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Beth Phoenix Update, Former WWE Stars in Puerto Rico, NJPW-US Tour

– New Japan Pro Wrestling is looking to do a tour of the United States West Coast, possibly in 2012. They previously toured the East Coast earlier this year.

– Former WWE stars Carlito, Chavo Guerrero and Kenny Dykstra will be heading to Puerto Rico for the WWC promotion from January 6th through the 8th. On the 7th in Bayamon, Carlito will defend the Universal Title against Dykstra while Chavo will face Carlitos for the Caribbean Title.

– Beth Phoenix posted an updated photo of her swollen face from Monday’s RAW and while the swelling has went down, she will be sporting a nice shiner over the Christmas holiday.

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  • Bastion boogeyman

    Things are looking bad for Chavo. He doesn’t look like he is on roids

  • Candy xx

    Alicia Foxx is another no talent useless diva. Why the hell does she walk like that to the ring what a tramp! Please give me and the rest of the fans a divas match/storyline/segment worth watching. Top to bottom the divas roster is a mess. Turn Kelly Kelly heel, fire Alicia Foxx, Eve needs to stop shaking her ass before her reverse moonsault she looks like slut, separate the divas of doom, Turn Natalya face, Show more of AJ, Aksana and Maxine. Have more than one diva storyline and don’t use the same divas on a weekly basis. Argh why do they even bother to put this trash on tv.

  • El Dandy

    “the swelling has went down”
    I understand this is just taken from some other site but surely someone could have read though and corrected it

  • Stevie P

    Alicia Fox just needs to change her finisher. It’s down right dangerous.

  • kennedyniles

    Alicia Fox doesn’t deserve a push

  • misfit del rio

    New Japan, make it happen. Come down to Los Angeles.

  • Albert

    i hope Alicia still gets her push 🙂 who cares if she took a little bump to the head, last i herd its wrestling and you will get hurt

  • Kamala’s Foot

    Did anybody else hear about Chavo’s steriod bust. He is suppose to be sentenced in a federal prison.