Beth Phoenix. She deserves some time off. She’s given a lot of time to WWE, and I had always hoped they’d use her better. I mean, honestly, we were really supposed to believe Kelly Kelly could actually beat Beth in a match?

  • PinkSinCara

    @ beautiful gal

    1. You’re young, so I’ll have to be the bearer of bad news. Wrestling is scripted. I’m sorry.
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