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  • erik

    It is a shame what has happen to razor ramon. I was watching razor ramon vs hbk wm10 ladder match for ic title match. hall is famous for his great ladders matches he had with hbk over ic title at wm10 and summerslam 1995. I hope he gets help soon.

  • Dale

    @daniel, haha. plus, does anyone think that scotthall4life is the new ‘theviewtvshow’?

  • theMark

    Hey ScottHall4Life
    Why dont u join scott hall so u two can both overdose and f’n die, JUST DIE ALREADY! no wonder ur a Scott Hall mark, ur prolly suicidal as well.

  • venom

    This is what ScottHall4Life looks like he takes a sip of beer, then he starts arguing with the bottle.

  • Skeeter Peter

    a true definition of Winning!!!

  • daniel

    a wild Scott Hall apears. Use hypnosis

  • ScottHall4Life

    Hes better then you Venom, go eat more donuts

  • 2ratedrko2

    Pathetic this guy still can’t turn his life around.

  • RVD420

    Damn he looks like a zombie Steven Seagal.

  • rick

    Survey says….(passes out in his own vomit)

  • rick

    @Scorpion Death Drop
    Bahahahahah, it’s uncanny.

  • M.C.

    What the fuck? Is this even drunk???

  • Stevie

    LOL @wtfbbqsauce. He does.

  • damkat

    @ starship…Yep I get drunk all the time, however when I am working I am clean and sober 100% of the time. I owe it to the management, and the people that spend money on my product (i.e. pay my paycheck) to be that way. When you show up for work in a drunken state like Hall did you have a problem and need help. I was a big fan of his and hope he can get the help he needs.

  • Ron Simmons


  • Starship Pain

    So, people, you never get drunk, I supposse.

  • venom

    Wow, and he wants to return to wrestling. I wonder what would Ron Simmons say about this.

  • wtfbbqsauce

    he looks better than ever

  • Satan

    So sad to see he’s the next one to go

  • gianthinker

    Sad to see. I see why he wasn’t at the HOF with xpac and Nash.

  • Scorpion Death Drop

    When Did George The animal Steele grow hair?

  • Thumper!

    You guys are dicks for posting these.

  • Matthew Carter

    Damn, what happened Razor Ramon? You don’t look like the bad guy anymore in those, chico! LOL