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Billy Gunn Says He Should Be In The HOF, Feels WWE Has No Stand-out Wrestlers

During an interview with The Kingston Wigg Standard, former WWE star Billy Gunn was asked if he’s ever looked back and realized how significant his place in WWE history is.

“No I really don’t,” Gunn said. “I’m extremely glad that I was part of that and that I had a partner and people around me that we could reach that level.

“I guess the only thing I really think of, is that when people look back, or think about me, that I just did the best that I could. It really wasn’t all about me. It was about making other people good, or helping other people, or that at least my work was good and not crappy.”

Gunn also feels he, Road Dogg, and Sean Waltman deserve a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I think we do,” said Gunn. “I still think we have a place up there to work, not work wrestling-wise, but work to help the younger guys coming up. Do I think we deserve the hall of fame? Yeah, of course we do.”

Gunn also believes he can bring back an element of fun back to WWE, something he feels is lacking today. The article notes that with the recent returns of 1990s stars such as The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to WWE, Gunn’s return could be inevitable.

“People are not really interested in that show too much,” he said, referring to Monday Night Raw. “I don’t want to say that for a fact, but there are really no stand-out guys. I mean, how long has John Cena been carrying that company? Forever.

“They’re trying to get some of these guys back that the older generation, or the ’90s generation, wants to see. There is really nobody on that show anymore that they want to see who is really a standout. Face it, The Rock, Stone Cold, DX, not only was it the wrestling, but it was the skits, or the attitude and all of that. They were just fun to watch. Not only the wrestling part, but the funny stuff. You never knew what we were going to do. They tuned in every Monday night just to see what kind of silly s–t we were going to pull off.”

Gunn also discussed burning bridges with WWE officials after he was released in November 2004 and said he should have been mad at himself. The full article is available here.

  • venom

    Billy Gunn deserves a spot in the HOF because he is a King of the Ring winner.

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    New Age Outlaws definitely deserve to go in, but I wouldn’t put BG in alone.

    As for WWE today, I think there are a lot of stand out talents, but everything is so formulaic that you wouldn’t know it. Once in a blue moon you get some great matches, but they are few and far between.

    Attitude Era matches were great. They had that “less is more” feel to them. You would have an action packed 5-7 minute match that was brief but explosive.

    Now, you have longer matches, but they’re not better matches. They’re long and drawn out with little action. Smackdown! is especially bad about this. It’s a really old school approach that died, nay, was killed by the Attitude Era and is just a decomposing corpse. It’s almost like now the point is to bore the audience into a lull so that even the most mundane thing gets a pop, when time was they pushed themselves to do the opposite.

    But as someone said, it doesn’t matter what WWE does because people will buy it. They’re too big and too powerful in a market that is too barren for anyone to ever force them to change their ways.

  • erik

    I will say orton promos in 2004 were great. his 2004 backlash promo on mick foley was great. when he told todd grisham that foley was sad dog. that was great promo. orton now is boring!

  • Preston

    The New Age Outlaws do deserve to be in the HOF and X-Pac DEFINATELY deserves to be in the HOF.

    (i guess ill get in on the arguement)…Wrestling was WAY better back then because everything back then seemed so much more realistic and the matches werent the SAME all the time.For example it seems like almost all the guys have their own little set of moves they do in every single match over and over.We all know Cena does the same shit all the time,but Orton USED to be fun to watch in the ring but recently its seemed like once youve seen one Orton match youve seen them all.

  • RCA

    Gotta say that Billy Gunn is 100% right about what he said. The New Age Outlaws were one of the best tag teams in the WWE in that era and DX is in the top 3 best factions of all time. So DX, as a whole, should go in eventually.

    As for his comments on no stand outs in the WWE…well…he’s right. The occasional guy who deserves to be in the spotlight gets it but for the most part, Raw is run by Cena and now Smackdown is run by Orton.

  • nick

    new age outlaws were popular for a year… LOD was popular for yearS… The outlaws deserve nothing.

  • shawn

    @CC austin had a poodle named “foofoo”? thank god, so do i…

  • mark

    Wot makes him think he deserves a hall of fame spot??? Hardly did that much did he??? I agree though that WWE was better in the attitude era than it is now and there is too much pressure on Cena to carry the company

  • Bill

    The reason why WWE is crap now is because Vince can do a half-assed job with the company since he has no competition(WCW). As long as he makes his money, he doesn’t care how crappy any storyline is. Business wise, he’s a genius, other than hat, he’s a bastard. Cena & Orton could probably have been as big as Rock & Austin if Vince really tried with them, but he didn’t, so we’re stuck with this WWE.

  • Visonary Journalist

    Well Its not the fact orton dosen`t have charisma because i bet everybody would agree with me that 2003-2005 orton was the most charismatic person in the lockerroom. Its just the way he carries himself and his promo`s now a days makes him sound unchrismatic. But Lets face it orton is no austin but i kind of understand where he is coming from. This is obivously a old school vs new school arguement but of course old school wins cause it is always the best school. Comparing austin and orton is like comparing lebron and michael. There is no comparison. You know why because Austin wins hands down. I mean sure orton has more speed athleism and looks and has the best dropkick i have ever seen. Austin has more charisma wrestling skills and is one of the best technitions in wwe history. Arguement over.

  • scooter

    @Loyal WWE MARK the combination of your name and limited spelling and grammer are enough to question your age

  • CC

    @Loyal WWE Mark.
    You certainly lose any credibility in your argument by saying that guys like Rock and Austin were as limited in their moveset as Cena, and to say that all Austin said is “Hell yeah” proves you have never listened to a single Austin promo in your life.
    That man had more charisma in the hair on his head than Orton has in his whole body, his wifes body, his dads body and his pet poodle Foofoo’s body (yes I know Austin is bald, and thats the point. Even with not a hair on his head, he still has more charisma than Orton will ever have).

    Was Austin the greatest in ring wrestler ever, HELL No! But what he brought to the WWE was a guy who was a solid worker who worked interesting matches and gave interesting promos. What Orton does is bore people whatever he is doing.

    Only person on the current roster who even comes close to Austin or Rock for their promo skills is CM Punk. Miz is getting there though, thats for certain.

  • Justin

    @Loyal WWE Mark

    Your comparisons are awful. And if you think Orton has gotten a bigger ovation than Austin, Rock, or HHH, you haven’t watched anything. You must be one of those late PG bloomers. Even Orton would slap you for saying that.

    @Nicholas G

    Just because a company has a TV-14 rating, swears, and shows blood, does not mean they are living an attitude era. That Era is solely WWE 97 (or 96 if you begin with the 3:16 speech) to around 2001 (if you end with Austin’s title win at Mania) or 2002. They earned it for the cycle they went through that, yes,had content including blood, swearing, etc. but also particularly their stars that included Austin, Rock, HHH, Mankind, Taker, Jericho, Vince, Shane, Stephanie, DX, Corporation, etc., and their storylines that included such stars and stables. They had everything in the right place and right time. They needed competition back then, yes. I agree, since ECW influenced their attitude style. But that was really the highest bar they’ve ever set. And it depended on story and their stars. They really have neither, and competition isn’t necessary or causal for them to develop either. Sure if TNA did better, they’d be forced to change. But WCW in in 1999 and 2000 sucked and WWE was just doing fine.

  • adam tarasievich

    They might deserv e it and quit honestly the outlaws do. But after that shoot promo they did against the wwe and hunter i doubt they will get in. Because once vince is gone HHH is going to be the one running the show and i dont think he will put either of them in after that interview they did. X-pac no way in hell he should be in the Hall Of Fame. I mean they already have one person in it who didnt deserve it in drew carrey dont make it be two. Yes x-pac was a big part of DX and was a good performer but he does not should not and will not be in the Hall.

  • Dave

    Jesus Christ WWE mark… just because you are on a wrestling site doesn’t mean you have to type and form thoughts like a 8 year old. It’s called punctuation. Look it up and please chill out with the run on sentences. Reading your posts gives me headaches.

  • hjk

    yesterday I saw an old dvd of wrestlemania of 2000 i think i have seen it like 14 times but every time i see it i have a an omg moment, now days i dont remember something that good and that was 11 years ago =(

  • uncle farker

    Billy gunn was great and I agree with him I grew up during the dx Austin rock era and it ruled 🙂

  • Loyal WWE Mark

    Vince Ass Both Austin Orton Have Finishers that can strike at anytime both have snakes as the nickname both stomp mudholes and just luz thez press Both Miz and hhh are the types of heels everybody hate but they always end up winning another one 1 i should have stated was angle and swagger obivously you know whole there similar and a few others to. I know nothing about the attitude era how about 9 shows ive been to 22 dvds 31 limited edition collectible toys no mercy day of recoinging just bring it here comes the pain 43 episodes recorded on my old dvr and the wikipedia book on attitude era wrestling they sold in 2006 who dosent know the attittude era now. And by the way the guy who comment above me there is more wrestling i looked it up 1hr and 22 minutes more wrestling each week with nxt n superstars And by the way honestly im tired with this era and the attitude era. It like the same thing every week if you really look into it. As for all of them having the same mentality well your about 30 % right.

  • Loyal WWE Mark

    @Duff Ortons a robot on the mic. How about Austin saying what and Hell Yeah a million times on the mic until your head comes off. And have you ever been to a wwe show before he gets a loulder ovation then most people in the attitude era have ever gotten. How about my comarisons are 100% on the spot acept for the one with rhodes mankind. Cena Rock Both Main Money Makers Both Kisses

  • Scream 4


    what exactly is wrong with what iv’e said, the only dumbass i know is YOU! if anyone here is a kid its you!

    FYI im 27

  • Jay EZ

    Billy Gunn & Road Dogg together as The New Age Outlaws deserve a spot in the HOF tag team wing. X-Pac has always deserved it IMO. Nash & Hall are hall of famers regardless what WWE says.

  • Effmenow


    The amount of idiotic, 12 year old brainwashed kids with comments like these above is part of the downfall of professional wrestling.

  • Scream 4

    yes i love wrestling today, but everyone here knows the Attitude Era was the best and way better than todays WWE! i love WWE today but its too PG, not good storylines

    and its always predictable with the PPV’s, did any of you guys actually think R-Truth was going to win the title off Cena? todays WWE PPV card they only have one or at least two matches that are unpredictable! they can do this if they try! maybe if Monday Night Wars happened with TNA it would actually lit fire on WWE’s ass!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    @Loyal Fan
    Orton is a stand out guy? You sir, are a true comedian. Why does he stand out, because his infamous “How about I RKO/Punt you in the skul right now” lines? How charismatic he is? Wait he isn’t… He is a F#UCKING robot on the mic and in the ring. Perhaps because he is the world record holder for most baby oil applied to one mans body? Truth doesn’t stand out either, he is a rapper… Most of the black guys are given that gimmick nowadays. I’m not even going to bother commenting on the rest of your post because it shows you know absolutely nothing about WWF/E history just by looking at those comparisons…

  • Nicholas G

    Billy Gunn comment to me means nothing only few people on the internet will give a dam what he said. People you say WWE don’t have a guy that will be carrying the company after he is gone. What have you been watching for the past year. Who beat Cena at Wrestlemania this year that is right the Miz. An I been saying this for a while it is only a matter of time until kids are buying the Miz product and going crazy of the Miz very very soon. Also Sheamus is going to be another guy who is popular once he turns face an Del Rio one of the most watchable heels in the WWE. It just because the ratings are down the internet seems to feel that WWE is in trouble. But tell me this TNA is still living the Attitude days an no rating or viewership and the PPV is not even watchable. The big thing WWE is missing right now that will help them out is compensation a rival company that will take WWE on. But TNA is not going to do it they are still stuck in the past the same with Billy Gunn and Road Dog. I do feel Billy Gunn could have been better then he was it just he never could let go of the past like HHH did. Drop the whole teenager gimmick an start with the grown up stuff that is what Billy Gunn was missing. An because Billy and Road Dogg never change is the reason why nobody cares what they say any more. The only person Bill has to blame is himself.

    In closing yes WWE is in a rebuilding mode. An it doesn’t help that no WCW or ECW is not around anymore. Of course I feel WCW was better for wrestling then ECW but that is another story. I thought TNA was going to be the company to help Pro Wrestling an the WWE. But much like Billy Gunn TNA is not really willing to let go of the past. Which is why WWE will still be around long after TNA is gone. An I still feel there is a lot of great young talent in the WWE that will be big someday. I was never a big fan of the attitude era to me it was very very overrated and there really is no place for that stuff anymore. If TNA would wake up an realize that is not wrestling then they could be WWE long rival we been wanting to see. Until then I will continue to watch WWE and I feel WWE future is not as bad at the internet fans will want to believe it just most of the internet fans are stuck in the past.

  • Justin

    And the current guys of today are simply good guys and bad guys. “I’m mad and will tell off the fans for cheap heat.” Then there’s “I’m good because I salute the fans for their support, especially when I beat up the bad guys and save the day.” Just watch the Miz-Reily rivalry and that’s what you get.

    By the way, not saying any of theses guys need academy award performances, but the acting back in the day were just great for pro wrestling. The dramatic elements of today are such BS. Only CM Punk can channel it well.

  • Jimbo

    John Cena has been carrying WWE forever because WWE won’t let anyone else carry it.

  • Justin

    @Loyal WWE Mark

    Rhodes = heel version of Mankind?! WHAT?! lmao Not at all. Just because he’s got that face protector and because mankind had that weird mask does not make them similar.

    Face it, Billy Gunn is very correct. The wrestling was faster and more varied back in the day. The gimmicks were colorful. Each guy had attitude and a sort of “on his own” mentality. Now all the faces are “friends” with each other. It’s PG bull-ish. The theme music was catchier (instead of the these alternative rock bands singing the same crap), the costumes ware diverse. Everyone, simply, looked and sounded different. If I could call anyone standout now, who is reminiscent of the good old days, it would be Alberto Del Rio.

    Say all you want about the top guys back in the day having five moves. They still looked better and called excellent and enjoyable matches. I remember watching The Rock and Austin vs the nWo on RAW a few weeks ago, and while each one of those guys were limited, they still kept things rolling and, despite the critics, looked as if they had the basic 10 moves every wrestler should know in their skill set. No stupid knockout punch or retarded “punt kick.” The rock had his reversal into the DDT move, a spine-buster, the rock bottom, the People’s Elbow,sharpshooter, etc. as some signature moves. He even did the continuous punching, but always added flair and mock to it, depending on who it was. Austin used the suplex a lot, his Lou Thez press, his continuos foot-stomp (yes, it is a foot stomp, but he pulled it off as highly entertaining), a sleeper hold every now and then, and his stunner, of course. But they also used basic moves (because they were trained by the old school legends) and they were executed pretty cleanly. Not like the automaton Cena who drops a guy halfway through a back-suplex.

    I swear, the current wrestlers of today should take pages out of the Prima Strategy Guides for No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge for N64. They’ll learn a thing or two.

  • The Truth

    And how do you figure this era has more wrestling. I think they have the same amount. If you’ve followed this website, they always state how much minutes of wrestling there is and on average its around 20 to 30 minutes (TV program). Not much wrestling if you ask me.

  • The Truth

    @Loyal WWE Mark I agree with some of what you say to a point but like Devil_Rising said. It’s more about the flavor of the month. How long will R truth stay on top before they push him back down to the lower card and how long will the Sin Cara gimmick last. We’ve seen WWE try to push stars like Ted Dibiase and Jack Swagger get a good amount of tv time before until they gave up on em. And I’m not hating on Orton but how many memorable moments has Orton had compared to the Rock and Stone where you said “OMG remember the time when….”. The five move thing you kind of have a point, but Rock had more of an athletic presence when he did move compared to Cenas stiff and robotic movements as Orton said in an interview.

  • Loyal WWE Mark

    BUT THIS era has better wrestling and lets face it people say this era has to much entertainment well i say attitude era had to much entertaining and not enough wrestling. You dont like wrestling now cause there kids in the audiance no more half nude divas less blood violence and not good enough storylines but dont get the real picture in what vince is trying to do to take this company to a new level well i guess you cant call your self a loyal wwe mark i would type more but i dont wanna have like 6 long diffrient comments

  • Loyal WWE Mark

    Well i have to disagree with with about every single bit of writing above me including the comments. There a huge amount of superstars that stand out. Per Say R truth Orton Sin Cara. People say attitude era is the so called best era well even though it has produced better ratings this era has the most viewers you know why because Vince McMahon is a coperate Genuis and knows how to work a company. Basically if this was the attitude era right now cena=rock orton=austin miz=triple h rhodes= heel version of mankind. AND wwe must be doing something right if you guys are still watching it. Theres not even that much diffrince. Cena 5 moves= rock 5 moves orton 5 moves austin= 5 moves the only thing is that rock and austin had so many heel face turns they werent pushed in our face so much. And to me attitude era had better storylines

  • Diesel

    See I agree with Gunn (to a point.) Him & Road Dogg/BG DEFINITELY deserve to go in a few years down the line, the New Age Outlaws along with D-Generation X were one of (if not the) most popular & successful teams of the mid 90’s/Attitude Era so I can definitely see these guys getting in eventually. It’s the same with a lot of the major “Attitude Era”/late 90’s guys like Goldust, Rocky, Foley, Edge, HHH and so on… So then in years to come fans can say “wow I remember watching that guy, he was awesome!” The same way the older generation of wrestling fans do now with a lot of the current hall of famers like Hogan, Lawler, Piper, Slaughter & so on.

  • Devil_Rising

    He’s not 100% right, but he’s not wrong either.

    The New Age Outlaws do deserve to go in the HoF someday. They were one of the most popular teams of all time. X-Pac, I don’t know. He certainly deserves his place, and I could see someday (they did let in Koko after all, and I think Pac has done a lot more than he did).

    He’s also not entirely wrong about WWE not having a lot of stand out guys. The guys they keep trying to push, no one cares about. Guys like Barret, and Sheamus, and McIntyre, and most of these other Nexus/Corre guys. I think they have something in Bryan Danielson, if they’d push him more. I think Kofi Kingston is popular, and obviously they’re pushing Sin Care pretty hard right now (like they SHOULD have done with Ultimo Dragon). But he’s kind of right. CM Punk is one of the greatest heels they’ve had. But as far as faces goes, they have Cena…..and Orton. And Cena and Orton, no matter how hard they try, are not Rock, or Stone Cold, or Mankind, or Taker. Those guys were a different breed. They aren’t Hogan, or Macho Man, or Bret Hart either. Those guys were a different breed too.

    I guess his point is kind of valid…..WWE has “stars” today. But in the past, it had STARS. Stars that people cared about. Now? I’m not so sure. Now it feels more like “flavor of the month”, and then John Cena. John Cena. John Cena. The guy they’ve shoved down our throats for 5 years.