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Oh Bilal: Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro = Best Wrestling Match Of the Week

There are few superstars who are as good in the ring as the Swiss Sensation Antonio Cesaro. However, one of them is the eccentric Canadian Sami Zayn. Their first two singles matches on NXT were match of the year contenders as far as I am concerned. Sami pulling off some unique high flying move you have never seen before, and while we are all too familiar with Antonio’s move-set that does not take away from how impressive it is to watch. So with the series tied at one win a piece the two squared off in a 2 out of 3 falls match to main event NXT.

This match was so spectacular, Sami Zayn shocking us all with an almost instant first fall. Later on it was Cesaro with an impressive upper cut and a neutralizer to take his second win. There is a lot of good talent on the NXT roster but these two wrestlers could be the future headliners of WWE. In Cesaro’s case it seems like a matter of time. With an aging roster of top tier talent that time could come sooner than you think. As for Sami, I am hopefully for my fellow Canadian. All he really needs to down is nail down a gimmick to get more over with the fans and there should be no ceiling on what he can do. Does that mean he needs some sort of corny t-shirt…yes actually it does.

By the way when I said best match of the week… that included Summer Slam and Impact. Not that either of this weeks shows have been bad. However, in terms of a pure wrestling match, the best action in the squared circle was on NXT this week.

What was your match of the week?

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