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Bonnie Hammer on What She Thought WWE Should Be, Vince McMahon Comments

– The New York Times ran a feature today on NBCUniversal executive Bonnie Hammer that featured quotes from WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Vince said about working with Hammer:

“She just came in and rolled up her sleeves. She taught us a lot about network quality writing, story arcs, character development. She really helped the overall brand.”

Hammer told The Times that she thought WWE should be a male soap opera and decided that a heavy sports emphasis of WWE’s programming limited its audience.

  • KGM Da Master

    One more thing, the Golden era was the best era in wrestling history. Not the attitude era, wrestlers like Ric Flair, Bret, British Bulldog, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, etc. were making a legacy off of Hulk Hogan! Something Mr. Cena has no clue about other than with Randy Boredom. The attitude era didnt have that one legend to carry the company to great heights. It was more of collective effort which I dont like because champions arent worth yheir value in the ring without lengthy title reigns. Thats why I think with todays talent, WWE needs some new writers or insight and they would be better than both of those eras. Peace

  • KGM Da Master

    Spelling errors: Wrestling, people, now, scheduled, to, buying

  • KGM Da Master

    JIR & Dhane, u are both wrong as well as every fan in here. First, Dhane wrestling is not 100% staged. Theres a such thing called injuries that have changed the outcome of matches several times. Thats why referees are out there for WWE because they direct the traffic of a match (whether its a clean skate or bumpy match.) Their job’s to stay on top of the action and make sure if things do change, it goes smoothly. JIR u are wrong when it comes to fans. Wrdtling fans are slow, especially if u think for one second this Hammer womans the reason WWE is PG. Linda McMahon (the big khonas) is calling the shots and she is running a campaign for Connecticut again this year. Thus, killing any ideas of a 14 comeback prople thought they would see 2012 with The Rock vs. Cena. WWE needs to focus on what got them to where they are at noe, matches matches matches! Vince has dropped so many wrestlers though that its hard to book a full schduled Wrestling event with the company in 2 different entities. I think thats why Raw and Smackdown’s clash is coming yo an end. Rightfully so, just because WWE got less competitive by Vince buyimg WCW, doesnt mean take ur brand and completely alter it. This brand extension thing has been in overdrive for like 3 years. Pump the brakes Vince, sometimes simple is best. ImPact wrestling swears its all about wrestling but they are even worse. Just another WCW lite, actually speaking of, thats the only brand of wrestling that could do promos and not wrestle. Why? Every idea Eric Bischoff made for WCW was not only original but considerably worth
    its weight in gold. Mr. McMahon couldnt make an original idea if it written in stone and handed to him by all members of his family. Thats why WWE suffers now, trying to relive the past when there’s nothing to relive. Peace

  • JIR

    @Dhane i agree give the people a good storyline backed up by solid ring work no one is saying Wrestling isn’t staged but damn it do it right and treat your fans with the RESPECT and INTELLIGENCE.

  • Dhane

    What makes anyone not a real wrestling fan? Wanting to be entertained is not being real enough? Even with Good Matches, you are still supposed to tell a good story. At the end of the day it is all staged. I prefer looking forward to a good match with a back story and a meaning than just watching random “good matches”. I grew up watching wrestling before territories were all bought and I loved the fact that great stories were told with the action. If Pro(Staged) Wrestling was all about just a match, it would never have broken in to the mainstream at all. MMA, UFC, etc don’t need that because matches are real boots to asses. Pro is and has always been entertainment. The best Pro Wrestlers can tell the best stories through performances. It is what separates the greats from stunt kids.

  • Devil_Rising

    Uh. Real wrestling fans don’t want “male soap opera”. They want GOOD MATCHES. Period.

  • Dhane

    I thought they were doing a pretty damn good job as a male soap opera WITH an action and sports emphasis in the Attitude Era. Wasn’t that when the industry had a major boom? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • peep this

    This aint fucking judge judy, hammer. You put the hammer down and subjected us real fans to this PG garbage shit.

  • Rob Buck

    Bonnie needs a HAMMER upside her head

  • diddy

    So now we know who to blame for flushing real wrestling down the toilet