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Big Backstage Update on Plans for Universal Title Heading Into Wrestlemania

According to a report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman will be working upcoming House Shows with one another, while Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens for the Universal Title will be on those cards as well.

Despite the fact that Strowman and Reigns will be working House Shows with each other, it is expected for The Undertaker and Reigns to match-up at Wrestlemania after their confrontation during the Royal Rumble last night (Sun. January 29, 2017).

WON also reports that the plan is for Owens to drop the Universal Title to Goldberg at the Fastlane pay-per-view (PPV) next month (Sun. March 5, 2017), setting up a title defense against Brock Lesnar that will most likely headline Wrestlemania.

So there you have it, it’s looking like Goldberg vs. Lesnar for the Universal Title at Wrestlemania, Taker vs. Reigns, and Owens vs. Jericho. What are your thoughts on WWE’s plans for this year’s ‘Show Of Shows’?

  • CC

    But all this title win was was so he could equal Flairs record and potentially give a heel like Bray a baby face to defeat. If Bray is to win, getting it from AJ just would not work.
    At the moment, Cena is very much looking like a transitional champion.

    It serves no purpose to keep the belt on him until Mania.

  • D2K

    Right now there is no motivation for Goldberg to face Brock Lesnar since he’s owned him on three separate occasions, but…….

    ….if Lesnar screws Goldberg during his title match against Kevin Owens costing him likely his last chance at a title, that would give Goldberg all the motivation in the world to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania where Brock can FINALLY get his payback. However, that would mess up plans for a Jericho-Owens match at Wrestlemania. They’ve just made such a huge mess.

  • M

    Too messy. God awful booking. Screwed fans twice now with Lesnar vs. Goldberg and now we’re supposed to buy into a build up that would have them main event Mania. As a huge Owens fan, I’m not happy at all the way they’ve been using him during his title reign, he manages to pull through with outside interference again and again and now drop it to Goldberg. This is the same problem with Wyatt winning at Chamber. What’s stopping them from getting their rematch at Mania if they drop it at the prior ppv. I doubt they’ll be doing it on a raw or sd.

  • nick-hulk

    Why, they could easily have him win again to break flair’s record within the year

  • wildeye

    Cena is going to be filming a movie soon so he will have to drop the title sooner than later

  • D2K

    Which would be the case again if he loses at Elimination Chamber.

  • Jolly Green Giant

    He lost it after two weeks once…

  • D2K

    If Goldberg is gonna win the strap at Fastlane, I might have to get tickets for that one. My guess will be that Jericho will somehow cost Owens that match.

    The question is, how does it make sense that Lesnar gets a title shot at Goldberg if he wins the title at Fastlane? What motivation is there for Goldberg to even face him at this point? WWE……..excuse me, VINCE MCMAHON has literally booked himself into the freaking ground. He’s had sure-fire “grand-slams” lined up everywhere and he’s striking out on ALL of them.

    Of course it will never happen, but these are the types of things that board of directors should be looking at for grounds for filing an injunction against him.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Very VERY unlikely that cena will lose in a month.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I doubt this is the last time…

  • BiggEZ

    Wow, they had to put the strap on Cena one more time. Wow..

  • nick-hulk

    Bray wins Elimination Chamber, & WWE championship becomes Triple Threat….
    Bray Wyatt Champion, John Cena rematch, Randy Orton Rumble Winner.
    Can get a few tag matches on Smackdown with Harper and delay the inevitable Wyatt Orton implosion until Summerslam

  • Jolly Green Giant

    Double barf. Ugh…

  • jgdjgdklj

    You forgot Orton vs. Cena. Ugh..

  • Jolly Green Giant

    Barf. That’s my thought.