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Big News on SummerSlam Held Overseas, Edge Post Surgery Photo

– Edge posted a photo of his neck following surgery Thursday in Pittsburgh and also noted that Pittsburgh legend Bruno Sammartino reached out to him following surgery.

“Thanx 2 Dr.Maroon, Dr.Bost and the staff at UPMC 4 the great treatment. And special thanks to Bruno Sammartino calling me in my room as soon as I cleared surgery after having only met once. Absolute class act.”

Post Neck Surgery Photo of Edge

– According to The U.K. Sun, WWE has been in talks with stadium officials in the U.K. about potentially hosting next year’s Summerslam in an international setting. Officials are attempting to negotiate a deal for the August 2013 pay-per-view during WWE’s current European Tour.

  • nikki

    They could always start the ppv earlier like maybe 5 pm 6pm in the states it has been done before

  • no & then!

    PPV* stupid spell check

  • no & then!

    Super excited about this! My favorite poverty to watch is summerslam ’92! That was an epic event!

  • Wellsy

    For it to start at 8pm Eastern, it’d have to start at 1am here.
    If it started at 8pm here, it would start at 3pm in Eastern.

    Could they not have a PPV at 3pm? Would that be so bad? Surely, with it being a Sunday, it’d still do fairly well, and be even more appropriate for all the kiddies?

  • The_electrifying_one

    I would be there ringside. My plan was to do Summerslam next year anyway and travel over to the US.

    Would rather travel 200 miles from Yorkshire to London than 2000 plus miles to the US. (No offence to any Americans)

  • donners

    their only issue with doing this is the timing of it. they can afford to tape raw and smackdown and let spoilers out, because it’s a weekly syndicated show. they wouldn’t want to tape a PPV because it would significantly reduce buyrates.

    the general feeling is that if they wanted to do it, it would need to be done late-night in the uk so they could broadcast live to the states around mid-afternoon.

    i’m sure most uk/european fans wouldn’t mind going to a PPV that started about 10pm if it meant being a part of history though.

  • Sam Peters



    they can hold it in the old ecw bingo hall fa all i care just get summerslam out of la fa at least 1 year but goin to the uk n a VERY GOOD CARD could do BIG busniess n buys for wwe so lets hope this goes thru

  • mike

    Great news, the Uk makes for a great crown as shown on wednesday on Main event