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Oh Bilal: Why Randy Orton’s Heel Turn Was A Flop

The biggest story in the world of professional wrestling this week was Randy Orton apparently turning heel on John Cena and Daniel Bryan in their 6 man tag team match against The Shield on WWE Raw. The problem is the Orton turn that had been rumored for weeks and months was weak at best. If you missed it, Daniel Bryan was thrown into Randy Orton by a member of a Shield knocking Orton off the apron. Leading to Orton RKOing both Bryan and Cena after the match. He was all set to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase after the match for a WWE title shot again one John Cena… until The Shield stopped him (at this point Orton is still face). The big twist was… Orton did not stop the Shield from beating up Bryan and Cena after the match… that’s it. Yes Randy Orton, did not step into the ring… and the rest of the roster could not make the short trip from the locker room to help Cena and Bryan either. So by WWE’s creative writers logic you could argue everyone else in the locker room on the roster is heel.

Consider the alternatives: Orton could of successfully cashed in, only to punt Cena and prevent him from his rematch, and instead defending his newly won WWE Championship against the weaker Daniel Bryan. Or Randy Orton could of thrown Cena and/or Bryan into the ring to The Shield. Orton could of cashed in at Summer Slam and taken a steel chair to the new former WWE champion Bryan and Cena afterwards, leaving neither healthy enough for a rematch till several months later. I could go on and on, but I want to open it up to you: How would you have turned Randy Orton heel? Comment below!

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