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Breaking News: Jeff Hardy Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges, Will Serve Jail Time

– TNA star Jeff Hardy was back in a Moore County, North Carolina courtroom on Thursday and plead guilty to three felony drug charges, including:

* Two counts of intent to distribute a controlled substance
* One count of conspiracy to traffic in a compound containing opium.

Hardy was sentenced to serve ten days in jail and also fined $100,000.

In addition to the fine and jail time he was also sentenced to 30 months probation.

In the event that Hardy violates the terms of his probation, he could be sent back to jail.

No word yet on when his jail sentence will begin.

Hardy returns to TNA television tonight on Impact Wrestling.

  • CC

    @Big T. I’m sorry, but it is not perfect justice because it wont sting his bank balance at all. He probably has a shit load more than that in his bank account, and is probably one of the few people in TNA that takes home a very high (no pun intended) pay cheque.
    Its false justice as its sole purpose is to line the pockets of the government.
    Yes, fines should be based on income, but being famous should not effect how much jail time you serve. Why is it so much more important to send Joe Public down for a longer sentence for a smaller crime than it is for a star to serve a shorter sentence just because he has money?

    Fines teach people nothing, prison time would certainly teach him a lot more. Now he will just continue doing what he has always done because he knows the repercussions are minimal.

  • venom

    I was a Jeff Hardy fan, but I hope this is his wake up call and he turns everything around.

  • JohnCena33

    Typical United States Justice system. Drug trafficking only 10 days. My friend got 12 days for going 30mph over speed limit (it was only his third ticket!). But hey in this system you can have involuntary vehicular manslaughter like NFL player Donte Stallworth and only get 30 days. This is a joke. Jeff and Matt should be sharing jail cells for the next 6 months!!!!!!!!

  • JIR

    I’m sorry but I have to say this there hasn’t been a “Hey Jeff you got a pretty mouth!” joke so yeah there it is

  • Nick Is Awsome

    and I saw someone say something about he has a kid to take care of and repair his career. Honestly if he really cared about either would he have been dealing drugs. Not like he is from the streets and had to turn to dealing to survive. I could be wrong though i guess most people that turn to dealing to survive could have a Moto cross track in there backyard and a moronic wrestling company paying you for nothing and releasing your best of dvds. It all goes back to me having to sicken myself defending matt hardy he got fired for dui. Angle didnt and jeff hardy plead guilty to dealing drugs its different strokes for different folks

  • Nick Is Awsome

    Lol 10 days for trafficing wow there was a guy that got arrested for not returning 27 overdue library books and he got 15 days in jail. I think I want to change careers but it seems i need to get famouse and make some money 1st then intend to sell some drugs I wonder how much he was dealing before he got busted. Tna is going to go from a champion that has a pending dui to a champion that is a drug dealer. But 1st he has to do his hard time ha ha ha ha

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    10 days and $100,000 is because he can afford to pay the money. Lets face it the non child support person gets jail time because he’s broke. Its the best deal for all parties. Why should tax payers have to foot the bill for his resort fees at the local lock up?

    Thinking of that maybe Jeff will now headline Lethal Lock Down……live from the Moore County Correctional Facility


  • Mike

    10 F’n days??? Wow, and there are guys out there that get 1 yr for child support. Unreal….

  • Nicholas G

    That is ok it won’t be long until he is busted again. I love how somebody compare Lohan to Jeff Hardy good job. Two people who can’t keep there heads on straight. To me I wish Jeff, Matt or Kurt Angle would do some jail time an more then 10 days. A year or two maybe 3 would really wake them the hell up. To me that is the only way that either one of the 3 life will get turn around well unless death comes first. I mean really justice system does not work in this country at all an it will not help Jeff. I mean wasn’t it Jeff Hardy who show up at a TNA PPV earlier this year are drug out an could not even go on in the match. Yeah that Jeff Hardy getting his head on straight. It is only a matter of time I say. Heck Jeff Hardy lost his dog you would think that would be enough to turn his life around. But like I said it won’t be long until he is back in the court room. I mean the Hardy to me are just known for trouble. An TNA then will bring him back for sure why because TNA is in a desperate state that they will bring anybody to help TNA an there ratings and veiwership. The problem is Jeff Hardy fans are the same kind of junkies an are very small now. An will only hurt TNA more in the end.

    At the end of the day in 6 month or less he will be getting ready for another court date. If he is still around. I hate saying that but it is only a matter of time until Jeff Hardy is another Chris Benoit.

  • blah

    10 days is enough to make some new friends in jail

  • Big T

    It is perfect justice because the typical drug peddler on the street wouldn’t be paying a $100,000 dollar fine.I guarantee that that fine stings his bank account pretty bad.

  • ##

    Well written CC very well said. So for 10 short but long days he will be known as The Charismatic Inmate Jeffy Hardy. I bet he gets out in 2-3 days on good behavior.

  • Omar

    He pleaded guilty on drug trafficking and just got 10day jail time? WTF?! This is justice?!

  • Omar

    He pleaded guilty on drug trafficking and just got 10day jail time? WTF?! This s justice?!

  • CC

    Had he been a normal guy rather than a famous tv personality, not only would this case have been over ages ago, he would have served a longer sentence and probably either not received a fine or a smaller one.
    Its pretty standard practice to let celebs serve shorter sentences but fine them higher because they can afford it (hell the system wins as not only does it not have to pay to keep him in jail, they also end up $100,000 better off).
    You only have to look back at the Vince Neil case from the 80s to see its nothing new.

    This wont even effect him, and TNA will still continue to push him to high heaven cause they dont give a shit what their main eventers do and how it reflects on them, they only show their teeth when it comes to lower card guys like Matt, but are toothless when it comes to his brother and Angle.

  • Mark

    Basically what has happened is what always happens in our legal system, ATTORNEYS used stalling tactics and made deals. The reason this has gone on for so long is that there probably was not and probably still is not enough to have a full blown trial. This is however a wake up call for Jeff. Was he headed for and early grave yes. Did he deserve for folks to be saying he should die or kill himself, no. Let’s not forget all of the other STARS that ended tragically. What was it going to take? I for one was not looking forward to hearing about him being dead, but some seem to be hoping for that. Everyone one is just going on the 10 days in jail, but the judge also said 30 months probation. Jeff better not even fart the wrong direction for three years or he goes to jail. I hope he cleans up his act and comes back to the wrestling world better and stronger than ever. Get well Jeff.

  • Will Henderson

    10 days is much better for Hardy and TNA, as Jeff has a kid to take care of and a career to repair after the Victory Road “90 second main event”, i understand the hate from the IWC and they where wanting justice to be fully served, but accepted it, the US justice system is messed up. look at Lindsay Lohan, she needs to be locked up for ether life or 10 years, but nope, probation and a few weeks in jail and house arrest. also look at Casey Anthony, the B**** got away with murdering her child and she pretty much got 3 years of jail, which was for another crime related to covering up the murder.

    it’s time we should stop hating on Jeff, just cause he screwed up bad, doesn’t mean we should be judgmental when half of us are gonna be as guilty as he is. i’m not a very religious person, but even i know the lord forgives all sins.

    so wake up IWC, he’s not gonna get the correct justice you want and he’s wants redemption from his past sins. Eddie Guerrero went though the same hell as Jeff, but he went to rehab and redeemed himself and we had a feel good wrestling moment at WM XX (only for it to get tainted by Benoit years later). can’t you please forgive Jeff Hardy, he is maybe trying to get his life turned around and clean up his act and stay away from the things that got him in this mess in the first place.

  • Trixie

    10 days that’s it? This has been going on for what 2-3 years, and now after all that he only gets 10 days?!? WTF! If he was only going to get that much he should have plead guilty 2 years ago and served the time and then he wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

  • JOE

    @ray are you retarded???? Do you honestly think his career is going to end because he served 10 days in jail? It’s ok to not like him, but please stop with the bullshit comments.

  • mark

    At last its over. Why didnt he plead guilty sooner.? seems to have got off very lightly . Maybe now he will realise what hes done and change his ways

  • Emerson

    His career isn’t over, I garuntee you he isn’t the only one doing this type of stuff, It’s just him and Matt flaunt it openly for the world to see. I bet you he only got ten days because he got a plea bargain and that’s why it took forever for a decision to be made.

  • Jay EZ

    Or maybe the probation will keep his ass in check and get his career back on track and Jeff Hardy can be good again.

    I hope I don’t hear about Matt Hardy posting a video blog to youtube with Matt & Jeff Hardy drinking. I could see Jeff rising to redemption, and then that happens. Then he’s gone again.

  • venom

    I meant wasn’t

  • venom

    Hasn’t he another guy that said he was innocent? Why plea guilty if you didn’t do it????

  • venom

    That’s it. He got off easy.

  • Ray

    Yay! Let’s just hope this puts an end to his career, already.

  • misfit del rio

    Bullshit, dammit the justice system let’s us down again. Had it been a regular joe, he would’ve gotten the book thrown at him. Stop giving celebrites slaps on the wrists.