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Big Match Announced for First Episode of WWE Main Event

On tonight’s episode of WWE Smackdown, they announced that the main event of the Ion TV debut of WWE Main Event will be CM Punk versus Sheamus in a Champion versus Champion match.

WWE Main Event airs on Ion TV at 8:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Central on Wednesday nights.

  • mtlhitman

    I guess since im in Canada i will not get it on tv lol we have Raw , SmackDown and NXT but wwe main event and sathurday morning slam whatever name is it we dont get it here on tv loll But Adam is right they are on major tv channel.

  • adam

    Ion isnt a huge network but its got some good shows on it and i know of it unlike roh who was on hdnet for the longest time. As for this show is it going to be one match or is it going to be like sunday night heat?

  • SYM

    @Zedd WTF are you talking about? USA Network is a huge Deal, SyFy is a Huge Deal, WGN America not as big as SyFy or USA but All of Chicago watches it and some of the US watches it for Nostalgia, and ION is New but DirecTV is trying to make it as Big as other Network’s. Either way Zedd u must be living under a Rock, or just have ya TV set to MTV.

  • Zedd

    Why do they keep putting shows on channels no one watches or as ever heard of.

  • Zombie Plague

    cool, hope shameus whoops him good and eats his brains.