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Bingo’s Breakdown: TLC Predictions

John Cena v Sheamus

Cena faces a guy who a little over a month ago was feuding with Goldust on Superstars… doesn’t really sound like main event ingredients does it? But to be fair to WWE, they’ve done an impressive job of building Sheamus up as a badass, and the Celtic Casper has done a sterling job himself in making the audience believe he has a chance of winning.

And you know what… I’m gonna pick Sheamus to win this one. At first, I thought he didn’t have a chance, but after much deliberation, I’ve changed my feeble mind.

The fact Cena will be absent for the first RAW of 2010, coupled with the verity that it would be a positive gesture from WWE to go into the new year with a fresh, young champ heading their flagship show makes me think the Guinness drinker will be leaving with the strap.

However, if Sheamus does leave as champ, I fully expect Cena to win the belt back at the Royal Rumble. There’s no way WWE will go into Wrestlemania season with someone so green sitting at the helm.

Pick: Sheamus

Undertaker v Batista

I hope this chair match is an elaborate game of musical chairs, where a single chair is placed in the centre of the ring, and whoever sits in it first once the music stops is declared the winner.

Alas, I don’t think I’ll get my wish, and this bout will quickly descend into an exchange of power moves and pin kick outs at 2 and a half – just like all their previous matches. Sure, they’ve mostly been somewhat entertaining, but also pretty damn formulaic.

Anyway, I don’t see Big Bad Dave taking the title in this match. Ol’ Taker may be as broken down as ever, but I think he wants one more long title run (and what the dead man wants, he rightfully gets) and may well hold on to the title into Wrestlemania.

Pick: Undertaker

Christian v Shelton Benjamin

One for the purists indeed. It’s a packed card with several big matches, so I’m really hoping these two get given enough time to put on the spectacle we’re all anticipating. Fifteen minutes won’t cut it – give them 20-22 minutes and you’ve likely got a match of the year candidate.

I’m going for Christian to win based on a lack of build up for Shelton. All he did was beat Zach Ryder to earn his shot. I’m not saying Ryder is a bad wrestler, but if that’s all you have to do to become number one contender then I seriously fancy my own chances of getting an ECW title shot in the near future.

Pick: Christian

DX v Jericho and Big Show

The smart money will be on the champs to retain based solely on the fact that being unified tag champs means appearing on both Smackdown and RAW – and HBK won’t work on Tuesdays. I think this will be a mega fun match though, with four veteran ring generals all well aware of what they’re doing.

That said – If Hornswoggle interference proves to be the deciding factor in the outcome of the match, I will emit a depressing sigh that will likely last for several hours.

Pick: Jericho and Big Show

Mickie James v Michelle McCool

I can’t even pretend to care.

Randy Orton v Kofi Kingston

Should be a decent and energetic match. I expect Orton to get the win here, but via some method of cheating in order to keep Kofi looking strong. Maybe Randy will run him over in his NASCAR whilst the ref is distracted by Rhodes and DiBiase doing some break-dancing.

Pick: Orton

Drew McIntyre v John Morrison

I seriously hope Mcintyre doesn’t go over, because so far he hasn’t shown me an iota of ability that makes me believe Vince and HHH’s glowing appraisal of him is deserved. Morrison is an awesome talent – he’s already my pick to win the Money in The Bank match next year – so I think they should keep the IC title on him for as long as possible in order to once again bestow some meaning upon it.

Pick: Morrison

So those are my picks. And if you’re not down with them I’ve got two words for ya: What’s yours?

  • LVW

    Cena could lose the 1st match and still leave as the champ since he did say he would cash in his rematch clause that night. Usually the way it works though is whomever has the upperhand after the last RAW loses the ppv match so I’m picking Cena.

  • kriskooo

    Sheamus over Cena
    he has to win if not what the hell was the point of pushing him so hard in the first place
    Taker over Batista
    although not sure could go either way
    Drew over John
    i really want JoMo to win but think about it if he drops the belt he can go to the main event after the world title. Rey is out due to injury and taker is the only top face there. Morrison will fit perfectly and eventually i do believe he’ll win it
    Orton over Kingston
    i dont want another supercena !!!!!!
    Jerishow over DX
    Divas match
    bathroom brake 😀

  • dale

    Cena is going to win because of the tribute to the troops has already spoiled it, it airs like a week afta TLC and the belt was on cena

  • Vini

    Sheamus over Cena(I see Cena wining a rematch)

    Taker over Batista

    Drew over John

    Orton over Kingston

    Divas match-I dont giva a shit

    Jerishow over DX

  • Spy

    *doesn’t get tired of him

  • Spy

    Cena over Sheamus BUT Sheamus wins his rematch. This way the ppv has a face going over but Sheamus still gets his title.
    Batista over Taker. Dave’s been on a mean streak and I think they’ll give him the title to make him be an even bigger more bragadocious heel.
    Christian over Shelton in a great one
    ….who rly cares about divas? lol mcCool over james
    Morrison over Mcintyre because I barely know Mcintyre.
    And finally I pray to GOD that Orton wins. Kofi shouldn’t be made into a superCena. So he needs to lose a couple so I or anyone else for that matter gets tired of him. And… because I <3 RKO

  • Andrew

    My predictions.

    Taker over Batista

    Cena (sadly) over Sheamus

    Christian over Shelton

    D-Generation X over JeriShow

    James over McCool

    Orton Over Kingston

    McIntyre Over Morrison

  • Derrick

    The way I see it:

    Cena over Sheamus

    Taker over Batista

    Shelton over Christian

    Jehrico/Big Show over DX

    McCool over James

    Orton/Kingston match- match ends in DQ (no winner)

    McIntyre over Morrison

  • Rob

    Here’s the breakdown…

    Sheamus vs. Cena
    -Sheamus all the way… its time for some brand in the wwe to have a heel champion!

    Jeri-Show vs. DX
    – Hate to say it but most likely the midget will eff it up for Jerishow

    Christian vs. Benjamin
    – I see Benjamin narrowly losing to christian, in a “Match of the Year” Candidate… Two beautiful Ladder Match Specialists for the title? Can anyone say Show Stealer?

    Morrison vs. McIntyre
    – I dont want to say it but WWE is still heavy on McIntyre… I see Drew stealing the title from Morrison… due to Interference

    Orton vs. Kingston
    – I Love Orton to death, but I see Kingston getting yet another PPV win over Orton…

    Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool
    – Mickie wins.. She deserves it after the crap wwe’s pulling with her…

  • Ryan

    Christian drops the title to Benjamin (who will be the last ECW champion before the re-branding)

    Show and Jericho win, however Show takes time off for his injuries/surgeries. Christian becomes the other half of the tag champ equation.

  • Tony Godfrey

    Cena vs. Sheamus
    I’m seeing Sheamus winning but I also think it’ll be someone besides Sheamus putting Cena threw the table
    Winner: Sheamus

    Undertaker vs. Batista
    Undertaker after Rey Mysterio returns

    Christian vs. Shelton
    Shelton will shine but Christian will win leading into a fued where Shelton gets the title before Christian leaves ECW
    Winner: Christian

    DX vs. JeriShow
    JeriShow… Jericho attempts to stand on Big Shows shoulders atleast one time I guaruntee it. haha
    Winner: JeriShow

    Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool
    The girls on Smackdown have stepped up with the Diva Trade stacking there roster. The Triple Threat on Smackdown was one of the best female matches I’ve cared to see recently
    Winner:Mickie James

    Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston
    Winner: Kofi after a failed run in by legacy

    Drew McIntyre vs. JoMo
    Winner John Morrison

  • Leizar

    Agreed, and I’d love to see that finish in the Orton/Kingston match. 😉