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Big Show DVD Update, Chris Jericho & Ricky Steamboat Appearing, More

– Scott Steiner, Rikishi, Kevin Nash and other former WWE stars will be wrestling on a tour in Chile later this month.

– WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat will be meeting fans at the FCW show on Friday, January 28th at the Lakeland Armory in Lakeland, Florida. The show begins at 7:30pm.

– Chris Jericho, Fozzy’s Rich Ward and VH1’s Daisy De La Hoya will be appearing on Saturday, January 15th at 1:30pm in Anaheim, California at the National Association of Music Merchants convention. They will be at the EMG booth.

– WWE’s new DVD on Big Show, “The Big Show: A Giant’s World”, is currently scheduled to be released on February 22nd of this year.

  • 321kid with a razor

    I believe but not sure but isn’t he the only former WCW, WWE, WWF and ECW champion? lame wwe ecw title but still a champ of some sort.
    His WCW Matches were good when he was quick and agile. matches with Sting, Goldberg, DDP, a young agile Misterio, Ric Flair and even Nash. I remember the 1st time I saw Luger put him up in the Torture Rack. That was sweet. WWE he had some fun hardcore matches and his match with Brock Lesnar was awesome when he was suplexed off the top rope and broke the ring was very memorable.

  • Danarchy

    Way over due for a Big Show DVD bout time he has had some classic matches

  • Joec316

    I for one am looking for a Big Show DVD. I just hope that it covers his entire career from his debut in the old WCW with in-depth interviews from him as well others. And it needs to be at least an hour and a half long for it to truly be really good. And yes we do need a DVD on Randy Orton,Christian,Triple H,John Cena,CM Punk,The Rock,Randy Savage,Stone Cold Steve Austin,D-Generation X, Edge,Kane,Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. And i’m talking about documentaries aswell as matches and special features. I ain’t just sayin’. I’m just sayin’.

  • misfit

    Agree 100 percent with skitzo, my fav big show moment, was when he pinned essa rios against the wall to win the hardcore championship.

  • 2ratedrko2

    Agreed with buttercastle. Big Show may be huge but his matches are boring and unenjoyable. Orton is in need of a DVD, or Christian for that matter who has been in some dangerous matches, but for some reason is not liked by WWE.

  • !?

    Agreed with Skitzo, the man is a long standing veteran. Much like Jericho was, this DVD is overdue.

  • Pieman

    Well said Skitzo.

  • skitzo

    @ Buttercastle. You must be a very young fan to say something so ignorant about Big Show. He has held multiple WCW and WWF/WWE titles, had memorable matches with Hogan, Sting, Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Flair etc., and has been a main event level star since his debut match. His DVD is long overdue in my opinion.

  • Buttercastle

    As much as I like Big Show, what has he even done to put on a DVD.