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Blowin’ Smoke w/Kemper Jones – Survivor Series Preshow + BONUS COLUMN

by Amish Patel - November 21, 2010

Blowin’ Smoke with Kemper Jones

Survivor Series Preshow + Bonus Mini-Column

Survivor Series Preshow

PLEASE NOTE: I am aware that the PPV only has a little more than an hour left right now. It’s been pretty hectic at work today, and I haven’t had time to post it yet. I haven’t read any of the results and won’t see the show until closer to midnight. Didn’t want to leave it unpublished. Enjoy the bonus column at the end.

I’ll give WWE credit for building a semi-respectable card within six days. I was wary that the timing of the “Old School” Raw would make it damn near impossible to put a meaningful PPV together. While it surely could’ve been better, at least we have five more matches than we had going into the week.

Team Del Rio vs. Team Mysterio

News has come out that this match was originally scheduled to be a 2-of-3 falls match, but was changed due to Mysterio’s inner-ear infection. I really would’ve liked to see that, but at least we get an elimination match.

I’m expecting Del Rio’s team to win the match. Other than the captain, there may be one or two other survivors. I’m not sure who might make it, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Del Rio walked away the sole survivor. This match probably won’t be given much time, so expect a lot of elimination fast.

WWE has been pushing Del Rio steadily since his arrival. There’s no reason to stop his momentum now.

Predicted & Preferred Winner: Team Del Rio

Daniel Bryan vs. Ted Dibiase
United States Championship

Please, let this be better than the match they had a few weeks ago on Raw. I don’t know which way to lean in this one. I really want Bryan to win, but I could see Maryse getting involved and costing him the title. This would continue the feud, culminating in Bryan winning it back after a few more altercations. However, Bryan has been looking very good on TV.

You already know how happy I was with the Ziggler/Bryan series and he came out looking like a million bucks. The US title needs a sizeable reign. I know that Miz had it for a while, but he lost it to Truth for 2 or 3 weeks. That kind of spoiled his run for me.

Preferred Winner: Daniel Bryan
Predicted Winner: Even though I’m not so sure, I’m gonna go with Bryan. You’ll see why in a moment.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaval
Intercontinental Championship

I watched their match from SD and it was pretty good. On the other hand, they were given about 2-3 minutes. If the Bryan/Ziggler series was any indication, expect these two to steal this show. I have a lot more hope in them pulling it off than I do with Bryan/Dibiase. Not because of Bryan, but because of Dibiase. I’ve previously voiced my lagging interest in him, though I had him tagged to be one of the breakout stars of 2010. I’d love to be wrong, but I just don’t know.

Preferred Winner: Kaval
Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler

I imagine the feud will continue, with Kaval picking up the belt within a month or two. . The reason I’d really like Bryan and Kaval to be US/IC champions is that we’ve been hearing title unification rumors for a few months now. I can’t think of two better performers for that match. It would be meaningful, and they’d have two guys in there that can put on a hell of a show. Tell you what WWE, save that 2-of-3 falls match for them.

Kane vs. Edge
World Heavyweight Champion

I haven’t been paying much attention to this feud at all. All I really know is what I see on SD previews during Raw.

Preferred & Predicted Winner: Kane, after beating Taker 3 times in a row, it’s too soon for him to drop the belt. I see Edge winning the belt soon, just not yet. It would be more fitting for him to pick it up at TLC.

Natalya vs. Lay-Cool
Divas Championship

Nattie is getting her third chance in the same amount of PPVs, but this time it’s a handicap match. I called for her to win it last month, and I was wrong. What now?

Preferred & Predicted Winner: Natalya, though the odds are stacked against her. It’s time for a miscommunication to cost Lay-Cool the title, and move on from their pairing. I’m so tired of them.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus

We’ve seen this brewing for a few weeks. Santino’s involvement makes sense now, as this is WWE’s attempt at an anti-bullying campaign. It’s being done well, and it can do nothing but good things for JoMo. I would’ve rather seen an elimination tag match followed by a 1-on-1 at the next PPV. That would’ve been a better way to give the feud legs to continue.

Preferred & Predicted Winner: Sheamus has been shown-up by JoMo every week through the progression of this angle until he hit him with a kick backstage on Monday. Sheamus will probably cheat to win, or lose by DQ. The face in this type of story needs to lose the

Santino/Kozlov vs. Heath Slater/Justin Gabriel
WWE Tag Team Championship

This may be a fun match. Santino is entertaining, but

Preferred & Predicted Winners: The Nexus will prevail. I don’t see Vladimir and Santino walking around as tag champions across both shows. The belts give Nexus legitimate reason to be on Smackdown. They’ve been making regular appearances and looks to continue.

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
WWE Championship/Free-or-Fired
Special Guest Referee John Cena

Notice that I included Cena’s stipulation in the headline of the match. I seriously questioned putting it first. Raw has been pushing the Cena/Nexus angle hard for months and I believe Survivor Series will be the climax. I believe the WWE Championship is an afterthought to the feud, though.

Many are predicting that regardless of Cena’s fate, Miz will walk out of the PPV as champion. I subscribe to the same theory. When the bell rings at the end of the main event, Cena is going to take out Barrett or Nexus will attack Orton. The WWE champion, will be left vulnerable. Once the chaos has died down, the awesome one will most likely cash in his MitB briefcase.

I don’t know what to think of Cena’s claim that he’ll call it right down the middle. Him saying that makes me want to expect a swerve, but I have no faith that he’ll make a full-fledged heel turn. It would be shocking for him to cost Orton the title, but it would be too bold for WWE.

Reluctantly, I’ll admit that I want to see what happens. I’ve had it shoved down my throat for months, and it’s time to do something interesting.

Preferred Winner: Wade Barrett
Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

From Cole Miner to GDYC* in < 12 Minutes

I wanted to stray from doing a TV recap column this week. During Raw, I decided that I was going to write about how much I enjoy Michael Cole’s heel persona. Though I’m reluctant to say it, it’s the only time he’s been part of the show that I look forward to. That whole idea was thrown to the wind later in the show. After a certain incident, I found it impossible to write an entire column praising the guy.

Monday’s “Old School” show was good (I’ll give some brief show thoughts in my Survivor Series Preshow column, at a later time).

The most memorable part of the evening should have been Jim Ross providing commentary in the Daniel Bryan/Jack Swagger match. While it was great to hear him again, it was a big let down, and it was because of Michael Cole.

When JR was announced prior to the performers, I began to anticipate whose match he would be calling. It has been quite some time since he’s called a match. My first hope was Daniel Bryan. After his entrance, Swagger’s music hit. I couldn’t think of a better match for JR to be a part of.

However, Cole ruined it. The match was good and JR was good, but it never seemed like he was able to really get a groove going. Cole’s constant interjection tainted the entire segment for me. I also don’t understand why he spent the whole match burying the talent. I get that he’s not supposed to be a fan of Bryan, but as a heel, shouldn’t he have been rooting for Swagger the entire time?

Does anyone else feel this way? Was McMahon backstage feeding Cole lines just to get on JR’s nerves? I know that Vince likes to pick on JR, but why in the world would you spoil it for fans? I’ll never see the logic in calling the guy to make an appearance, only to rib him on national TV.

*GDYC (God Damn You, Cole) courtesy of Matt Fowler, IGN Entertainment. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

  • Jeff Long

    Good post, agreed, I like the idea of Coles heel persona but it isnt being pulled off correctly and more often than not he is just down right annoying. No reason for him to constantly bury Bryan, pointless. Really made me pine for JR calling matches with King. Cole has a place just not sure where it should be.

    Great idea about Kaval and Bryan. Do you really think Vince would let these two INDY guys fight for the unification of IC and US title. Man I hope so cuz ur right 2 of 3 would be awesome. Interesting point about the bully campaign.

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