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Oh Bilal: Who From NXT Should Be On The Main Roster?

by Bilal V - December 01, 2013

PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

I am as happy as the next guy that Xavier Woods is now on the main roster. Although watching him on Smackdown I could not stop thinking about all the other NXT superstars and divas that would be better fits on the main roster.

In addition the WWE could just fire a few superstars and divas who are doing next to nothing on the main roster. Hence why I suggested a group of five to be canned, just in time for the holiday season. However, even if WWE is not willing to do that surely there is enough room on the main roster for six of NXT’s finest?

Paige and Emma

William Regal would tell you he has known Paige since she was a child. Even with all that scouting WWE still seems slow to push the youngster to the main roster. Concerns about her age fall on def ears once JoJo was put on the main roster. In the past some brought up the WWE’s unwillingness to bring up people under 21 due to drinking laws. Which really holds no weight now because Paige is 21. So I am left looking at the likes of JoJo, Eva Marie and even the Bella Twins, I am left asking myself how are any of them on the main roster and Paige is not?! She is better than any of them in the ring, on the microphone and outside of the Bella’s she would be a better addition to Total Diva’s as well. Much of the same goes for Emma, she is a bit more of a project in the ring but, has already shown quick growth. Her ability to embrace a unique comedic character and even add merchandise to the equation at the NXT level is impressive. Especially when you think about how devoid the current main roster divas are at creating merchandise anyone would want and being funny during promos. Now that I think about it, not a single diva on the main roster is half as funny as Emma. Not to mention there are enough other solid divas on NXT in Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte to keep the NXT Women’s title in good hands and a few other Diva’s from the main roster would benefit from being called down, I am looking at you Alicia Fox!

Sami Zayn and Bo Dallas

Lets start with the Canadian Sensation Sami Zayn. He is great in the squared circle or cutting a promo and the fans love him. I think comparing him to Daniel Bryan is fair and given time he can be that good. As per Bo Dallas he has done an excellent job as a top heel on the bottom show. Oddly enough I think his ceiling will be lower. Dallas could be a good United States, Intercontinental and/or Tag Team Champion. However, only Zayn has that extra gear where I can see him as a World or WWE Champion. Likely just due to how over he is and how much better he already is than Dallas. In the short term they have developed a lot at NXT, to the point where they would be better off jobbing in dark matches for the main roster, while letting new stars grow on NXT. In other words they have learned all they need to make a splash on the main roster, in exchange maybe Zack Ryder, JTG and others should get some face time on NXT. Dallas could at first join the Wyatt Family, an offer he turned down during their time in NXT but, a smart heel move that would help him fast track his career.

The Ascension

The tag team division is hot and HHH seems intent on pushing it. However, at present teams like 3MB find themselves jobbing to the same team on Raw and Smackdown the same week. Herein lies the role for The Ascension at least early: job your hearts out! They have already won the NXT titles and there is very little for them to do there with them. On the main roster they can provide a nice contrast as The Shield and Wyatt Family get busy in bigger feuds, leaving The Real Americans and 3MB as the only heel tag teams compared to three face teams and whatever The Prime Time Players are. I thought PTP were facing it up but last weeks Miz TV has confused me.

There you have it, do you agree or is there someone else worthy of the big leagues? Comment below and let me know!

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  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    to me he was a no brainer, he should’ve already been on the main roster.

  • Bilal

    Haha, too bad he could of been good.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Kassius Ohno

    Oh wait……..

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