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Booker T Says He Feels “Rejuvenated”, Why He is a “Tough Enough” Coach

– In an interview with, Booker T revealed that he feels rejuvenated after returning to the company at the Royal Rumble PPV last Sunday.

“I feel like I’m going in a totally different direction, as far as my career goes. I’m just going to make sure I do a great job (as Smackdown announcer) and take it as far as I can go,” Booker said in an interview with Joey Styles.

Booker also talked about the new season of “Tough Enough” and his role as one of the coaches: “I think that by these guys seeing I’ve been there, I must know what I’m talking about,” Booker said. “I’ve had my wrestling school in Houston going on seven years now. It’s been very, very successful. I’ve produced a lot of good athletes, and they say nothing but good things about my training.”

When asked what he will be looking for as one of the “Tough Enough” coaches Booker said: “What I’m looking for is showmanship, athleticism, and how much do they really want to learn about this profession as opposed to thinking it’s something cool to be on television,” Booker said. “People really don’t understand how hard it is and what it takes to be a WWE Superstar.”

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