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Big name to miss Money In The Bank

Brock Lesnar Greatest Royal Rumble

After successfully defending his title at WrestleMania and Greatest Royal Rumble, many wondered when we will see Brock Lesnar wrestling again.

An educated guess on his next appearance was at the Money In The Bank PPV next month, as WWE intends to put the event in line with their big four PPVs.

However, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is now reporting that the Universal Champion will not be present at the upcoming PPV and hence the title will not be defended.

No word yet on when Brock will next defend his Championship or even make an appearance on WWE Programming, but SummerSlam and Extreme Rules are two most likely destinations.

After this revelation, it looks likely that the Men’s Money In The Bank match will main event this year’s PPV. There is also talk of adding a third ladder match to the show but it’s not confirmed yet.

  • Petty WWE

    Fans are the people who think Reigns isn’t the one who should beat Lesnar. Vince still drools over Reigns like a school girl.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    That is a rumor by small internet fans who still thinks WWE care about CM Punk record for WWE champion. There are other reason why Brock Lesnar still champion like Roman Reigns is not the guy who Brock Lesnar should be putting over for the Unverlasial Championship.

  • Petty WWE

    Vince does, and he doesn’t want Punk being the longest reigning champ. When Lesnar left back in the day, Vince put the title on Orton so they wouldn’t have to refer to Lesnar as being the youngest champ. After AJ left, Vince kept the title on Nikki Bella so they wouldn’t have to refer to AJ as being the longest reigning female champ. While Punk was never Universal champ, he is the longest reigning champ and Vince wants that to change. There is no other reason for Lesnar to have retained at Mania and at GRR other than to beat Punk’s record.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe Summerslam will be the last we see Brock Lesnar with the Unverlasial Championship. Then again who know it don’t bother me to much because who every does bet him will earn it. I still think it will be Braun Strowman at Summerslam.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Nobody cares about CM Punk record by the way he was never Unverlasial Champion.

  • CC

    Summerslam is one of the big four, so that is the most likely place we will see him next.

    As for there being talk of a third ladder match, hasn’t all that speculation died now?
    A tag team ladder match for me would be tricky as the most you could realistically have in it is 4 teams.
    The more likely option is a 205 live one, but I am not sure they would do it as it could actually steal the thunder of the other two matches. And three ladder matches would be too much anyway.

  • ROB-1.

    No great loss.

  • Petty WWE

    All Vince cares about is Punk not being the longest reigning champ of the modern era.

  • Will Henderson

    yeah, Brock’s next title defense is gonna be SummerSlam, not Money In The Bank or Extreme Rules, WWE seems to be holding off on Brock until then possibly.