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Booker T Predicts WrestleMania 40 Main Event, Talks About Warrior and WWE’s Hall of Fame

– WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently spoke with NOLA Defender while promoting tonight’s WWE Supershow in New Orleans. He talked about The Ultimate Warrior in the Hall of Fame:

“Ultimate Warrior is probably the one guy that people have been wondering for many, many years, just like Bruno Sammartino. It would be great to take his place in immortality. He deserves it. He was great for what he did for the time in wrestling… Back in the day, those guys really were trailblazers, they were one of the reasons that I wanted to be one of those guys.”

Booker also made a prediction for the WrestleMania 40 main event:

“Dean Ambrose versus Dolph Ziggler.”

  • sting

    cena already has it in his contract that he will headline wm40. sorry booker!

  • millerj265

    Yeah im sure a mid 40yr old ziggler vs a near 40yr old ambrose is going to headline WrestleMania 40, that’s just booker trying to hype 2 up and coming stars and its a nice gesture but if anyone stops and thinks about it for a second its just idiotic.

  • Mike Wells

    Ziggler and Ambrose won’t be in WWE in 10 years, let alone main eventing.

    My guess – Cena vs A N OTHER

  • Brian B Rock

    sledgehammer interferes in shovel vs Triple H’s match so they make it a HANDICAP match!!!

  • ddfindl

    Man, 10 years is a long time… Dean Ambrose vs. Ziggler sounds like a good choice based on everything we know now, but with NXT blowing up, we’ll probably see Blaine Turbostein vs. Drex Morpheus Jr.

  • xXx


  • JohnCena33

    Triple H vs Shovel

    Thats whats best for business.