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Booker T, William Regal and Others React to Brock Lesnar’s Promo from RAW

– WWE’s website has a new article up with several Superstars reacting to Brock Lesnar’s video promo from Monday’s RAW where he claimed John Cena would be carrying his bags if he would have never left WWE years ago. Here are some quotes:

Booker T: “There’s only one chief around here, and we all know who that is. I don’t think one Superstar in WWE determines what goes on. I remember a promoter telling me a long time ago … Years later, I now understand exactly what he was saying. He said: ‘One monkey don’t stop no show.’ And that pretty much sums it up right there.”

Goldust: “Whether you like him or hate him, you respect John Cena. He works his ass off day in and day out more than anybody else in this locker room, on the roster, period. What Brock said about Cena, I find that a bit distasteful. I don’t believe for a second that if Brock didn’t leave eight years ago that Cena wouldn’t be where he’s at today. I think that’s bull. John Cena was destined to be a star.”

William Regal: “There’s no way that things would be the way they are if Brock had never left. I’m not saying that Cena wouldn’t be the huge star that he is, but there’s not room for two of them in the same universe. You can’t have two people with that incredible ability, strength, desire, passion, and that Elvis quality – which is that magic quality that you only come across once in a million. And they’ve both got it. Usually, one fella has got to go, because when they collide, that’s the way it plays out.”

Matt Striker: “I think it’s safe to say Brock is the most legitimate, most dangerous ass-kicker WWE has ever seen, and the one person that now really needs to reinvent himself and relearn his craft is Cena. Brock is not here to use armdrags and dropkicks. Brock is here to punch you in the face and snap your bones. We need to see what Cena is made of, and I believe at Extreme Rules, the whole world will find out.”

  • Straight-edge

    yea well randy was an old man in randys prime brock wouldnt have what it took to carry randys bags. i know what im talkin about maybe you should learn alil before you get on here talkin cause you even bring randy couture up is sad because hell even kimbo could had beat him. at that point


    People using the Brock/Mir 2 fight as an example well guys Frank Mir was content to be on his back the whole fight that’s why he lost out of stupidity. lets not forget that Brock got absolutely destroyed by Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem also he was way bigger than Randy Couture only reason he won was because of his size advantage not because he was a better fighter.

  • Dave

    And yet one half decent punch and he turns turtle.
    Lesnar was really only half a UFC fighter. His attack was formidable. But his defence was seriously lacking.

  • Reverse prince albert

    Who can say they beat Mir and Carwin and Couture? Not many… Nuff said…

  • Bastion Booger

    Straight-Edge i dont think you know what the hell your talking about in regards to mma. Brock was handed the title? Yes Brock got a shot at the title quicker because of his name but that does not mean he was handed the title. Brocks first fight in the UFC was against Frank Mir who was a fomer UFC champ and Brock was dominating him through out the fight until Frank Mir who is one of the best BJJ guys in UFC caught him in a knee bar which could happen to anyone let alone a guy who was fighting in only his second fight. And to win the title he had to beat an MMA hall of famer in Randy Couture after that he got his disease and still came back and fought a guy who was undefeated and was knocking everyone out in the first round and Brock took a beating which would have made a normal man tap out but still came back to win the fight. You have to respect that

  • Jefferson D’Arcy


    You shut the fuck up. And say that to Regal’s face. Remember when Kennedy got in his face? He got stiffed, dropped, and bloodied. Legit. He may be portrayed as a mid-card act on TV, but Regal’s a tough dude. And he tosses Vince’s salad? What are you, 12? How about, he’s fucking loyal to the man who saved his life when he had a bad addiction.

    He talks all about it on McMahon’s DVD. And said he’s forever in debt to the man and it pisses him off when anyone shits on him. He’d take a bullet for him. So Vince may be a dick at times, but he does take care of his wrestlers.

  • Straight-edge

    for the record i dont hate brock i just simply think he being missed used and build up to be something he isnt. thats only going to fold majorly he is not the ass kicker they say he is. not even the best wrestler in wrestling today lets not forget kurt angle still wrestles i dont respect him as a ufc fighter he was a joke in the ufc but as far as a wrestler in my opinion yes he is one of the best not the best but simply one of the best

  • Straight-edge

    the hell if brock fought his way up in the ufc hell he lost a fight won a fight and then has a championship fight i am in mma brock is a bitch that got the ufc belt handed to him. wwe is spitting in the face of all there wrestlers by putting him back on the rosters he has the miz’s spot for he should be the guy going one on one with cena.

  • Pig

    Let’s see him wrestle again and then pass judgement.
    WWE needs some bad ass.
    Only problem is as I’ve said before….Brock is one popcorn fart away from permanent retirement.

  • Bastion Booger

    Brock is an ass kicker. He came right into the UFC and fought top level fighters he didnt take it the easy way his first fight was against a former UFC champ. Nobody he fought in the UFC was an easy fight. Truth is Brock looked untouchable until his disease and I highly doubt any of you pansies would even be able to bear the pain that comes with having diverticulitis. While you may not like Brock Lesner you damn well have to respect him

  • Gorilla

    And Regal shut tha fuck up bitch your fucking annoying a fucking waste of 90K wwe pays you every year and why fuck you here …oh yeah because you toss vinces salad every night before raw goes live

  • Gorilla

    Only reason Brock came back is because he got HIS ass beat down in ufc and his wife told him brock you better do something because im not going live normal i need my big house fancy clothes or ill leave you so brock being 2face bitch he is made vince dish out 5 million and put in his contact that he is an “ASS KICKER” a “WAR MACHINE” “and all that bubble gum he thinks

  • Bolski

    And by the way, Brock’s illness did change him, but he still had the balls to come back and TRY… Which is more than I could say about someone who calls himself “Straight-edge” who isn’t CM Punk.

  • Bolski

    I guess Lesnar vs Mir II was just him putting a hold on someone running around right? I guess when Carwin was whooping Brocks ass he ran and hid right? When he Beat Randy for the UFC title by pounding his face into the mat… He was just running and putting on holds… You know what you’re talking about. Straight-edge, I bet Brock would whoop your ass and my ass at the same time. Brock is an ass kicker! Period!

  • Straight-edge

    im sick of hearing them say he is an ass kicker did anyone actually watch his fights if he wasnt running he was getting beat up until he put a hold on them to get tap them out. he didn’t kick anyones ass and in the video telling about him why didnt they play the video of him getting cut from the nfl cause he didnt have what it takes to make it on the viks a man of his size and speed dont have to know much to make it on the a football team but he blew at that he is a hell of a wrestler that what he needs to stick with as far as the ass kicker that a bit much and its going to make wwe look like a bigger joke then it is already looking like.