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Brad Maddox Announces Goldust vs. Randy Orton with a Stipulation for Monday’s RAW

– RAW General Manager Brad Maddox announced that Goldust will wrestle Randy Orton on Monday’s episode of RAW and if Goldust wins, Cody Rhodes will get his job back with the company. Here is the announcement posted on Twitter:

“Since @DUSTIN_RHODES1 has asked how he can help his brother. I’ve confirmed w/ @TripleH to allow him to compete against @RandyOrton on #RAW. If @DUSTIN_RHODES1 wins and @CodyRhodesWWE apologizes, he gets his job back. So bring your paint cause it’s Goldust vs Orton monday”

  • Bobby Higgins

    who will win goldust vs randy orton tonight on raw

  • Chris E.

    Dustin Rhodes is one of those guys that you wonder why he never stayed at the top. But, after reading his book, I realized his constant addiction problems were so bad that it was amazing he reached the top and stayed there as long as he did. A real fight for life.

  • Scooter


  • JohnCena33

    Glad Goldust is back. It would be cool to have a war games match at battleground where dusty rhodes, golddust, cody rhodes vs the shield.

  • Shorty

    it is great that Gold Dust is going to return to Monday Night Raw next week to help Cody Rhodes get his job Back I saw Gold Dust in person in 2010 he is cool and once of the greatest WWE superstars of all time the best in the business and he is a caring and very compassionate person to help his brother Cody Rhodes Get his Job back THAT is what the meaning of respect is right now
    Triple H and company along with his Crappy GMS Fat so Guerrero and Brad Maddox and learn a thing or two about the meaning of respect from Gold Dust
    Gold Dust is also not 15 minutes of fame he has been in the WWE a lot longer than Randy Orton and he is a Legend

  • millerj265

    Don’t even care that ortons going to win, give them 15min and goldust will prove why he was and still is one of the best wrestlers the wwe ever had.