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Bischoff Gloats Over UFC’s Ratings Struggles, Touts Impact’s Upcoming ‘Season’

Last week’s episode of UFC’s Ultimate Fighter series on FX averaged approximately 950,000 viewers, the lowest number in the seven-year history of the show and more than 400,000 less than last month’s network debut. TNA Wrestling executive producer Eric Bischoff gloated over the program’s ratings struggles via Facebook, stating Impact Wrestling draws 500,000 more viewers with a much smaller budget.

“Think we came close to hitting these numbers with a couple episodes of ReAction at 11pm on Spike,” Bischoff said of the record-low Ultimate Fighter rating. “Tons of promotion on Fox and FX, a budget 3x bigger than Impact and 500,000 less viewers? Impact has a larger audience than ever, and is going to have a great season with new elements following Lockdown. Can’t wait!”

Bischoff responded to a critical remark on Twitter saying he shouldn’t knock Ultimate Fighter when he has only come up with “one good idea” in his entire career—the NWO.

“Not knocking friend. Love the show. It is what it is and says more about Impact than anything. Get a grip mark,” Bischoff wrote. “And by the way, our prod. company has produced 9 different series on 8 diff. networks since we have been at TNA. One good idea?”

  • Valo487

    They’re pointing out their achievements you half wit, not rejoicing that someone else is doing poorly. Would you be ok with it if WWE used one of their did you know segments to point out how TNA has never beaten WWE in the ratings? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

  • Jason

    Why is that Valo? WWE does it every week on the dumb did you know video promo.

    Did you know WWE Raw was the most watched show on USA for 10 weeks in a row? I’m like no shit, it’s the only show on USA that draws more then 3 million a week in most cases.

  • Nicholas

    @ Narf you know nothing about me stick with what you know. I don’t believe a word that is said on the internet. In fact nothing about the internet is good for wrestling. Why is it even any of your business any way what got nothing better to do.

  • reverse prince albert

    lol for how much longer valo? UFC is for cocksuckers aids infectors

  • Valo487

    I think it says plenty about TNA that Bischoff has to celebrate when Impact gets higher ratings than something. How’s that for a fact Jason you fucking mark? Maybe when TNA can match UFC’s PPV buys you clowns will have reason to celebrate.

  • Little Jimmy


    Well Jason is a big fan of the Abyss “Brother” storyline.

  • V-R-A

    Don’t forget that last weekend was a holiday weekend…I’m sure people went out of town to see family and were not in front of their TVs.

  • 1919dpg

    so the ultimate fighter had a low week. he’s in no position to be talking about ratings. also the ufc averages a MILLION PPV BUYS while tna barely manages an 8,000

  • Nicholas

    I think it more the fact that Brock Lanser went back to the Wwe and now Tito Ortiz a guy that been in TNA. To me I love it that WWE and UFC are working together an not tearing each other like TNA guys still do thinking there still needs to be a wrestling war.

  • Jason

    I agree StockShark but don’t expect these marks to understand your simple point.

    What Bischoff said was 100% right on but once again we are talking to a bunch of fools that never went to college or got a marketing degree to understand the way the TV market works.

  • stockshark28

    Never have I read so many uninformed comments in my life WOW! You guys must be 13yr olds? How about some facts please! Or just shut up.

  • Valo487

    I’m sure UFC is really upset considering they have higher PPV buys than WWE and way more than TNA. Maybe if Impact ever gets the ratings that The Ultimate Fighter got at its highest point Bischoff can run his mouth.

  • dlb

    “Impact has a larger audience than ever”? what the fuck is he talking about? Must be because of the amazing skills and charisma his son has…

    (btw i do watch tna and am a fan of it but goddammit at least half of it is unbearable to watch)

  • Whocares

    One idea? Maybe not. One GOOD idea? Seems legit.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    LOL UFC does impact numbers but sells 750,000 and up every monthly PPV event. This has always been the case (when they were on Spike) and will still be for a long time.

  • ChrisDV

    Ultimate Fighter’s all time low is STILL better than TNA’s best.

    People in glass houses, Eric.

  • Omar

    Remember the time when Eric gloated about ratings on Monday Nitro? Someone should remind him.

  • Bitchoff should be the last person saying anything about rating struggles fucking douche

  • SpudimusPrime89

    “9 different series on 8 diff. networks”

    And those are? Seriously, I have no idea what he’s talking about.