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Booker T Offers His Thoughts On The Late Chris Benoit, Rene Dupree Resurfaces

– Speaking to Inside Wrestling, Booker T was asked for comment on the late Chris Benoit after working closely with him for a number of years. The SmackDown General Manager is asked how he separates Benoit’s wrestling accomplishments and friendship with him from the horrible event that occurred in 2007.

“I separate them because I have to,” said Booker. “You can’t put the two together. I think of the Chris I knew on the road and in Japan, eating the frickin’ noodles, traveling and working together for years. I can’t put those two people together because I really think the two were different people at the time. We’ll never know what happened, and that’s the thing: We don’t know. The brain is a fragile machine, because you can live with a person for 30 years and then they kill you one day.”

– After recently returning to North America, Rene Dupree competed in his first match in the United States since leaving WWE on Saturday in Rahway, New Jersey for Pro Wrestling Syndicate. He lost a Four-Way match, which also featured Dan Maff, Devon Moore and the winner, The Dynamic Sensation.

Dupree competed in Japan and Europe during his time away from North America. Though still muscular, he has since lost a considerable amount of weight.

  • Larry C

    My interest in saying this is two fold, I feel the WWE at the time of CHRIS BENOIT’S death dropped the ball in his case. Why do I say that?? He knew what was going on, and so should they have known, and what I am referring too is his health, at the time of his death–IT is said his brain was already Swiss cheese, from the all the times he took the flying head-buts to opponents shoulders, and the other thing is THIS—Chris Benoit called someone within the higher ranks of this company before he decided to go on the killing rampage he went on, HUMMMM I JUST WONDER IN MY HEART OF HEARTS IF THAT PERSON HAS A DECENT CONCUSSION WILL THEY SOME DAY COME FORWARD, AND SPILL THERE HEART OUT. SOMEONE WITHIN THIS COMPANY IS NOW ON RECORD, YOU DROPPED THE BALL, ON CHRIS BENOIT—BUT WHY DID THEY DO THAT?? MY GUESS AT WHO HE CALLED, IS HHH, AND I MIGHT BE WRONG, BUT I REALLY DO NOT FEEL SO.

  • StudDog

    @Ray, Very well said. I really hate the way his life ended and the horrible events that took place but your right. We were not there so it is not right for us to judge. I have always been a fan of “Toothless Aggression”

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Ray

    You never know what might have triggered it. It’s like slowly developing a hate for someone except you start losing control. BUT. You’re not realizing it because it’s a slow and familiar process. He was and forever will be the best technical wrestler in my book. From his growling every time he did a German suplex to that throat cut prior to the diving headbutt. I am and forever will be an avid Wolverine fan.

    I can only hope their deaths were swift and painless. But it’ll never be fair for anyone that wasn’t there that night to assume anything about what happened. It was a terrible tragedy.

  • Abomb321

    I think they need to induct the character of Chris Benoit into the hall of fame and not Christopher Michael Benoit he was a great in the ring as a technical wrestler you had a thousand submission holds he had a thousand and one ways to get out of them. And his German suplexs were superb and some of the best I have ever seen.

  • nikki

    the whole benoit thing..Is pretty simple we do not know what it was like when he was home with his family we do not know his personal life.Up untill he flipped out no one knew the guy was even mentally ill.

  • hf part two

    vince mcmahon is RACIST for not putting chris benoit in the hall of fame.

  • 1919dpg

    benoit wasn’t a terrible human being. he’s was mentally ill.

  • nick

    I was a fan of Chris, and still am of his work he did, and sometimes I wonder what angles, storylines he would be doing if he was still here, but at the end of the day the events that he did, are the last events of his life and the most impacted, so after that i do consider benoit a great in ring wrestler but a horrible horrible human being

  • bb

    SYM=Joke Account

  • SYM

    They cut out the part in the interview where Booker T said “Nigga”