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Big Show Talks About Retiring from WWE, WWE’s Youth Movement and More

– spoke with Big Show this weekend to promote tomorrow’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Here are highlights: First of all I have to ask you. What are your thoughts on the Royal Rumble increasing from 30 Superstars to 40?

BIG SHOW: Yeah an extra 10 guys I have to throw out! Haha. I think they have a lot of surprises. I think they are going to bring in different superstars and different talents. I don’t know, they have something up their sleeves for it. All I can do is keep my feet on the mat and throw as many guys over as I can and be the last one standing. What are your thoughts on the new youth movement in the WWE?

BIG SHOW: I think it’s a good thing. I think new blood is always good. I think whatever makes you better. New athletes with new spirit and new fire helps wake some of the older dogs up. Some of the older dogs don’t like it because they don’t like competition. They’re comfortable. I don’t fear the competition at all. I like it. It makes me work harder and makes me really have to dig deeper. I don’t mind it, plus it’s also better for the industry. I don’t want to leave the WWE worse than when I got here. So when I leave or retire or leave the ring I want to know the WWE is in good hands with good talent that show the proper respect to the WWE Universe, the fans and those that have finished laying down the bricks that paved the road before. I like the new guys coming in. Some of them are a little cocky, a little arrogant but so was I when I was younger. It’s just part of being young. Last year the WWE brought out a new Shawn Michaels DVD and then he retired. Could the same be happening to you?

BIG SHOW: I hope not. Not unless Vince (McMahon) wants to retire me. It’s all up to him whether I keep the job or not. Him and the WWE Universe. I have no plans on retiring whatsoever. I love doing what I am doing. I love travelling on the road, being in the locker room with the guys, I love the camaraderie and I love, absolutely love, being in front of the fans. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Plus I think my wife would leave me if I was at home all the time and finds out she really doesn’t like me. Right now I’m home four days a week so she can put up with me but if I was at home everyday then I think she would to get rid of me.

  • CC

    @ andre lewis. what has changed so much in WWE that they would look out of place? still a bunch of guys in WWE who were around back then, and they dont look out of place. wrestling has always been about changing rosters, but the show itself is basically the same.
    yeah its PG now, but I still dont think that has changed the basic set up of WWE.
    hell, if guys like Duggan, Goldust and Tony Atlas can all be on the roster at various points over the last two years, and not look out of place, I dont see Nash and Booker looking out of place either.

    personally I couldnt care less about Nash as he has never been that great, and has just got worse with age, but Booker belongs with WWE, not some cheap and glorified indy fed like TNA.

  • The King

    even with us having a youth movement it also dont hurt us to have talent & star power either…its a good combination…

  • andre lewis

    nash and booker at the rumble sounds cool but it would look so odd most of the veterans have left wwe the last of the old crowd in wwe was in 2006 2007 when booker was there wwe has changed so much since then and nash who left in 03 wwe has changed so much since he left then they would look outta place if anything they should go back to tna

  • Dave

    So much for that youth movement with Booker T and Nash returning at the Rumble.