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Big Update on WWE Establishing a Physical Hall of Fame

– There are some rumblings in the WWE office that the company is close or at least closer than they ever have been to establishing a physical Hall of Fame in the city of Orlando, Florida. Apparently negotiations have been going on for some time now.

Details are sketchy right now but word is that Orlando officials want to host WrestleMania 2 times every 10 years as part of the deal. It’s said that talks are serious right now and Triple H is handling a lot of the negotiations. However, nothing is expected to happen on the ground at a potential Hall of Fame location until late 2013 or early 2014.

The establishing of a physical Hall of Fame in Orlando may also be tied in with some major developmental changes in the state of Florida. This wasn’t mentioned by a source but it sounds like WWE is trying to set up another central location for the company outside of Stamford.

  • Tom

    I think Orlando is a wise business decision, it’s very easy to get too from a tourist/foreign point if view do they get that demographic aswell. Imagine the footfall if they got it near Universal? Very shrewd.

  • kane

    It’s been said that one of Bruno’s biggest hangups about going into the WWE Hall of Fame is that they don’t actually have a Hall of Fame building. This story could go away for a while if/when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame in March.

    I don’t know about Orlando as a choice. WWE is and always will be a northeast centered promotion. The only place I can argue that should get WrestleMaina once or twice every ten years is MSG because of what the building means to the company. Can’t see anything in Orlando taking over for the Garden in that way.

  • Jeff

    I don’t know if I like it in TNA’s backyard though…

  • Tha don

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