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Booker T To Become SmackDown General Manager?, WWE Film Selected For TIFF

– WWE issued a text alert before tonight’s SmackDown television taping in Indianapolis, Indiana naming Booker T as a candidate for the new Smackdown General Manager.

The statement reads: “Mr. McMahon will name the new General Manager of Smackdown at tonight’s live event, and there is strong speculation it will be Booker T.”

– WWE announced Tuesday that WWE Studios’ No One Lives will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

No One Lives, which features Brodus Clay in a supporting role, will premiere at TIFF’s Midnight Madness as part of its Special Presentations and Galas programs. TIFF runs from September 6 to 16. It is a described as a “smart and original horror movie about a killer in the grip of a dark and twisted love affair.”

In addition to Clay, No One Lives features Luke Evans (Clash of the Titans, Immortals, The Raven), Adelaide Clemens (Silent Hill: Revelation), Derek Magyar, Lee Tergesen (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) and America Olivo (Friday the 13th).

  • JohnCena33 FEARS! MaNic

    this is why WWE sucks , they spoil their own stoylines and they announce everyone whos BIG before they come out instead of just letting their music hit , that just kills it…i mean i get why they do it…. the product is made for little children who know nothing of the history of wrestling outside off wwe 24-7 so 95% of the live crowed wouldn’t know whos music was who so there would be no pop , but dont ya think if wwe is smart enough to realize this…that they should be smart enough to know it’s time to change and direct their product to people smart enough to follow and remember things without having to be reminded and told weekly? i say this with the up most respect but maybe once linda is un-able to leave the home or once she passes away WWE can get back to normal cause she is the only reason why wwe is directed to little kids so they look family friendly while she pointlessly runs for whatever the hell it is that she is running for , so once that dream dies….wwe has no point to direct anything to little kids and they can get back to whats entertaining and get away from this watered down shit.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    omg BEECHER is in the movie!

  • yofits


  • SYM

    @ant Yes because people on this site really give a Damn what your Monkey Ass thinks.

  • ant

    i say do an angle where booker t is the gm and the position goes to his had and he turns back into……..BLACK SNOW?? aka King Bookah without the crown lol

  • The Awesome One

    Booker T would be a good gm

  • Jon

    But i wouldn’t rule out Eve Torres too. Raw has a face mangaer in Aj so a heel like Eve would be apporaite

  • Jon

    Remember good ole JR is in Indy too. So something changing in that announcer table.

  • Seth

    I could see that. Good call Sam.

  • Sam Peters

    It will be Josh Matthews…after the way Sheamus said he looked nervous, maybe he is becoming GM

  • Seth

    William Regal for Smackdown GM

  • SYM

    @luckysalt To add on to what you said Booker is also a great commentator in his ROW shows.

  • luckysalt

    He’s not a shit announcer, he’s really good, check out the announcing he did with Nash in TNA is golden, WWE just make him be a catchpharse king and he sounds awful

  • SYM

    I’ll say it Again. Mr. Fuji for SmackDown GM.

  • adam

    I think they should drop booker all together he is a worse announcer then taz and thats sayin something.

  • scooter

    He’s a shit announcer but he could cut a promo being a gm is essentially doing a lot of that.

  • Lew

    you know there is going to be a swerve they will not name booker t the new general manager

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I am hoping there’s a swerve… otherwise it sucks for them to spoil this.

  • adam

    OH god no please dont make booker the gm. There is already to much of him as an announcer. Have someone like Foley or Edge be smackdown gm and end the super show.

  • CC

    Why would they send out such a spoiler? Its bad enough that SD is taped, so will be potentially be spoiled prior to it airing on Friday, but why would they spoil it for the live audience?
    Probably a swerve ball to try surprise people when someone else is announced.