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Billy Gunn Discusses The State Of Wrestling Today, WrestleMania Memories, More

Former WWE Superstar Billy Gunn appeared on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca, which airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sirius 92 and XM 207. Highlights from his interview are as follows:

WrestleReunion: “Yeah, it’s gonna be a lot of fun! I mean, there’s gonna be so much stuff going on in Miami because of not only WrestleReunion, Wrestlemania, everything else; it’s gonna be crazy. But it’s gonna be a lot of fun—I mean—once me and Brian (Road Dog Jesse James] get together, not even Wrestlemania can overshadow us!”

Tag team wrestling today: “Right now, I think tags everywhere are a little weak, especially WWE. If you know anything about that company you know they’re not high on tags anyway; it’s all about singles and who their big single run can be.”

Downfall of tag team wrestling: “It’s just something that’s baffled me, and it’s baffled everybody that I’ve talked to, and they always ask the same question: “Why are tags not all that prevalent up there?” And I can’t ever answer that, I can’t ever give a good reason. One may be because there’s no good stand-out tag-teams. Or maybe it’s guys don’t wanna be in tags anymore because everyone is so worried about themselves that they don’t wanna have to worry about somebody else. Because when you’re in a tag, you’ve gotta at least gel a little bit for it to work anyway. I don’t have a great answer for that, I just wish they would put more emphasis in the tag division.”

On state of wrestling: “I think it’s picking up a little bit. Poor John Cena (not “poor John Cena” money-wise), but poor John Cena! He’s carried that company for a long time. No matter what anybody says, no matter what people say about him or what they do, he has carried that company on his back a long time. Now, they’re kind of stirring up the pot. I know they’ve done Wrestlemania a year out with him and [The] Rock; they have to bring something with that strong of a personality to kinda kick things back in gear ‘cause it’s getting a little stale. And they started doing that with the CM Punk. Punk started talking crap about the company and everything which, in turn, stirred some question about what was going on. So people started tuning in and getting into it a little bit more. In the Attitude Era, you weren’t getting just wrestling; you were getting all kinds of crazy stuff. It was what it was called: entertainment. You were entertained from the minute that Raw started to the minute it was over to making you want to want more. That’s what the show was, that’s what Raw was all about in the Attitude Era: what’s making you want more. They would leave you hanging to make you just chomp at the bit all week to make you tune in to the next week. Now you watch the show like you’re watching an episode of “The Flinstones” or something. There’s nothing to keep your attention, or nothing to make you go Woah! Now this is what wrestling is! Y’know, we’re all parents now… they’re constantly telling their kids about the Attitude Era—The Rock, Stone Cold, DX, Mankind. There’s a whole slew of people! Now when you mention wrestling it’s John Cena. Not that that’s bad, but that’s where you get lost; there’s just nothing really interesting about the show.”

On WrestleMania: ” This is the one most spectacular thing I’ve ever been involved with. Starting from right after the [Royal] Rumble, you start getting goosebumps because it is that good, it is that much fun, it is that entertaining. It’s like an event that you’ll never, ever, ever experience in your life that you don’t go to live. You can watch it on TV, but until you’re there, you have no idea how fun it is. Wrestlemania is the number one show of the year and they prove it because they hold nothing back. They let it all rip… It is phenomenal. It is probably the one greatest thing on Earth, to me anyway.”

  • ashley

    all wrestlers that arnt fueding with cena will lick his ass hole because if they dont it makes the wwe look badd which makes wrestling look badd sad really and people dont relate to cena because he hasnt worked to the top in wwe where as rock austin and hhh did cena is god awefull

  • whocares

    I guess the people calling for a nao reunion are the same guys who watch tna and cheer fr hogan and the nasty boys. You can’t relive the past. Attitude era is gone.

  • Loopy420

    Be a man…….Go get a woman………. Be a man……..Go get a woman…….. That sounds like a good chant

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Let’s stir the pot! Cena is garbage, blah blah blah, some random insult towards him. Poko is right about everything, Antoine actually cares about thumbs up/down, more Cena insults and continue!

  • Greg

    @ Antoine
    Dude what your not realizing is that we dont get good matches outa cena. The thing is your right cena is a good wrestler. But thats the problem. He’s good. Not great but good. And not only is he just good, he’s lazy. He may be a good wrestler but you count on one hand the amount of above average matches cena has per year. He needs special opponnents and special situations to even get him to have a good match. When’s the last time you watched john cena wrestle and thought wow this is a damn good match, and you can’t say money in the bank with cm punk. I bet you can’t think of a single match he’s had in the past 6 months that stands out to you. And yes he may have feuded with a lot of wrestlers but what your failing to see is that he WON all those feuds. He lost a match here or there. He dropped the title for a month or so. But he always wound up winning in the end. Thats why hes stale. No matter whos he’s wrestling or the situation you knew cena was gunna win in the end. Thats why he’s stale. And as far as Mysterio and Undertaker go, The undertaker has been a face since returning at wm 20 that is true but he has gone heel multiple times and has reinvented himself several times over the years so thats why hes never gone stale. When it comes to Mysterio there have been plenty of times where he’s gotten mixed reactions from crowds not everyone loves mysterio plenty of people think hes gotten stale. And also Rey has LOST feuds before. Another reason people overnt overly sick of him. I agree with you that everyone should respect cena for working hard as the face of the company and all the charity work hes done. But all that doesn’t change the fact that hes gotten stale. And your quoting foley wrong. He defends cena the person. He always tells people to respect john for all the hard work he’s done for wwe, but Foley has said in multiple interviews that cena has gotten stale. Im not coming at you bro so please refrain from trying to start with me for stating not just my opinion but facts that you can go check out if you don’t believe me. Personally even tho I am tired of super cena and i do think he needs to incorporate some new moves into his “move set” because he isn’t as versatile as a lot of the other wrestlers on the roster, I do appreciate cena and I can’t wait for him to finally turn heel. One day it will happen. Not anytime soon bc his merch is still way to valuable for wwe to risk it, but one day it will happen. And hopefully it will be as epic as when Hogan joined the nwo. But for the time being you’ll just have to accept the FACT bc it is irrefutable FACT that as a wrestler cena is good at best and his character has gotten stale.

  • Simon

    Personally, I respect Cena, he has carried the company on his back for a long time almost single-handedly. This says a lot about him as a person, especially when you never hear a single bad story about him in the back. At the same time, it is understandable that some people boo him because hes been on top for so long, and not because he kept them down, but simply the WWE never built anyone up to his level, so it was never believable that anyone could beat him.

    The problem is: when people started boo’ing a face, or cheering a heel, it normally spelled time for a turn: ala Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Rock, but not John Cena. In the past, when they were cheered when supposed to be boo’d, or boo’d when supposed to be cheered, it was clear what the fans wanted and the writers obliged. They havnt here and why: Money. Cena = Dollars, mostly from young kids. They dont want to lose thatk, so they make him a new age Hulk Hogan. Thats why people boo him.

    I’ll admit, when i see people slating him as a person because of his character… while i dont get annoyed, i find it sad, that they cant see its a character. Like someone from a movie. You dont see someone going up to Hayden Christiansen and slapping him saying “YOU RUINED DARTH VADER!” but at the same time, when people insult others because of their oppinions on someones character, they are just as bad.

    Anyway, back on topic. Completely agree with what Billy Gun is saying here. Epico and Primo and the uso’s are really the only “real” tag teams the WWE has, which is sad. Kofi and R Truth as “the two black guys” (C’mon, what other reason is there? I dont mean to be racist, so i apologise if anyone is offended by that observation) doesnt count.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    Yeah, be a men, go get a women.

  • Antoine

    @venom..go get a women

  • Antoine

    @cc..i like your point but then again what faces are there on the raw brand besides cm punk,john cena,kofi kingston,r truth,santino etc i think the solution is to switch it up during the draft and have like atleast 5 top faces on each brand and 5 top heels as well and then every couple of months turn a heel into a face and turn a face into a heel kinda like what u said but right now the rosters dont look like that cuz on the smackdown brand its only sheamus,big show,and a couple of other faces but thats it u see what im sayin

  • Antoine

    @poko…u sound like an idiot right now how bout u take your ass away from the computer instead of trying to turn shit around and get a life cuz i gurantee u theres atleast 1 person who understands where im coming from and if that isnt u than oh well but dont try to make me seem homosexual when i just said i respect the guys work ethic cuz if u must know my favorite wrestler isnt cena its kurt angle always has been and always will be so stfu and the fact that u had nothing to say about what i said about the undertaker or rey mysterio proves to me that u realize my point is valid and u just dont have a response for it so u try to compensate by making me seem like im obsessed when really i just think people need to give cena some slack period point blank u asshole

  • CC

    What Billy is saying, and is 100% correct on, is the reason there is so much negativity towards Cena is that the whole WWE is built round him, and there is nobody pushed to the same level as him. Even Orton is nowhere near that level of being shoved down peoples throats.
    During the Attitude era, Rock and Austin were the two top guys, but HHH, HBK, Taker, Foley and later the likes of Angle & Jericho etc were all there in the picture, which is why they were not afraid to shake the characters up by turning them heel.
    Same in the Hogan era with the likes of Savage, Piper, Bulldog, Bret, Warrior etc, you could switch those guys back and forwards without stirring anything up as far as losing fans.
    Today, WWE are far too afraid of turning Cena heel because he is the only one they have invested this much in.
    Guys like Taker and HHH are part timers, and at the ends of their careers. Ditto for Rey, considering how much time he spends on the sidelines. Orton is nowhere near as over as with the fans as people will lead you to believe, and guys like CM Punk are only just beginning to make their mark.
    The best thing about the earlier years if WWF/WWE is that the characters could be shaken up without losing their gimmick. Austin was Austin whether he was heel or face, and it didnt stop Austin shirts from selling through the roof. But then again he wasnt marketed towards kids, and that is where WWE’s fear comes into play. If they turn Cena heel, the kids will stop wanting the t-shirts and merchandise, because to kids if someone turns heel, its real.

    If WWE had been smarter in pushing people over the last 5-10 years, they wouldnt have this problem. Cena is the proverbial case of putting all your eggs in one basket.

  • poko


    You’ve pretty much proven my point about you being a child, and I think I can safely dismiss you now. You’re upset and throwing insults because other people don’t like your favorite wrestler. If you’re a kid, then alright, I won’t hassle you, but if you’re not, then you might want to consider stepping away from the computer, because you sound like a fanatic. I mean, I understand you like the guy, but it’s starting to sound a little disturbing.

    So, what exactly is your problem? What are you so enraged over? That other people have gotten tired of Cena? Does that REALLY hurt your feelings that much? I didn’t even mention the rest of the stuff you’re talking about.

    Seriously, dude, after reading over your furious gibberish, all I can say is that you might want to seek help. This is way, way too personal for you.

  • Antoine

    @poko..oh and before u say something ignorant like that lets take a look at one of wwes most over faces…REY let me ask u this question..have u ever heard rey get a “lets go rey,rey suck” chant and at one point he was being shoved down our throats just like cena was or how about another over face thats wayyyyy more than cena will ever be in a million years…THE UNDERTAKER…have u ever heard a “lets go taker,taker sucks” chant cuz once again at one point he was being shoved down our throats too even tho hes a legend and no arena would dare boo him but regardless did those 2 superstars get bood for having too much of a fanbase or being too popular,honestly i didnt know there was such a thing as bing TOO OVER OR TOO POPULAR..oh and i guess mick foleys an idiot too cuz he feels the exact same way i do and has defended cena on many occasions and has said the exact same stuff im saying now but what does he know hes just thr hardcore legend smh #idiot

  • Antoine

    @POKO…u sound dumb as fuck just like tang said cena hasnt buried anybody or refused to put anyone over hes a good guy whos just doing his job but people bok his character yeah that makes sense boo the guy for kissing too much babies for liking kids and for saluting the troops oh yeah and while were at it lets boo his jean shorts or his bright t shirts or lets boo his 5 moves of doom even tho cena does know how to wrestle cuz the guy wrestled in college and was pretty good at it(by the way its called a moveset retards everywhere wrestler has um including triple h,randy orton,and even ric flair back in the day) and oh yeah lets boo his merchandising cuz god knows he hasnt sold any merchandise being who he is and oh heres my favorite one lets boo him cuz dwayne johnson (who has no right to trash cena anymore than cena has the right to trash someone like a sheamus or a cm punk)says cena sucks like people do what the rock tells him to do like they are on his nuts or something i mean what happened to having your own mind for god sakes but yeah i guess that makes me a retard for respecting cenas work ethic

  • Little Jimmy

    If I was WWE I’d have a Tag Team Title Turmoil at
    Mania featuring Ex Champs Epico & Primo(c) VS WGTT VS Hart Dynasty VS Air Boom which results in Bourne turning on Kofi VS New Age Outlaws who I’d have to win the titles. However WWE aren’t that creative.

  • tang

    my problem with the Cena hate is its turned from hating the character Cena to hating the man Cena which seems to be a bit uncalled for. You never hear stories about Cena holding anyone back or burying anyone. Infact you always hear the opposite. You hear how Cenas a genuinely good guy and how hard he works. Theres nothing wrong with hating the character for being stale but dont take it out on Cena the man hes just doing what he can for a business he loves

  • poko


    The thing is, you aren’t telling “the truth”, you’re giving your personal opinion, then presenting it as fact.

    You’re also missing the fundamental reason why people no longer cheer Cena. Yes, he definitely was over at one time. That’s the point. People did not just suddenly stop liking Cena randomly, however. What you see now, this massive turn against a character, is almost unprecedented, and there has to be real, tangible reasons for it. To be specific, it’s backlash against an over-push that went on way too long. The Cena push got stale, which happens, everything gets stale after awhile, but the important part here is that the WWE CONTINUED TO PUSH Cena even after that point. The boos you here for Cena now are completely the WWE’s responsibility and fault.

    Frankly, you telling everyone they are wrong to have gotten tired of Cena is childish. You appear to have a very personal attachment to John Cena, whatever floats your boat, but don’t get angry if others do not feel the same way.

  • Jason

    Billy is right on, Raw is boring as fuck vs. how it used to be.

  • Antoine

    smn isnt it funny how when u tell the truth people dislike it and press the red one instead of the green one lol

  • Antoine

    i say bring back london and kendrick,deuce n domino,new age outlawz,booker t & goldust,kane & mankind,william regal & dave taylor,and bring in the kings of wrestling

  • josh

    New Age Outlaws reunion would bring back the tag divison

  • Antoine

    @poko dont give me that crap cena hasnt won every single match hes been in ive seen shawn michaels kick cenas teeth down his throat,triple h pedigree cena through the mat,randy orton rko cenas head off,edge spear cenas ribcage in,batista break cenas neck,umaga put his thumb in cenas neck wit the samoan spike,big show chokeslam cena off a stage and into the spotlights,brock lesnar f5 cena into a consussion,kurt angle make cena tap out wit the ankle lock,eddie guerrero frogsplash cena through a table,cm punk gts cena into winning his first wwe championship,rvd frogsplash cena into winning HIS first wwe championship, etc etc so dont give me that load of crap

  • Antoine

    and by the way for all u marks out there i remember there was a time when cena used to get a standing ovation every time his music hit and there were no “lets go cena,cena sucks”chants people loved cenas hustle,loyalty,and respect gimmick i still have the wrestlemania dvd when cena won his first wwe championship by beating jbl and the crowd went nuts now everyones dogging cena like im not gonna lie sometimes cena gets put in the main event entirely too much but name the list of good feuds cenas had with the likes of guys like TRIPLE H,SHAWN MICHAELS,EDGE,RVD,CHRIS JERICHO,CM PUNK,RANDY ORTON,BIG SHOW,BOOKER T,KANE,ALBERTO DEL RIO,THE MIZ,JBL,EDDIE GUERRERO(R.I.P),WADE BARRETT,UMAGA(R.I.P),AND BATISTA like cmon we’ve gotten toooooo many great matches out of cena to just dog the guy out like hes done nothing then on top of that to suck up to the rock like he HAS done something like thats just messed up and i dont a care if a million people dont like this cuz come wrestlemania im chanting LETS GO CENA cuz hes earned my respect way more than the rock has and trust me im a big rock fan i got his greatest matches dvd but what hes doing isnt right and i hope cena beats him like the rock beat hogan and the rocm extends his hand to cena

  • poko


    No one is wrong to dislike the John Cena character. No one is wrong to dislike CM Punk, Randy Orton, or any other character out there. People like who they like, and they are entitled to those opinions. The opinions of the fans is why wrestling exists, period.

    Speaking only for myself, I disliked the “Cena era” because we always knew he was going to win, exactly how he was going to win, and if he did lose match, we knew he would still win the feud and the title. It was boring. As Gunn said, it was getting stale.

    You have no more right to judge people for disliking Cena than other people have a right to judge you for liking him.

  • 1919dpg

    sometimes i enjoy a good tag match over a singles match.

  • Antoine

    if billy gunn can show cena respect why cant everyone else? smh its a shame that a guy like cena gets constantly talked about because hes THAT guy and hes too much of a good guy personally it makes me sick