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Big Update on TNA’s Financial Troubles and a Possible WWE Sale

According to a report from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, TNA is running out of time on the opportunity to make a sale as they need money to fund their Bound For Glory pay-er-view (PPV) this Sunday, as well as all of next week’s Impact tapings.

The WWE is also reportedly back in the mix for a potential buyout but their only interest would be a hand-full of talent and the entire TNA video library. If WWE does in fact purchase TNA it would be the end of the promotion as we know it.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson is also reporting that Dixie Carter has been in talks with the WWE over a potential sell for the past five days, however, the negotiations have gotten complicated and Dixie is still free to sell to whoever she wants. Billy Corgan still has a shot in the running for a sale, but Johnson stated that “the fuse on the TNA bomb is close to the end.” 

Could we be so close to the bitter end of TNA? Your thoughts?

  • Solid

    Maybe a case of “it’s fine, it’s fine, not it’s fine I tell you” then when the bottom falls out “what happened”

  • Khosrow

    Wasn’t Jeff kicked out by the time Hogan was brought in?

  • D2K

    Smackdown called. They said balderdash to that sentiment. Smackdown competes with RAW under the WWE umbrella and to be quiet honest hs been teh better show in both brand extension eras.

    My point is that there is no reason why TNA needs to fold. It can become a second developmenta fedl. NXT can feed RAW, TNA can feed Smackdown.
    Problem solved.

  • Joey Terranova

    Ladies look, as an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses, I can assure you without any doubt whatsoever, that it is 100% logical, possible, and legal! So please maybe do some research and know the actual facts before you decide to chime in on the topic.

  • Khosrow

    Thank you for trying to explain it to him once again. I just didn’t have the energy.

  • Omar

    No he cannot. Vince is the chairman of the board and buying a competitor in secret is not only illegal in terms of committing fraud with the board and shareholders but also monopoly prevention laws.

  • Nicholas2778

    Don’t get me started on Dixie. I remember a few years ago she said she would never sell the company to Vince Mac now look at her. She is was horrible for TNA.

  • Nicholas2778

    Yeah just think of all those guy just signing with TNA then here come Vince Mac buying out TNA. It why I seen this coming many years ago. TNA making the same old mistake why they keep signing old WWE rejects it never has work out.

  • CC

    I cant say I am not surprised by this as it has been a long time coming, but what makes zero sense is why has TNA still kept signing new talent (well old WWE talent, but new to them)?
    Maybe they think that bringing in the likes of Rhodes and Sandow/Rex would make them a more attractive to potential buyers, but that is hardly fair to any new signees. Pure desperation it seems.

  • CC

    And that was on the cards, but Paul wanted cart blanche to run the company his way, but Dixie would not relinquish her creative control, so Paul told them to do one.

  • Joey Terranova

    Buying it under a subsidiary brand or buying it under a numbered company would prevent the general public from knowing WWE was behind it. Remember Vince can own multiple companies, that are not under the WWE brand. He can also chose to purchase the business as an anonymous purchaser to keep it from the general public. So there are many ways around this. So logic says, invoke some logic here and think outside the box.

  • Khosrow

    It wouldn’t be so much Vince buying it as it would be WWE buying it. WWE is a publicly traded company and for them to hide the purchase of TNA and its assets from his stockholder would be illegal. So if you want Vince in a ton of legal issues then yes by all means, he should follow your sage advice. Logic says your plan is not very good.

  • Khosrow

    Heard Vince just bought it. Announcement will be made on Friday. RIP TNA the little engine that lasted longer than anyone expected.

  • Nicholas2778

    Vince Russo was also a horrible hire he another guy that don’t get the wrestling business you needed somebody like Paul Heyman running TNA.

  • Nicholas2778

    Yes Hogan was a bad direction he a great Icon no dough. But he does not know how to build a wrestling company. You need somebody who actually knows the wrestling business. When TNA first started it was about pushing young stars but as Hogan took over they went down the same path as WCW did. They should have never went up against Monday night Raw specially that soon.

  • Joey Terranova

    Honestly I think the best thing Vince could do would be to buy TNA and keep it a secret, then use it as competition. Having story lines that cross over and having wrestlers default over to TNA as a rebellion angle. Any time a wwe star has left and gone to TNA they have flourished. So having TNA in your pocket could really help push under valued superstars. There’s endless possibilities over there, and Vince and the WWE could play it out like the old Monday night wars. That would be the pinnacle of this generations wwe stories.

  • Solid

    With John Cena linen. 😛

  • jgdjgdklj

    The times they are a-changin? This could finally shake things up a bit and make wrestling a little interesting again for a little bit.

  • M

    Not blaming Vince for TNA’s failures, I just don’t support ending the promotion. Up until 2009, TNA was on a decent run. Dixie got Hulk Hogan and believed Jeff Hardy and him would be enough for them to go head to head with Raw. Just a shame how things have pretty much come to an end.

  • Khosrow

    Hogan was the bad direction.

  • Nicholas2778

    You got that right when TNA brought in Hogan then they move TNA to Monday night that was the beginning of the end for TNA to me.

  • Chris E.

    Someone should step up and buy it and keep it going. Has to be less expensive than starting fresh, which WILL happen. They need to go Lucha Underground story-style (outside and inclusive of the Latino culture), with fantasy elements and Attitude Era adult humour.

  • Nicholas2778

    NXT is really what kill TNA. NXT was what TNA was suppose to have been. But somewhere along the lines TNA went into a bad direction.

  • Nicholas2778

    It doesn’t suck for Jeff and Matt Hardy they would planning on going back to the WWE anyway. This way they just show up sooner.

  • Cody Rhodes wasn’t let go from WWE, he asked for and was granted his release. So in essence he made his own bed, now he can lie in it.

  • TNA buried themselves years ago, don’t blame Vince.

  • There’s a saying in business. You can’t own or create your own competition. SO WWE wouldn’t be smart keeping it going in any form or fashion. TNA is a proven money loser.

  • M.R

    You mean Aron Rex.

  • D

    Well that will suck for the talent that just was let go from WWE like Cody Rhodes and Alex Rex aka Damien Sandow

  • VRA

    One last Bound for Glory PPV, then Vince shows up on the next show and closes shop.

  • Nicholas2778

    WWE basically got TNA talent so they mightiness will buy the company too. Oh I saw this coming a long time ago. Oh about 3 to 4 years ago.

  • JC Bolden

    That sux. If WWE was smart they would keep it going as a farm system before NXT. TNA is the only Major competition to WWE and major is a stretch. They should have learned from buying and killing WCW the competition is necessary.

  • M

    Typical of Vince to buy it and bury it. I’d personally like to see them get someone who can help save the company. If WWE gets it the. That’s the end of all of the wasted talent getting a chance to shine. There’s Japan and ROH but on an American platform, unfortunately this is it.

  • I hate to see it go away and there be one fewer place for guys to work but at this point I think maybe its just best to put the promotion out of its misery because I don’t think it can be saved and sell the library to WWE.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Just sell to WWE. Nobody is going to save TNA as a promotion, at least let the WWE, save its legacy on the Network