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My reaction to the use of the song "E.T." by Katy Perry for the Undertaker's entrance during WrestleMania the World Television Premier.
  • Bilal

    I’ll consider it WWWYKI


    seriously dude. stick to the columns, they were great. this cheapens your work

  • Bill

    My God. Does anyone have a link to a video with Undertaker using this song? How terrible…..

  • Bilal

    Sorry Unique, I was a bit to fast last time around so I was actually slowing my teleprompter speed so I could add more emphasis.

  • Unique

    Maybe……you lost him…….with your long……unnecessary …….pauses……just …..a…..suggestion. We………are not……..all …..retarded. Speak to us like equals or you just come off as pretentions. Own your job….coz right now….I could do a better job than you.

  • Bilal V

    Rock I’m very sorry to hear that let me know where I lost you. Thanks Josh. That’s a good one muh boy!

  • muh boy

    perry is going to tna

  • josh

    Thank you! It was the most obscure choice of music and took a lot away from Undertaker, for those who don’t tune in all the time and where just watching to see what it was about

  • rock

    this guy is boring what was he even talking about