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Billy Gunn Talks About Putting Wrestlers Over & Fans Remembering DX

In this week’s episode of “The Gunn Show”, Billy continues to pull no punches on issues like TNA and how it compares to WWE, whether fans consider the NAO when they think of D-Generation X. Here are some highlights.

On who fans think of when they remember DX: “Honestly, I think it’s Shawn and Hunter… yeah, you’re right, me, Bryan [Road Dogg], X-Pac, we were complete degenerates, to the word… but I think when you think of it all around, from a fan’s perspective, DX is Shawn and Hunter because we were short-lived… every time they bring DX back around, which is helping, it’s always Shawn and Hunter. It’s never us. Even the book [Unauthorized History of DX] just kind of mentioned us in there… it was like a two-paragraph, ‘Oh yeah, Brian and Billy, they were in there too’, so… I get it. They kind of started it, we made it really good, and then they still finish it off.”

On putting over so many stars, like The Rock, Austin: “The reason me and Brian put all these guys over, and took their finishes… one, we loved it. Two, we were very good at it. Three, we were probably the best in the whole locker room that could get it done. You know, it wouldn’t do any good if Barry Horowitz and whoever came out and did it… the New Age Outlaws, by themselves, were over, and I don’t mean to say all this just because I was a part of that.. I’m just stating what I feel is right.”

  • Angry Benny

    He never put anybody over, if anything they just tagged along the coat tails of DX, Gunn is over-rated, if you had anyone else in the New DX back then it would of worked, EVEN Barry Harowitz, he would’ve slapped his back and DX chopped it all night

  • poko

    coool story DX needs outlaws

  • good

    Vince and the WWE need to do the right thing and include Xpac and the New Age Outlaws in the DX reunion.

  • scooter

    Billy Gunn was nothing more than a midcarder yet he was always in angles when he put people over it was done with purpose it wasn’t just thrown away like nowadays. WWE need to do this more now with someone like a Tyson Kidd or an Evan Bourne guys who can wrestle but just aren’t main event talent!

  • SYM

    Honestly if any great Tag Team’s legacy is tarnished its DX’s. The Real Wrestling Fans enjoyed when DX first began with Chyna, Rick Rude, HBK, and Triple H. But that New DX with The Outlaws, X-Pac, Chyna, and Triple H was the Best Time of the Faction as a whole. I say the legacy is tarnished because they pander to little kids and get jokes from the people on Disney Channel. Its Garbage and depressing to watch.

  • Leon

    You put the rock and austin over? What? You stupid son of a bitch. You wish you put those guys over. DX vs Nation was 2 teams that where at equal footing but it was all HHH vs The Rock. Who gives a fuck about anybody else.

  • yofits

    Bring back BILLY GUNN!


  • chronoxiong

    People will always remember the first incarnation of a big name group. We all remember and care more for 1997 DX and the 1996 NWO. Who even remembers the members of NWO 2000? Lol…