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Biggest Falls in WWE History, Kelly Kelly Featured, Superfly Note

– Kelly Kelly is featured in the “Superstar Spotlight” on the home page of today.

– WWE has published a video playlist of the “biggest falls” in company history. Some of the clips featured include Edge spearing Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania X7, The Undertaker throwing Mick Foley off the top of Hell In A Cell, Shane McMahon and Steve Blackman falling from the top of the stage at SummerSlam 2000 and Jimmy Snuka’s “Superfly” splash.

– Speaking of Superfly, USA Today has posted the preface to his upcoming autobiography, Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story.

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^ LOL, Thanks. And for the record I am not really a Cena lover, But I do respect the work he does for Make a Wish. and the fact that he shows up at every event giving it his all (I know his all is not that much but at least he is there trying)

  • JOE

    ^^^^^even though your a cena lover, that list is golden bruh. Keep it up lol

  • Tombstone

    ^^^ LOL you are right t is pretty funny.

    11. Funniest screen name—Dick Cockwrinkle
    12. Most perverted screen name—-Mike oxafloppin
    13.Most creative screen name—–Eves left nipple
    14.Most boring screen name—-SYM
    15.Most uncreative screen name—–Bob
    16.Grossest screen name—–Bastion Booger
    17.Most child freindly screen name——Fivogoeswest
    18.Dirtiest screen name——pig
    19.Screen name that most makes me think of a swiss family—Robinson
    20.Fishiest screen name—–stock shark

    May be continued at a later date.

  • Dick Cockwrinkle

    @Tombstone I like to think my name is pretty funny. Nick Bockwinkel would be proud of my humour.

  • D2K

    @Bob: One reply is hardly ‘bickering’ dude.

  • Bastion Booger

    I think the biggest fall in WWE history was Linda Mcmahon falling off that 90 million dollar pedestal when she lost the senate race

  • The dude

    Snuka was more if a leap than a fall but whatever

  • Tombstone

    This is my IWC list

    1. Biggest fake——Beautiful Girl
    2. Hardest for me to understand—eric
    3. Coolest screen name—-StudDog
    4. Most intense poster—Devil-Rising
    5. Biggest Dumbass—Tie–SYM and barry horowitz.
    6. Biggest hardon for Tyson Kid—Do i really even need to say it?
    7. Most respected poster–voice of reason
    8. Biggest pervert—–chris
    9. Biggest Jerk—-keith learmont
    10.Most annoying poster—–That would be none other than me, Good ol Tombstone.

    Thats my list and my opinion. Dont like it feel free to make your own. Go ahead it’s kinda fun.

  • Tombstone

    So WWE cant make a biggest falls list because of Owen? Dont get me wrong here, I was and always will be an Owen Hart fan but to think that the list was a disrespect towards him is just a dumbass way of thinking. Every list they come up with the IWC bitches and moans about. Everyone thinks their list is so much better. Why dont you just make your own damn list? Their list is their opinion, and your list will be your opinion. Not everyone will agree with it either.

  • donners

    @Robinson – they’re talking about Owen Hart dying.

  • Robinson

    I dont get it……

  • Bob

    to be honest why dont u both just stop bickering at each other….like usual when wwe heads put this bit of info together im willing to bet the owen thing didnt even cross their minds….all wwe cares about is putting what they want us to see on the airways not what we really want or are interested in

  • D2K


  • D2K

    I am showing respect dumbass. It’s WWE that is not showing respect by glorifying ‘falls’ in retrospect to what happened. That was my whole point. You can’t be the f’n stupid to think I would be making light of that. Grow the hell up, and go to bed.

  • Sly Cooper

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand fuck you D2K. Show some respect.

  • D2K

    We already know what the ‘biggest fall’ in WWE history was, and it is nothing to celebrate.