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Big Angle with Triple H Announced for Tonight’s WWE RAW

– WWE announced the following for tonight’s RAW:

“Less than 24 hours after WWE Battleground, Triple H will decide who will face WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena at SummerSlam.”

Join us tonight for live coverage at 7:30pm EST.

  • Jason Lentini

    I’m good with Seth cashing in & winning seeing as he is full time but I do think its a bit soon for him to win the WWE WH title (same for Reigns). Maybe Survivor Series since he has the MITB. Ambrose has tasted singles gold with the U.S. title which is good but for the build up for Roman I think Mania 31 is the perfect time as long as they keep him hot and in high profile storylines w/o making him look weak when he loses.

    Full time talent in my eyes deserve it way more. I may not like some of the characters in WWE however all that being said I’m totally against a part timer getting a title unless its a good reason.

    I didn’t care for The Rock getting the belt however I will say this at least for the time he had the title & the time leading up he was there quite a bit as opposed to Brock who has X appearances (prob zero non televised events) I didn’t really care for Bret winning the US title but I knew he wouldn’t keep it at all. As for Taker only the above scenario is something I could accept & it would have to be at Mania where he retired. I think Micheal Cole, Renee Young. or even Damian Sandow are more deserving of titles than part timers.

    I’d rather do the “John Cena Polka” as opposed to the “Disappearing Champion Waltz”.

  • what?

    Everyone knows it gonna be lesnar BORING

  • nobody

    Dude, you will get your way. Brock calmed down after the incident surrounding the last Cena match. Brock will job to Cena who will probably get cashed in on right after the match; and beat Rollins too. Cena is your champion and he will stay the champion for the forseeable future.

    Rollins, like Sandow will not win the belt from his MITB.

    Now get up and get ready to do the John Cena Polka.

  • Jason Lentini

    Hmmmmmmm Jock Lesnar maybe ? Yet more “Ladies and Gentleman my name is Paul Heyman … Broke The Undertakers Undefeated streak …”.

    Let someone who is FULL TIME have the title. I know many people cant stand Cena because he’s forced upon us but at least HE isn’t a PART TIMER. As much as I like Taker I don’t think he should be champ either if the chance arose unless it was totally part of a retirement angle where he won the title at Mania, his music hits, he does some character posing, the lights go out, & Taker is gone but the belt remains in the ring.