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Oh Bilal: This Week’s Backstage Fallout From Smackdown Makes No Sense

You do not have to take my word for it checkout the Backstage Fallout after Smackdown from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Natalya, Naomi & Brie vs Aksana, Alicia Fox & Layla W/ AJ on Commentary and Expendable Total Diva’s at Ringside

Wait why was AJ on commentary again?! It was decent a week ago but this week seemed like a rehash of what we already heard. This also led to one of the most telegraphed interferences in a match in recent history, Michael Cole basically called it, and AJ’s microphone was left up as she threw it off. Also did AJ learn nothing from her last disqualification? IF and I mean IF you are going to repeat the exact same match on Raw and Smackdown have the DQ on Raw, not Smackdown so there is some reason to have it again. Moreover why was AJ not in the ring this week? Could she of not instead taken some time to explain her split from Big E Langston rather than leave that significant development for Twitter after the fact?! AJ makes some sense of this with her non-sense rationale in the Backstage Fallout… if that makes sense.

Ziggler Defeats Dean Ambrose to Become Number One Contender for the United States Title via DQ

The Usos with the save? Where in the world were they when Daniel Bryan and others was attacked? Why did the Prime Time Players not make the save since they seem to have The Shields number of late? Are The Uso’s and Dolph Ziggler secret friends? You could see how rushed this was when Ziggler did not realize he would get the match for the US title at Night of Champions, till the Backstage Fallout’s, no name interviewer breaks the news to him and he replies “Wow, that’s literally the first time I heard that”, sadly Dolph I guess no one else backstage was too interested in it, so little build up and there is a few higher profile matches you should be in. You have guys like Tyson Kidd who could have made surprise returns stopping The Shield from attacking his good buddy Daniel Bryan (as a returning superstar he could be immune from HHH’s rules in some ways, then again that did not stop The Uso’s).

The Mizsco Inferno Twerks

Weeks after the Miley Cyrus incident, far too late to really have the same pop it should have. The Miz could have replaced hosted the Cutting Edge segment, allowing Edge to speak more freely upon his return, rather than cover the required lifting in the Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton Feud. The Great Khali was basically doing his best statue impersonation as Miz and R-Truth took on Fandango. Wait where did Rosa Mendes go? Honestly, why could these three not be in the US or Intercontinental Title matches instead of Ziggler or Punk? Either of which could of feuded with Damien Sandow or Ryback who are being left off the card? When we get to The Night of Champions this segment will likely amount to a cameo at best, which makes you wonder what it really achieved in the grander scheme of things.

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