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Bingo’s Breakdown: Staying positive for Wrestlemania

by Nik - March 23, 2011


Greetings jabronis,

There’s a noticable amount of negativity circulating and polluting the air pertaining to the imminent Wrestlemania 27 PPV. Many feel – despite The Rock’s involvement – that it doesn’t boast a card that’s quite worthy enough to be chiselled into the Wrestlemania annals.

I’m not saying it’s a view shared by all, as that would be awfully presumptuous of me, but it certainly seems to be one shared by the majority… So here today, I’m hoping to put a positive spin on things. I wholeheartedly ensure you that I’m not affiliated with WWE in any way whatsoever, but maybe – just maybe – this column will make you rethink your stance should you currently be of the mindset to save your hard-earned bucks and not order the PPV. (A lot of you Internet savvy types may well be surprised to learn that a plethora of people still actually pay for PPVs…)

So instead of focusing on what the card could have looked like, let’s be upbeat about what we’ve got, and allow me to propose some reasons as to why we should indeed be giddy grapple fans. (Unnecessary side-note: Giddy is a fun word.)

The People’s Champion

Okay, none of you needs to be instructed to get excited about The Rock’s presence – it’s akin to telling Jeff Hardy to get excited about the lack of drug-testing in TNA – but what has got me even more giddy (again! Yes!) in recent days in The Rock publicly stating that he isn’t adverse to stepping back into the ring. A-MA-ZING.

As awesome as it’s been to see The Rock back on WWE TV, part of me was kind of downbeat over the fact he seemed confined to solely playing a verbal role. When I watch a wrestling show, I like the stars to be actual wrestling wrestlers… you feel me?) But, alas, It seems very likely we could see The Rock layeth some true smacketh down (i.e. in a physical sense) at Wrestlemania… Which already has me anticipating a John Cena vs The Rock match at Summerslam. Am I jumping the gun a little? Perhaps. But they don’t call it “speculating” for nothing.

Maybe The Rock wasn’t exaggerating to the extent we believed when he told us he would never leave again… After Wrestlemania, I guess we’ll have a far clearer picture.

The Hall of Fame

It’s possibly the greatest line-up thus far for the WWE Hall of Fame (according to me). HBK’s induction will surely feature the most epic video package ever compiled by the WWE (and that’s saying something) and will no doubt see The Showstopper deliver an impassioned speech that will cause many in attendance, as well as yours truly, to shed a tear. I’m man enough to admit that. He’s the greatest the business has ever known – and he will never be bettered.

It’s also great to see Sunny looking healthy again, with her troubled past looking to be way behind here. She totally has the right to be there, and those that are questioning it deserve a foot in the ass. Every diva currently on the WWE roster combined wouldn’t even possess 10% of the charisma that Sunny emitted during her WWE run. And how ridiculously orgasmic was the Sunny video package on RAW a couple of weeks ago? What a gal. Hubba hubba.

Hacksaw Jim’s induction is sure to be great fun, and we could also expect an appearance from the likeable Road Dogg Jesse James as his father Bob Armstrong is inducted. Add to that Hardcore icon Abdullah the Butcher – I can’t even begin to imagine what stories that crazy bastard is gonna tell – and you’ve got a rather spectacular line-up.

Drew Carey though? I’m not even going to attempt to be positive about that one. I anticipate him being greeted by the fans in the same way Pete Rose was… badly.


The Next Generation

One of the most perplexing issues when it comes to satisfying wrestling fan’s desires is the balance of new blood and veterans. Too many veterans and the company is labelled as an “old people’s home”, and too many young guns and the company is accused of lacking any new star power. It’s a tough and tricky balance.

I’m one of those guys that’s all for putting young talent in prominent spots (if they’re worthy, of course), and those complaining about certain talents being at the top of the card too soon simply don’t get what WWE is arduously trying to achieve at the moment.

In the Wrestlemania main events, you have fresh talent in the company’s two biggest heels for the next 5 years (I guarantee) in Alberto Del Rio and The Miz. Then you also have the rapidly rising Cody Rhodes being treated as Rey Mysterio’s equal, and Sheamus taking on Daniel Bryan in what is also a showcase of two blazing, new(ish) talents.

Add to this expected appearances from The Corre and The New Nexus, and I think you’d have to be partially brain damaged to accuse WWE of having a shallow pool of rising talent.

I do feel mildly sorry for Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison being lumbered in a mixed tag match – but on the plus side, their match will receive plenty of media attention due to Snooki’s involvement (I’m assuming she’s a pretty big celeb in the US?!) and they will get their opportunity to headline the big one in the future.

Regarding Snooki… How odd was it on RAW for here to label Vicki “fat” when she herself quite obviously carries a lot more weight than Ms Guerrero?! Hornswoggle calling Vicki “short” would be a comparative scenario.

Cometh the hour, cometh the men

And just to remind us that WWE is still a home for veteran talent, HHH will take on The Undertaker is what many are predicting will be the closing match. Is that fair considering how much the two have been off TV for the last few months? Not really… But seeing as the pair have nearly 40 years of WWE employment between them, I think I’m gonna let them off.

I don’t think the bout will challenge the quality of the HBK v Undertaker matches from the previous two Wrestlemanias – but I still expect this to be match of the night, and fully anticipate WWE endorsing that fact with around 25-30 min of in-ring action. You think these two guys would let down the fans on the grandest stage of them all? Not a chance.

Also for the fans of old schooledness, there’s gonna be action involving The Rock, Steve Austin, Jerry Lawler and Trish Stratus (and Kevin Nash?!) – and with Booker T rumoured to be joined by JR at the commentary table, there’s plenty of nostalgia to be savoured amidst the new talent.

Christian… in the main event!?

Many of us long-term wrestling fans have been calling out for a main event push for Captain Charisma long before he ever embarked on his TNA stint. Since returning, he’s been wasted in ECW, wallowed in the midcard and suffered a significant pectorial injury. Also, it’s widely reported that Vince isn’t a fan of his work. – thus it’s been a pretty crappy couple of years for him.

But things finally seem to be on the up for one of WWE’s most under-utilised talents ever – and again, I might be jumping the gun here – but an abundance of rumours and audible whispers are building to the likelihood that Christian will join Del Rio and Edge to make their dance a triple threat. With no other obvious match for Christian forseeable on the night, and considering the recent booking of the man on Smackdown, I’m gonna throw my hat into the ring and say that it WILL happen.

Edge and Christian are two of the finest all-rounders the WWE has ever produced and have already firmly etched their place in wrestling history. Matt and Jeff take note – this is what you were also destined to become. Instead, that pair combined are the biggest laughing stock in the wrestling industry (albeit for different reasons).



Dissing a PPV before it’s even happened it’s something we’ve all been guilty of, I’m sure… But folks, come on, this is Wrestle-freaking-mania!

There’s no doubt whatsoever in my murky mind that everyone involved in the show will be on their A-game and WWE will do its utmost to present 4 hours of awesome action littered with surprises, stand out Wrestlemania moments and slobberknockers aplenty.

Hey, it’s all just a bunch prediction, and if I’m wrong and the PPV sucks I’ll be the first to admit it – and I’ll welcome you all to come back here and barrage me with Internet insults until your fingers are raw to the bone from hammering your keyboard.

But, for now, I beg of you to not ride the wave of negativity and instead bask in the shimmer of Wrestlemania and enjoy the build-up to the greatest event on the sports entertainment calendar. Save judgement for AFTER the event. That way, it makes sense…. Dontcha think?

I’ll be back next week with my predictions.

Over and out.

  • erik

    @nik okay i respect the fact that he survie cancer. but let;s be serious nik he didn’t accomplshed much in wrestling. sorry if that hurts your feeling but imo wwe hall of fame inducts people that doesn’t deserve it. owen hart, stenier brothers, trish stratus deserve it. I just don’t see what duggan did in ring that was so great.

  • Nik

    @ erik

    The WWE Hall of Fame acknowledges acheivements outside of WWE (hence Abdullah’s induction).

    As well as having a magnificent career as a fan favourite, Jim Duggan is also a cancer survivor – so it takes a special kind of idiot to say he’s not deserving of recognition by the Hall of Fame.

    You can’t go around comparing everyone to Hogan and Bret Hart otherwise is gonna be a pretty frikking exclusive club.

  • erik

    @ malin i said in wwe and in wrestling in general he didn’t do anything special like bret hart or a hulk hogan to earn hall of fame.

  • Malin

    Hacksaw Jim won the 1st ever royal rumble! And he held the US title, plus he had a career than spanned decades! Don’t be so daft.

  • erik

    hacksaw jim duggan did noting or accomplish any great thing in wwe. same goes for sunny sunny was a flash in the pan. sunny one big flash was leading boddy donnas to tag team belts. what do you except from a hall of fame that has drew carey, pete rose and bob uker anyone can get it!

  • Bingo Nik

    For reals? What’s there to dislike about Hacksaw Jim and Sunny?! They’re so totally deserving of their inductions and are both likable genuine characters.

    And Abdullah may have never had much mainstream exposure during his storied career – but it’s a storied career nonetheless and he has achieved legendary status in his own way.

    Who would you have preferred to see inducted this year, LVW Sir? Max Moon?

  • LVW

    Outside of HBK, it’s a terrible Hall of Fame class.

  • Bingo Nik

    @corey… Hell no is Snooki losing! She’ll give McCool a couple of slaps or something, and that’ll all be the footage WWE needs to get their footage on/in a billion media outlets.

    @Sammo… True words I guess. A business the size of WWE will always have countless long-term plans. One of them might be to have Hornswoggle v Undertaker to headline Wrestlemania 30.

    @Kurt Angle… Is that REALLY you?! All I know from Jersey Shore is from that episode of South Park that tore it apart. I’d whole-heatedly agree that anyone who regularly consumes any mainstream reality TV is very stpid indeed.

  • Kurt Angle

    @sammo, I think if the people who are stupid enough to watch jersey shore, then they are stupid enough to spend $60 to watch snooki for 5 minutes. Hahaha…

  • Sammo

    You’ve got to think beyond Wrestlemania as well dude and look at the bigger picture.

    If WWE does make a few hundred extra people buy Wrestlemania due to Snooki being there, then those people may well buy the next PPV too – and maybe the next one again, and so on. And maybe they’ll buy a load of a merchandise. And maybe they’ll tell their friends who also didn’t watch WWE to start watching. It’s all about getting new fans hooked on the product.

    Advertising and media attention can have a snowball effect!

  • corey

    i totally agree that it will draw more media attention. there is no doubt about that. its just hard for me to believe that the non wrestling fan will pay the $50 its cost to order the PPV juat to see snooki. of course wrestling fans are going to order it regardless. now if they did it just for media attention then i get why they hired her. and that is well worth the money. but as far as PPV sells i can not see a big inprovement just because snooki is on the show. will more people watch raw if shes on it, sure, but people will not pay the $50 of a PPV to watch her. of course a few people will just because they like her that much, but not enough to see a big spike in sales. and i’m not compairing sales to normal PPVs because i know a ton of people order WM just because its WM compaired to regular PPVs. but you are completely right about the media attention, i agree with you completely on that matter, but i just can not see PPV sales going up because she is on the show. as far as me liking or disliking her, i don’t care about her either way. i just can’t understand why pick her when there is other celebs to choose from. i understand she is popular right now but there are alot more popular celebs then her. if they picked her because they know alot of people dislike her and want to see her get beat up a bit, then i guess i can see why the wwe hired her. but both you and i know that there is no way she will get touched at all and will def. not lose the match.

  • Bingo Nik

    You’re missing the point, Sir. Wrestling fans will pay for the Wrestlemania PPV regardless – it’s their Superbowl.

    Snooki’s involvement, however, will attract the attention of casual and even non-fans (the “entertainment” audiences that WWE has so long pined for) as well as barrage of coverage from countless media outlets that normally wouldn’t even whisper anything pertaining to the WWE – and that is simply priceless advertising. Whatever amount WWE has paid Snooki to be on their show will be worth it in the end for Vince’s bank balance.

    You seem to be questioning the validity and effectiveness of the concept of advertising… That’s a bit of a long-winded discussion to take place here. But I am fully of the mindset that advertising can and does have a massive impact when we’re talking about large samples (i.e. global audiences – global audiences who buy into mainstream media no less). if you think otherwise, that’s cool. But a bit weird.

    Or maybe you’re just upset that Snooki is involved in Wrestlemania because you don’t like her. It’s a valid arguement – she seems a bit of a whore – but that doesn’t negate her pulling power.

  • corey

    now how are they 100% correct on snooki? so u think that tons of more people will spend $50 to watch her in the ring for 5 minutes? no they won’t. i don’t understand how u figure wrestling or non wrestling fans will pay that kind of money just to see her. now will a few more people order it. yes. but not enough to were it would make a difference from any of the past years.

  • Nik

    “i hope they don’t believe that by having Snooki on the show it will get more people to order the ppv. if they do then they are not as smart as i thought they were.”

    I’m afraid that’s what WWE do believe, Sir… And also, they’d be 100% correct.

    @Malin – I hadn’t forgot about Orton v Punk! I too agree that it has the potential to be a stellar bout, but part of me feels that with Lawler/Cole, HHH/Taker and the World Title matches taking priority on the night, Orton and Punk may well only find themselves having 10 or 12 minutes to tell their tale. Harsh indeed.

    I already foresee a stipulation rematch being given more time at the post-Mania PPV.

  • corey

    yeah man you forgot about punk and orton. in my opinion that will steal the show. orton is such an amazing talent and will go down as one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time when its all said and done. and thats not only my opinion its also all of the wrestlers opinion too.. then punk is amazing too. he knows how to really get under peoples skin and he has great wrestling ability too. to me this will be the best match of the night. also snooki is a piece of shit. i know that WM is also about celebs but they could of found someone way better then snooki to be there. it was bad enough she was on raw but do they really need to make us watch her in a match at the grandest stage of them all? to me snooki and the rest of those jeresy idiots put a black mark on all of wrestling. i’m praying the wwe will change their minds and that ugly untalented piece of crap will not show up. i hope they don’t believe that by having her on the show it will get more people to order the ppv. if they do then they are not as smart as i thought they were.

  • bill sucks

    I hope cena wins at wm & beat stupid miz.

  • Malin

    Sorry about that! Stupid iPhones! As I was saying…

    Don’t forget about Orton v Punk! For me that will most likely steal the show.

  • Malin

    Don’t forget a

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