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Big Return Set for TNA, Matches for Monday’s Live iMPACT Show

Partial source:

– Former TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love has re-signed with the company and is expected to return on Monday’s live iMPACT special with Hulk Hogan’s debut.

The following matches have been confirmed for Monday’s iMPACT:

* Tara vs. ODB for the Knockouts Title

* Sarita & Taylor Wilde vs. Hamada & Awesome Kong for the Knockouts Tag Titles

* Steel Cage Asylum for the X Division Title

  • miz

    but lacey von erich is more sexy than angelina love, i want LACEY VON ERICH TO STAY!!!!!!!

  • edgehead15

    Tomorrow night it’s all bout iMPACT…..Angelina back!

    Also steel cage Asylum!

    Come on all that vs the usual crap RAW as to offer, Bret Hart aint wroth it!

    I’ll just catch the Bret segs on utube, Bret aint worth live view….especially when TA is putting this on!

  • Flying Papa Schmaps

    No way they take the belt off of AJ just yet, he has proved himself as a true champion. This isn’t WWE where the belt changes hands every five weeks between Cena and Orton…and oh yeah, Shemeus! What a face of Raw.

  • Thumper!

    To Al:

    Haha that was me dude! Velvet posted it on her myspace like 2 weeks ago! haha this site is late on posting news.

  • jm

    bring back love, love her

  • Mike

    looks like they plan for Amazing red to lose the x-division title. I guess something will happen like someone will get injured backstage and cant make the steel cage asylum so R.V.D will take their place and win the title.

    I wont be surprised in A.J.Styles loses his title aswell I mean people who actually think Hogan is going to make TNA better are delusional. we will see Hogan bring the NWO or whatever they will call themselves debut, sid vicious will debut, most the people on Hulk’s Australian tour will debut. they will prob announce a new TNA show in the week, the ring will go to a 4-sided ring. Possibly a new announcer or have don west going back to announcing alongside taz and Mike Tenay.

    It just going to be total..S**T

  • scooter

    wow give a shit really i’ll be laughing all next week when tna gets whooped

  • Treg

    Those matches look like the same old sh*t to me so far :/

  • scooter

    perhaps thats true RPM but angelina can go in the ring

  • RPM

    I thought both Angelina and Lacey were basically annoying princessy bitches in the locker room anyway?

  • 6burgh

    out with the lace and in with some love

  • Paul123

    now that angelinas back… i hope lacey goes !

  • Leon

    wow…who cares…

  • Al

    wow that guy who has been posting on the comments section saying that Angelina was gonna return was right??!!

  • RPM

    They better not drop any titles on the first day of going head to head, it seems safer to get new fans used to existing champions thus having them win matches.