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Big Changes In TNA, Matt Morgan Wears Hogan’s Cape, Weekend Events

– The cape that Matt Morgan wore on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling was actually a cape that Hulk Hogan wore back in the 1970’s when he was a heel. Hogan has been working closely with Morgan in recent weeks to help fine-tune his character’s presentation.

– This weekend’s TNA live events schedule includes:

* 11/30 in Bemidji, MN
* 12/1 in Fargo, ND
* 12/2 in Grand Forks, ND

Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Bully Ray are among the talents scheduled to appear.

– Morale behind the scenes at Thursday’s Impact Wrestling was great, with talent feeling better about the company’s creative direction than they have in a long time.

TNA has been focusing on long-term booking as of late, mapping out creative plans several months in advance. Television scripts are being written weeks in advance, with tweaks being made when necessary.


  • mtlhitman

    Slowly slowly they are getting there it take time,preparation,live show,ppv,free agent and better scripts and rating to even been considerated a #2 wrestling promotion : aj style-bobby roode-james storm-kurt angle-rvd-ace’s’and eights-jeff hardy to me are the only safe value they have right now to help this impact wrestling promotion grow up we need to tune in every thursday and support them even if it’s’some time pure crap they need ratings they need fans the need more live show they need video game they need ppv buys,action figure,shirts,hats and social media buys and followers tna is the only hope at this time to bring a second war in wrestling not a monday night war yet but they could go live on friday night or tuesday live every weeks no spoilers either day after raw or while smackdown is televise.

  • CM Mark

    A Double steals the show every week. I watch it for A Double.

  • scooter

    With the exception of Brooke and Bully Ray I’d say you can see the long term booking. Looking at what their doing right now heres what I’d assume are the plans going forward.
    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Bound for glory 2013 will be main evented by Aj Styles as part of the “no title shots for a year angle.”
    I’d guess the main event of Lockdown would be James Storm vs Jeff Hardy as their the two biggest faces in the company and Lockdowns the second biggest PPV of the year.
    Although Storm and Aj turning heel and foring the TNA version of the two man power trip would be pretty cool.