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Bill DeMott Says Tough Enough Contestants Didn’t Deserve To Be At WrestleMania

Monday Night Mayhem with Bill DeMott
Hosts: The Big Mosh and “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent
Report by Paterson from N.J.
Airs every Monday at 6:00 P.M. (CT)
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Why he made the decision to return to the WWE as a trainer for Tough Enough: “It’s very simple. I was sitting home, and my phone rang. I looked at the area code. It was 203, and I said ‘Damn what did I do now?’ Anytime I see those three numbers for Connecticut, the first thing I think is ‘What did I do?’ It was John Gaburick, my friend for years and who ran the Tough Enough’s in years past. Before he could get the sentence out of his mouth, I said I was in. He didn’t have to explain anything, or after the hereafters, and who was apart of it. Before I knew it was ‘Stone Cold’ (Steve Austin), Trish (Stratus), and Booker (T) I was in, because I take great pride in associating myself with the Tough Enough brand.”

How the Tough Enough contestants took to WrestleMania weekend and the overall experience of WrestleMania XXVII: “I don’t think they got it, and there’s a part of me that says they did not deserve to be there. I don’t mean it disrespectfully. I understand Raw and premiere the kids there, but WrestleMania? You have to earn that spot. There’s cats on the roster that weren’t at WrestleMania, so I don’t think they understood it. I just thought they were like ‘Wow, we’re at WrestleMania, and there’s cameras ollowing us, and we’re it right now.’ I guess that’s my crossover with Reality TV right now. I’m always going to protect the business.”

How many of the Tough Enough contestants (besides the winner) he believes have the potential to perform in the WWE: “If I gave my honest opinion, which I pretty much do 99 percent of the time, there might be three that have potential to go to the farm system. The finale will be live, so everybody will see who the two or three are. I think for reality TV, a lot of people are picking their favorite talent and putting their money on them. I think every week someone is going to be shocked at what happens.”

Whether or not there have been discussions of a return to the ring or the announcer’s table after the season finale of WWE Tough Enough airs: “There’s been some very interesting conversations since returning from L.A. and shooting the first nine weeks of the series. I think people are going to be very surprised if they see me back in anything other than Tough Enough. I like Tough Enough to be my baby and be there as long as they’ll have me, and I feel like even after the training stuff is done in producing and bringing the show further and further. But I think people are going to be surprised at my role, whether it be a new role or an old role with WWE. I have to say, don’t cash me out of making an in-ring appearance or two.”

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  • venom

    No matter who wins Tough Enough, I won’t take them seriously as a wrestler. The winner will probably get released within a year.

  • Raziel

    The fourth season of TE was a waste of time, I don’t remember seeing them train just doing challenges. People on the roster may not have had a match but they could’ve been there if they wanted to.

  • pepp it

    Wow he was sitting on his ass waiting for the phone to rig? Yeah thats all I got to say. Who gives a rats ass what he thinks or says.
    He be demoted to nothing more that a reality tv dude. Who the fuck wants to see Bill on screen.

  • Howe

    You mean former TE people or TE winners? Let’s not forget the current WWE champion was the runner up for the fourth season of Tough Enough.

  • Slack

    Wasn’t Miz on Tough Enough? Also Josh Matthews is from Tough Enough. Now I do believe that Morrison is the only Tough Enough winner still in the WWE.

  • Devil_Rising


    You need to read more. That was misreported, and was later corrected. Those guys were local indy wrestlers, which is what they always use for extras like that, even on Raw and SD, usually.

    Also, he has a valid point. The TE people didn’t deserve to be shown on camera at WM. They haven’t done anything, and it’s very likely none of them will go anywhere. The only two former TE people to ever really amount to anything at all, by my count, are Melina and Johnny Nitro. Nitro being the only winner of any of the shows to actually amount to anything.

    On the other hand, no offense to Hugh Morrus, but if TE was anyone’s baby, it was Al Snow. He was the head trainer for the original 4 “seasons”, and more than anybody embodied that show.

  • Truthiness


    You obviously didn’t get his point.

  • Monty

    I thought the tough enough guys just held up the shields for HHH. They were extras. Does that mean te choir groups didnt deserve to be at wrestlemania either

  • my trainer gives better nicknames! mines teabag