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Bilal and Jose discuss his new stable with Primo and Tito Colon. Watch more of my YouTube videos and follow me on Twitter
  • @UntouchableFA08

    Hey Bilal no problem! Just constructive criticism from on journalist to another :) u do really have a good deal going here with these columns…I really enjoy them

  • adam

    If eric perez is still down in devlopment they could bring him up and call it what they had his nick name be and puerto rican nightmare even though hunico isnt puerto rican. Or i forgot what it was but the orginal name for mexicools they can use that.

  • Bilal V

    Thanks Untouchable, I brought some of this up so I’ll take some of that blame. We went a bit light on the research, but we’ll be more careful next week.

  • @UntouchableFA08

    Great concept for a video this week, BUT for being the “expert” on the subject Jose was lacked 95% of the knowledge necessary to carry this topic…for starters this stable isn’t just a “bunch of mexicans” considering that the Colons are from Puerto Rico AND maybe a clear suggestion for a stable name may be Hunico and Epico’s stable name from FCW where they help the tag titles, Los Aviadores….just a thought…great show but you need better “experts”