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Bill Simmons Takes Aim At Triple H, WWE Remembers Former Diva, Lilian Garcia

— “The Sports Guy” Bill Simmons, who had CM Punk on his popular podcast last summer, takes aim at Triple H in his latest mailbag column for ESPN affiliated website

When asked if the recent surge of New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin is the NBA’s equivalent of CM Punk last summer, he instead sounds off on the self-proclaimed “King of Kings.”

“Does this mean (Knicks star Carmelo Anthony) is going to be Triple H — the egotistical, overrated star who couldn’t handle that something good was happening without him, so he interjected himself into the storyline and ended up throwing a wet blanket on all the momentum?” Simmons writes.

“I sure hope not.”

— The March 2012 issue of WWE Magazine features an article on former Diva Stacy Keibler. “HOTTER THAN EVER! WE SALUTE STACY KEIBLER!” the synopsis reads.

— SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia has launched an online merchandise store at It features Lilian Garcia shirts, posters, photos and leather gloves.

  • Dave

    Bill is a long timel wrestling fan, he always manages to slip old school references into his articles. Great writer, absolutely hilarious too.

  • Bawb

    Why would someone even compare Jeremy Lin to CM Punk lol I mean, I get it, but why go the wrestler route with this one lol

  • Nicholas

    @ Ricardo it is not HHH ego that would not allow him to turn heel. It is the fact that if HHH turn heel he would still get more cheers then Punk. Why because HHH is to far over with the fans. It is like when they try to Undertaker as a heel during his Bad Ass gimmick it really never work out. Why to much of an Icon right now that is what would happen with HHh. He turn heel it would have kill Punk gimmick. The only good thing that came out of that feud is there match. Didn’t matter who won or lost to me the performance is all that matters. HHH is not build to be a heel anymore to much of an Icon.

  • Ricardo

    @Nicholas: it’s not a matter o hating HHH – it’s not like HHH the person that’s at stake (like when idiotic Angle haters call him a drunk), it’s his business sense. He let his ego and his will to be cheered get in the way of what could have been a great heel turn and an epic, Wrestlemania-feel angle. If he was going to enter the feud, it could never be in a face vs. face type of role. That just cut Punk’s momentum. HHH’s participation was mediocre, it left so many questions unanswered and unsolved (who texted Nash?), and most of all it made Punk’s rebellious gimmick look silly – after all, Punk started by insulting his authority and ended up in a tag team with him. It was Punk’s fault too, because he didn’t know how to deal with it, but in terms of writing it made for terrible story telling. Don’t tell me “oh, it’s just WWE’s creative team” – if someone has a pull on creative these days it’s HHH.

  • venom

    Punk should have beaten HHH.

  • you need to give him some quality time

    I agree with Shawn when he said that Punk needed good opposition and I even agree that that opposition couldve been HHH. The thing that sucked is that they held back, didnt want trips booed, and so we couldnt get a good realistic feud of Face Punk V Heel Trips which wouldve been fucking awesome. It wouldve fit well too, Punk criticizing Trips for being a politician, Trips calling Punk a flash in the pan or whatever. Anyway another good story fucked by the guys in charge. What else is new?

  • chronoxiong

    That is a big shot from Bill. Wow. I can’t argue with him there. Lol…

  • Nicholas

    Who cares about Bill Simmons some loser on Espn radio. Oh love how one of his hater on the internet just say how Bill tells it like it is like he listen to the show. I tell HHH haters have nothing better to do.

  • shawn

    imo Punk at the time of his big push needed good oppisition, therefore they gave him HHH. one of the best characters ever and a good performer. and they did that 1st so its out of the way. Del Rio one was kind of bland but i am looking forward to Punks current feud if course.

  • Mr.E

    I love bill Simmons! Always honest!

  • Stevie P

    Damn! The guy certainly took a really good shot at HHH.