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Billy Gunn ‘Shoots’ On The New Age Outlaws’ Place In History, Returning To WWE


In the final part of Billy Gunn’s shoot interview, as part of his weekly “Gunn Show” series, Billy opens up like never before to talk about his troubled past, recovering from it, and the fear (by him and his family) of a relapse if he ever got the chance to go back to the WWE. Billy Gunn also talks about where he ranks the New Age Outlaws in the all-time list of best tag teams. Check out part one and part two on VegasFuelTV ( and be sure you don’t miss part three! Brought to you by Vegas Fuel energy drink, available nationwide at Rite Aid, “The Gunn Show” airs every Wednesday. Follow “The Gunn Show” on Twitter @GunnShowTV.

Billy Gunn on the “old Billy Gunn”: “The old me…nobody liked, nobody wanted to be around. My wife didn’t want to take me anywhere, my wife didn’t want to be seen with me, my wife LEFT me. My kids didn’t want to be seen with me, they didn’t want to do anything with me, they didn’t want to see me…because I was in a bad place. I’ve got all that back. He said it would come back, I got it back because I stay on track. And I know if I go back to that place, I lose everything. This time, I lose it all. And not only do I lose it all, I probably end up dead.”

On going back to the WWE: “If they ask me to go back, I’d love to go back. I’d love to go back in a training aspect, or helping guys, or getting in the ring and showing them how to do it inside, not just tell you.”

On whether or not the New Age Outlaws are the greatest tag team of all time: “No, I wouldn’t put us as the greatest of all time, I wouldn’t do that. I’d put us right where we’re supposed to be in the top five. I think top five. I mean, that’s pretty much without tooting my own horn. And a lot of credit goes to Brian, a lot of that was him too. It wasn’t just me. He would say that too, just for the record. Brian would say we are top five.We wouldn’t be the best, but we ARE top five.”

Hear Billy also talk about his relationship with Hunter today, and whether or not he feels Hunter has honestly forgiven him. Billy holds nothing back in this powerful finale to “The Gunn Show: Shoot Edition”. Check it out and be sure to follow Billy Gunn on Twitter @RealBillyGunn. Also, promoters interested in booking Gunn for a future event can email

  • Devil_Rising


    “No offense”, but some of you motherfuckers really need to get a clue. I said “modern era”. Not “this past decade”. You DO realize that pro wrestling, in it’s current form, has existed since the 1930s, yes? In all those decades, there have been a LOT of “greatest tag teams”. Which is why I said THE MODERN ERA. Meaning the mid-80s til now.

    I’d think it was pretty fucking obvious from my list, that I picked the best tag teams from the two biggest modern eras of wrestling, when WWF was hot back in the late 80s (and the Road Warriors were hot in the rival companies), and the best tag teams from the so-called “Attitude Era”, which yes, would be Edge & Christian and Harlem Heat.

    I really don’t think I need to justify my list further.

  • Wellsy

    From my time watching:

    1. LOD
    2. NAO
    3. Dudley Boys
    4. Hardy Boyz
    5. The Outsiders

  • yofits

    When Billy comes back, IMMEDIATELY book him to win the US title from Santiono to give the belt belt some credibility. Then book him in a match with the winner of the World title MITB match with the MITB contract on the line. Have Billy win it, drop the US title to Hunico and turn Billy heel when he cashes in MITB against Sheamus. Let Billy hold on to the title until Extreme Rules (he retains at Wrestlemania), where he drops the world title to a babyface superstar. Then slowly turn him face again and he goes after the WWE title for one last run.

    Billy Gunn = ratings!

  • john

    WWE bring back BILLY!! do something right for once!

  • Sammo


    The Road Warriors and The British Bulldogs are from the “modern era”?! What decade do you live in???

  • Little Jimmy

    The only prestigious listings is booker T’s fave five! Now can can you DIG DAT! If not Billy Gunn We comin fo you nugguh!

  • Devil_Rising


    Really? Man, anonymous comment boards on the internet must just be the most awesome place for people to hang out, eh?

    Yeah, The Midnight Express and Rock n Roll express. Great. They were both good teams. So were the Four Horsemen. So was Demolition. So were the Eliminators, and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. What’s your point? Just being contrary to be contrary?

    “WTF” yourself, kid. Yes, Harlem Heat. Why? Because they were 10 time WCW Tag-Team Champions. They were THE most successful tag-team in the second most successful wrestling promotion in modern history. They were THE biggest tag-team of the “other” company in the 90s. So yes, listing best teams of the MODERN ERA, I would consider them pretty fucking important.

    As Poko said, the Steiners were a great tag team as well. But HH were, hands down, the best tag team of the WCW era. The others I listed speak for themselves.

  • poko

    In all honesty, I wouldn’t have them in my top 10, and I’m not even sure they’re in my top 15.

    Right on about the Midnight Express, and even though I hated them, the Rock n’ Roll Express. Also, you can’t mention Harlem Heat without mentioning the Steiners.

  • aszman

    oh and where are the freebirds if rock and roll or midnight express get mention?

  • aszman

    well, New age outlaws was better than the smokin guns or billy and chuck but i think he is done. i know that every time he came on TV, i turned the channel, and gave him “x-pac heat”.

    I think that Owen Hart and Davy boy Smith were more successful than Davy and Dynamite, just my opinion. I also think Hall and Nash have a spot, considering that WCW is WWE property, especially if Harlem Heat is top 5. I would remove edge and christan to give hall and nash the spot.

    I also think that Meng and the Barbarian (dont remember their name in wcw) were a fun team, much better than billy and chuck or smokin guns! As for harlem heat… well, they and the nasty boys deserve honorable mention, eh?

    Sorry billy gun, i wouldn’t watch if you came back, just the truth.

  • ##

    WTF 5. Harlem Heat? Ever heard of a tag team called the Midnight Express or Rock n Roll Express

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s a really subjective thing to say “Top 5” anything. Even trying to be objective, you’re still going to let your own personal preferences color the subject. It’s just human nature.

    Me? I wouldn’t put the NAO in the Top 5 best ever. Top 10, maybe. Top 20, for sure. But not Top 5.

    My Top 5 of the modern era would go:

    1. The Road Warriors/LOD
    2. The Hart Foundation
    3. Edge & Christian
    4. The British Bulldogs
    5. Harlem Heat

    The Dudley Boys and Hardy Boys are honorable mentions, as are the New Age Outlaws, but I wouldn’t put them in the Top 5.

  • Hes got a bicycle

    Billy Gunn = Ratings!

    Bring back Billy Gunn!

    Give him a US and WORLD title run!