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Big Show and Mark Henry Teaming Up at SummerSlam, WWE Looking for African American Babyface

– There has been a call internally for WWE to try and create an African American babyface. The idea is to create him both to attract that demographic and to sell merchandise, similar to the role Rey Mysterio has played with the Latin community.

– Big Show was supposed to return on Monday’s RAW but could not get medically cleared. The segment on RAW where The Shield beat Mark Henry down and The Usos made the save was not originally planned.

Big Show was originally scheduled to make the save for Henry. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Show and Henry in a handicap match is currently planned for SummerSlam.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Solid

    I think it was more on her end, I remember some stuff about his time in TNA where she caused some issues too.

  • jeff miller

    Hes not one of mine either thats why id like to see him heel if hes got it in him then it could be really good and it would allow kofi some new and interesting match ups, id personaly like to see him take on rvd as a heel i think that would make for an interesting match

  • Prince

    Shelton Benjamin!

  • Pat

    i think they are turning mark henry face, but i could be wrong, would be kinda cool for him and big show to be face tag team
    i’ve never been big on kofi, he’s cool and all and he’s done some cool stuff but he’s not one of my fav’s

  • chronoxiong

    Titus O’Neil! Make it happen Vince!

  • oppa

    As long as they don’t feel that the guy can be WWE champion, it won’t matter. It’s interesting that this is coming out after people have been pointing out that there has never been a black WWE champion. I actually believe people can get behind Mark Henry. Him winning could be a real feel good moment, regardless of the color of his skin.

    Before someone mentions The Rock as a black WWE champion, many people don’t classify him as being only black or samoan out of respect to his heritage and to what both his father and the wrestlers on his mothers side of the family mean to the business.

  • The Killswitch

    Titus would be my pick. If the PTPs aren’t doing anything as a tag team, other than jobbing, let Titus continue his singles career.

  • jeff miller

    He’s nvr been one. I’m saying bring him back as a heel so he can reestablish his credibility since he no longer has any as a face then when ppl take him seriously again they could turn him back face

  • Pat

    when was he ever a heel?

  • Pat

    i remember a story ages ago that his wife was not comfortable with the whole teddy long getting married story and that was why she was fired, gotta say tho, she was very pretty, and im not into thin chicks either lol

  • Solid

    Sorry Bubba, but Bobby Lashley has all the appeal of a wet towel.

    I won’t go into details, (it’d take a while) but you can make a list, start with his wife and move down the list from there.

  • Andrew

    I was thinking Xavier Woods actually! Didn’t think anyone would agree with me. Also, I fully expected to take shit from you for that comment because Internet.

  • jeff miller

    That would be a better option i was just going with who they currently have on the roster, Xavier woods would be a much better choice if they would wanna bring him up to the main roster from nxt

  • Andrew

    Or they could push someone with talent.

  • TOmC

    Bring back Bobby Lashley

  • jeff miller

    Yep, they should keep him off tv for awhile and bring him back heeland rebuild his credibility and then switch him back babyface because at this point no one will buy him as a top babyface.

  • Cropsy

    they probably should’ve pushed Kofi when they had the chance.

  • jeff miller

    Perhaps burying Kingston and r-truth wasn’t the smartest idea then, and how about not punishing Titus O’Neal for killing it on commentary a few months ago. Maybe if they had takin that momentum he had from that and turned him face, and put him in the ring with some great workers for a few months he’d be a fairly decent in ring worker and probably pretty over with the fans. But hey idk just a suggestion wwe.