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According to PWInsider, Roddy Piper was contacted about doing some work for WWE coming up. Piper has pulled out of part of his scheduled signings this weekend due to a WWE conflict, so he may be appearing in some form at Survivior Series or Raw next week.

  • mtlhitman

    If road dog could hit the gym right now we could see the new age outlaws in the rumble and going to wrestlemania win wwe tag team title for a last run wwe tag-team division is getting a bit better and since we can’t see a dudley boys or hardy boys return New Age Outlaws is the perfect fit add up X-pac in the intercontinental division and d-x second generation could get their last run but Waltman too got to hit the gym lol.All 3 working for wwe right now in 3 different division backstage and scouting talent.

  • Over Piper

    Forget Piper WE WANT BILLY GUNN!

  • mynameis

    Honestly, was hoping for somebody else. Piper ain’t too bad though. Let’s see what happens.

  • Jon

    even though Piper is really funny and good.

  • Jon

    I was hopeing the name would be the Undertaker but his health it not going to happen. I wish a big name like Jericho would return right now.

  • SYM

    Had retards in here less then a week ago saying Piper will never work with WWE again. #retard.

  • Jimbo

    If he isn’t drunk as a skunk like his last RAW appearance, then cool.

  • mtlhitman

    Piper is one of the most gifted guy on the mic sorry if he doesn’t fit with wwe pg era he is very limited and all is current promo’s'are totaly wrote by the new era cheap writers ! Piper is a nice add up and the next great add up is the rock and then will be ric flair oh wait 3 names from the 80-90 era what a shocker again wwe as to use old school into new school to bring in some help and rating and wwf attitude era (yeah not wwe) and nwo revolution dvd will be release soon (wwe 13) attitude era story mode (wwe on demande this month wcw 80-90 ppv) here in Montreal we add lot of 80-90 and early superstars coming in multiple indy wrestling,we (80-90 and early 2000 fans 60% im sure want a old type of wwe product even if its not golden age or attitude era or ecw we dont wanr pg but we deal with it and keep watching it so i think new generation should be happy to have foley-piper and the rock making apperence cause when guys like the rock and piper are on the rating and viewers incress on their presence.

  • Joshy

    Pfft sombody else please…

  • Rocky sucks

    Piper is boooooring

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