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Source: F4Wonline

- The Hart Dynasty have been called by WWE officials to appear at this coming Monday’s RAW from Dayton, Ohio. They will likely take part in the angle surrounding Bret Hart’s return.

- Shane McMahon and Hulk Hogan were reportedly at last night’s UFC 108 pay-per-view in Las Vegas. Hogan was there to hang out and get some last minute buzz for iMPACT on Monday. The buzz was that Shane McMahon was there to try to get people talking about him coming in but sources say he won’t be signing a deal or anything soon, if ever.

  • Nick

    Re: Bret Hart turning heel.

    Yes, the older fan will still cheer no matter what (they do that with Y2J now). But the younger fan’s and the chicks, the Cena/Batista marks, will boo him like crazy, and the announce team will work to put him over as a heel to the TV viewers. It’ll give the entire audience something to watch and like, something that Vince is rarely able to pull off.

  • Logan

    Hart Dynasty vs DX = GOLD

  • Juany

    You forgot the little kids…
    they will boo bret out of the building,kids this day doesnt know who was Breat. What a shame

  • Nanana

    @Wakers, only the little Cena marks would boo him, but the older fans would cheer 4 Hitman

  • Wakers

    You can’t turn Bret heel. No one will boo him. Fans would sooner boo DX then Bret.

  • Nick

    If they’re going to do a Hart Dynasty and DX feud, and use Bret Hart to put the Hart Dynasty over, then Bret will have to turn heel. It’s the only way this works. Neither team/faction could pull off a heel or face turn. And it makes perfect sense. As good as Bret was in the ring, his mic skills were never great… until he turned heel in ’96/’97. Since he can no longer wrestle, he can’t make up for his of mic skills. Turning heel 2-3 weeks in to it would be awesome. He sets up a DX/Dynasty match for the Royal Rumble, then screws DX out of the belts. He then plays the heel for the duration of his time with WWE and helps push whatever happens next leading in to WrestleMania, which won’t be a match with DX.

  • Darren

    well the hart dynasty do say they are better then the best so you never know

  • Devil_Rising

    They had better being doing what they SHOULD be doing, which is having Bret give the Hart Dynasty a higher profile, and the push they deserve towards fueding with DX and winning the Tag Titles. They’re the best tag team in WWE, one of the best in wrestling period right now, and THEY should the featured tag team, not DX.

    And they’d better NOT do something hopelessly retarded like have the Hart Dynasty turn on Bret. Then again…it IS Vince McMahon we’re talking about.

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