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Big Show & Mark Henry Injury Updates, No Jericho in WWE ’12, The Rock’s Movie

– The Rock announced on Twitter that his new movie “Journey 2” is now #1 at the box offices in markets across Asia. As noted before, the movie is also #1 in Australia.

– Reps from WWE Games have debunked rumors about Chris Jericho appearing in WWE ’12 via DLC. They wrote this weekend:

“Once and for all: Chris Jericho will not be in #WWE12, but you can download a CAS version of him off of our Community Creations.”

– After tweaking his back at last Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, Big Show appears to be fine as he worked this weekend’s live events against Daniel Bryan.

Mark Henry was advertised for triple threats against Bryan and Show but did not appear due to a groin injury.

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  • kamala’s foot

    Big Show and Mark henry show that water buffaloes can get hurt too.

  • hulk me up

    jericho can break down my walls anytime….and rub his nutsack on me

  • venom

    People should just get over the fact he is not going to be in the game. He’ll be in WWE 13′.

  • shawn

    i downloaded that CAS Jericho. i remember being bored with the game and started doing nothing but “taunt” in a online match, pissing off a spammer. it was great. then he asked me what i was doing. i responded with “YEAYEAYEA!”. blocked him.

    nuttyace2 PS3;)

  • B

    To be frank, they /have/ been saying the same thing more politely. Sadly gaming fans aren’t the most polite and patient of fans themselves.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    On THQ’s post on the game in the online section its says that there will be a free DLC to make up for all the online problems. And it says this player will break the walls down. They also start off the letter by saying theres alot that has been going on thanks to Jerihico. So im not believing it.

  • Omar

    Wow, the reps are being rude. There are much more decent ways of stating the same thing.