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Booker T Returning To The Ring?, Orton’s Attack On Rhodes Cut Overseas

— WWE has had discussions of Booker T coming back to wrestle in a short program on SmackDown against an undisclosed opponent.

Booker T has competed in one match since assuming the SmackDown color commentator position in February. On the June 6 episode of Raw, Booker wrestled his first singles match for the organization in four years, gaining a victory over Jack Swagger via count out.

— Randy Orton’s gruesome post-match attack on Cody Rhodes on this week’s episode of SmackDown was eliminated from airings in the U.K. After The Viper strikes Rhodes with a rope-hung DDT, the international broadcast cuts to a backstage segment with Christian and Sheamus.

— WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes is scheduled to appear at Sunday’s WWE SuperShow in Lubbock, Texas. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton are the top advertised matches.


  • santino sicilian cool

    thanks to you also thrillio i should have given wikipedia a go theres some great stuff there.

    it’s nice to ask a question here & have such helpful people like hr & thrillio pitch in & answer my questions without being mocked or ridiculed.

  • santino sicilian cool

    thanks heaps hr

  • HR

    @Santino Stevie Ray and Booker T run a wrestling school in Houston, Texas.

  • venom

    I want to see Booker T vs Christian again. Maybe save that for Wrestlemania.

  • Hunter

    Wonder if it’s Cody Rhodes? His baggers always go to the book man and he appears to get annoyed.

    Might be a short feud- Cody goes over a legend and then in to the title frame.

  • VelveetaAnnie

    Smackdown colored commentator

  • Thillio
  • santino sicilian cool

    i hace always enjoyed booker t he’s always been good, i do wonder what happened to his brother stevie ray i liked him they were a good team if anyone knows what happened to stevie please tell me i’m curious to know what happened to him.

  • BlahH

    Booker makes mevlaugh when he says SHtone Cold SHteve Austin. He pronounces S words kinda funny. Besides that Book is all good with me.

  • D2K

    I’d love to see Bookdust return. I agree that Booker T needs some refinery as a commentator.

  • ironcross

    Wasn’t cut in australia..

  • Mojojojo

    The Book man is a terrible commentator but he is always funny as hell so I don’t mind.

    But seriously, ideally, he should return to the ring as King Booker.

  • Sean Mooney


    I though Booker T was awful on commentary when he first started at the beginning of the year, and after about 9 months or so commentating, he still is really bad… that being said, he can be hilarious at times and does a slightly better job than when he first came. His commentary at the Elimination Chamber was so bad, it took away from the matches. Big Show did his “big slaps” about 6 times, but we didn’t get to hear a single one as Booker talked through each one. His logic at times is beyond mind boggling. He once said how Del Rio grew up on the streets of Mexico learning to fight (when Del Rio’s character is a Mexican aristocrat). He likes to a call a spinebuster a sidewalk slam, yet I find all of this hilariously entertaining at times.

    The only positive from Booker at Elimination Chamber was when Christian made his return…


  • shawn

    ive seen the strike. it looked like he ripped his skin with the bottom of the bell in a downward thrust.

  • Syxx

    Booker and golddust again would be great

  • bonerjams

    booker t should come back he isnt exactly delivering on the broadcast booth. he should be a part timer though since he wont come back full time and only do smackdown shows and few dates