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Why Big Show Is Taking Time Off, WWE Execs Cash In Stocks, Harley Race, More

– WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race will be hosting WWE live events on August 27th, 28th and 29th in the city of Missouri as WWE stops in Cape Girardeau, Springfield and St. Joseph.

– Big Show is taking a few months off to rest up with the feeling that it’s best for him to rotate in and out for the benefit of his long-term health, especially at this stage of his career. Kane is taking time off for similar reasons and to help get Mark Henry over for a potential feud with Randy Orton. On a related note, the plan is turn Sheamus into a top babyface on SmackDown to feud with Henry for the time being.

– WWE producer Kevin Dunn sold 20,172 shares of company stock this past week for $203,132. He still owns $1,457,087 worth of stock. John Laurinaitis sold $81,587 worth of stock this past week and still has $607,919 worth. Also this past week, Triple H was awarded 5,000 shares of stock worth $50,500. Stephanie McMahon currently has 51,945 shares of WWE stock worth $524,644.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


    I just cant see sheamus as a face, I can’t get into his chracter in a face type of way. He’s too dull for a face and more perfect for a heel. He needs some type of character change IMO.

  • Valo487

    I don’t see Sheamus as an effective face, but I guess we’ll see.

  • venom

    I can see Sheamus turning face. They are already starting it when he wrestled Barrett last week.

  • keylo

    @ Sam why not ? as if they can turn a piece of crap like Khali and get him over with the crowd, as with Henry and many others, why not Sheamus ?

  • Sam

    sheamus babyface? i dont see how that will work at all

  • Jason

    lol hope the know Missouri isnt a city

  • mcmax

    “in the city of Missouri” ???

  • Kevin

    The city of Missouri eh Middleton? Somebody get Marc a map please!!!

  • Matt

    about time they did something with sheamus.