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Breaking News – John Cena Undergoes Arm Surgery Today (Updated Details)

The official WWE website announced that John Cena underwent surgery to remove bone chips in his elbow today. Dr. James Andrews removed several pieces of bone cartilage from Cena’s elbow through a scope. He is going home today to Tampa, Fla. and will immediately begin rehab.

WWE initially stated that it would likely take four to six weeks for Cena to recover from a surgery of that nature. The report now states that he is expected to recover in two to three weeks. Another update on his recovery time is expected be released Thursday when he is reevaluated.

WWE will release more information as it becomes available.


    Cena and Miz put on a good match?? Warrior disagrees. Cena and punk put on a good match is a valid statement which WARRIOR approves! Cena is strong, gets the crowd behind him by appealing to the home town (which is getting old) but the guy’s a beast.

    A heel turn and some RUTHLESS aggression will get him the fans that he deserves — THE WARRIORS FROM ABOVE!!!!

    HUUUuuLK HooO-GaN

  • mr. e

    May only be 2 to 3 weeks? Way to no sell the surgery…

  • The_electrifying_one

    I’m not the biggest of Cena fans. Sometimes I boo sometimes I cheer.

    Cena’s in his mid 30’s now. Trying to comeback from a surgery in half it normally takes to recover is a bit ambitious. I would have thought he would start to consider his later career as getting back too early and not resting properly could come back to bite him.

  • Jeremy

    back in those days you had all those amazing and yes overrated wrestlers and youre right, the hogans and warriors drew ppl in. but it also wasnt a PG kiddie era. i didnt need a cobra, superman, and a dinosaur to draw me in. i fell in love with the rock, stone cold, taker, kane, edge, hardys bc THEY WERE ENTERTAINING and kicked ass, they were cool. these guys: Cenas, Ryders, Santinos & Funkasaurauses are THE farthest thing from cool lol

  • J-J

    @ Wayne: Valid point re: Punk being better & the fans being the business. Unfortunately – and I don’t particularly like it – More fans buy Cena merch than Punk merch. More families (Mum, Dad & 1 or 2 kids) go to WWE events to watch Cena than the single guy to watch Punk. More families will pay money for the PPV to watch Cena than the single guy who will illegally download it for free.
    Let me state again, I would much rather watch the likes of Punk, Bryan & Ziggler in the main event with Cena on the undercard. I would’ve personally loved to have seen the WWE REALLY give Punk the ball & let him have a real shot at being the face of the company without Cena around. But the realist in me knows that isn’t going to happen for the reasons I pointed out. I don’t necessarily like it but I understand & respect it.
    As a kid the Ultimate Warrior was my favourite wrestler (Hated Hogan!). Now at 35 & with a child of my own (who loves Ryder & Cena) I can see that the Warrior was the drizzling shits & that guys such as Rude, Henning & Savage should’ve been more firmly entrenched in the main event then Warrior & Hogan. BUT that’s who brought me in (Along with Leaping Lanny Poffo & his frisbees!). Now some nearly 30 years later I’m still a fan with more refined tastes. Without those guys to get me hooked in the first place I wouldn’t be having this discussion about the merits of Punk as the top guy or not now.

    Quite possibly (and I really hope so) the Cenas, Ryders, Santinos & Funkasaurauses will get the kids in now & get them hooked so in 10 years time they can argue the merits of Rhodes, Ziggler, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose being the top guys instead of the next cartoon character. It’s taken me a long time to accept this (especially as I really despise Hogan) but wrestling needs those superman characters to be successful. And without those guys bringing in the extra dollars from the families & the kids, the Punks of the world would be main eventing infront of much smaller live & tv audiences…

  • Jeremy

    if its THAT important to keep him PG for the kiddies and be a face then fine, its good for business. but get some new moves, a new look, new ring gear (not just pick another color outta the rainbow), something please. whens the last time weve seen anything unexpected outta cena since he was the dr of thuganomics……? ppl bash randy boreton and del rio. i gotta put cena right up there in the boring category

  • Jeremy

    I agree. @ J-J what you said is spot on. i dont hate cena as a person at all. i also respect his love and passion for what he does, rare to see these days. but the fact that he’s been the SAME EXACT DORKY UNFUNNY character for like 7 years is getting old. its the same shit over and over. cenas losing or getting worked, does his 5 moves of doom, AA outta nowhere and hand him the title or the main event even though its not even a title match! btw, wtf is cena in every main event, title match or not? He’s THAT much more important then the rest of the locker room? we’re asking for a change! make him heel, make him edgy, make him more violent or angry, something!! he tries to be the rock with his mic skills and humor and it just does not work at all….

  • Wayne

    @J-J Yes that is all good and dandy u say all of the positive things about Cena. I wouldn’t go on to say everybody’s opions about him r unnessacery though Bro. I respect His love for the business and all of that mess. I just don’t see y all of the focus is put on him. CM Punk is a better wrestler and has beaten Cena almost everytime they have fought past and present. Yet, Cena gets main events and title matches even though he loses almost everytime! That makes no since. U talk about the Business! The Fans r most of the business!

  • Apacaveli

    Gooood No Super Cena For 4-6 Weeks This Is Awesome News…….

  • J-J

    Really don’t know why I bother sometimes it seems like the only people who post are teenagers the way they carry on. However a few points –

    A: WWE is going all out on the breast cancer awareness doing the pink thing so it makes sense that the face of the WWE wears pink. If a heel was wearing pink it has the potential for them to get cheered as they may be perceived to be sympathetic to the cause & worth getting behind. Do you want your heels being booed or cheered? Even Punk stopped wearing the pink to.

    B: The reason people whinged about constant ADR vs Sheamus matches is because for the most part they weren’t that great. ADR wasn’t really establishing himself as a top level heel & was really only coming off as jobber to the stars (I know that can be partly attributed to the booking but ADR also has to take responsibility for that. Ziggler has lost more matches in the same time frame but is more over due to how he carries himself)

    C: The reason no one’s whinging too much about another Cena/Punk match is because they’re good! With the exception of Raw 1000, all of their matches have been stellar. HIAC will be only the 3rd time they’ve met in one on one action this year (as opposed to the countless times ADR & Sheamus have gone at it). Going against Punk lifts Cena to another level which sees them put on close to match of the night every time. Going against Cena, especially when paired with Heyman really helps to solidify Punk as a full blown heel.

    D: People who jump on the Cena hate wagon really come off as juvenile with the way they carry on. From their petty jibes about the colours he wears to insinuating he’s doing ‘favours’ for those in charge. He’s consistently been the top merchandise seller for almost a decade, contrary to popular opinion he is capable of producing quality matches with the right opponent (Punk, Bryan, Edge, Y2J, Umaga, HBK, ‘Taker, even the Miz, the list goes on). He does an insane amount of promotional work for the company which sees him hardly ever at home (more than likely one of the reasons he got divorced). He’s never once been involved in any drug, drink driving, domestic or any other scandal that’s seen him in trouble with the law. For a company desperate to change its image to that of more family friendly, Cena IS the guy who’s going to be doing that for quite a few more years to come.
    Yes Cena might not be everyone’s favourite cup of tea (I’m a Punk/Bryan/Ziggler mark myself) but the people who keep throwing unnecessary hate on him just don’t understand the business. The business is about making money & keeping the company strong for the next generation of stars. Cena does this. He’s also helped get more than a few guys over as well.

    Enough of me ranting! People need to understand the business & look at what’s best for business. If they let their own personal biases get in the way of that they’re going to come across as childish when they write silly comments about sucking d*ck to get a main event spot…

  • Tom

    It would really be ashame if it can’t be Punk VS Cena at HIAC. That is really the only match that makes sense to be in HIAC. Sheamus VS ADR has been dragging.

  • nick-hulk

    @ cool d: why on earth wud Jack Swagger challenge for the WWE Title? He’s spent 18 months as the whipping boy

  • I wonder if jack swagger or the big show will challenge cm punk next for the wwe title

  • sam

    like someone has already stated punk/cena matches are not boring pieces of crap like sheamus/del rio

  • Dan

    Cena should just take some time off, he’s certainly earned a break. Learn to sell moves and come back fresh.

  • art

    Fuck yes…wwe will have to use someone else for 3 weeks whatever will they do….

  • Bryan

    No No No No No No.

  • Jay


  • scooter

    First off your name is furrie is this because you are a furrie? If so your a weirdo who jerks off to animated animals and needs help.
    Secondly you’ll watch ROH to see what Davey Rihcards use no psychology in his matches or Roderick Strongs cringe worthy promos?

  • Sam Peters

    so now it should only be 3 weeks, so it will defo be Punk vs Cena at HIAC

  • john

    when he returns he better come back as heel

  • TheSheepDog

    LOOOOOOLLLL @kannon81 “So sick of Cena and his ass kissing fans” REALLY?! by fans i hope you mean wwe corporate men, because hot diggity damn, I rarely see Cena fans on here and even then, they are not marks for Cena, they simply respect him but think he needs a freshen up.

  • Paton

    maybe because Cena/Punk isn’t a total borefest….

  • Furrie

    I agree 100% with Kannon81…. The IWC did nothing but bitch and moan about yet another Shamus/ADR match at NOC, but just eat up yet ANOTHER Punk/Cena match… Keep being spoon fed the shit that WWE gives you every week and I’ll go watch ROH

  • JohnCena33

    Guarantee Cena is back in time for hell in a cell, and if not he’ll be at survivor series facing Punk, AGAIN.

  • JohnCena33

    John Cena is A FAKE MADE UP CHARACTER. WWE IS FAKE. No need to complain.

  • Kannon81

    So sick of Cena and his ass kissing fans

    Anyone notice that sandow and ziggler both had their pink gear changed? Hmmm I guess only cena is entitled to wear it. Sandow wore purple trunks instead of pink and Ziggler had a black show off shirt.

    He always has to be center of attention. Worse then Hogan!

  • luckysalt

    He will be cleared in time and look like SUPER Cena

  • Matt

    Is it bad that i’m happy this happened to him?

  • Kannon81

    So my comment gets a dislike for not wanting to see the same damn match over and over again.

  • Sam Peters

    funny how it so happens to be 4-6 weeks, and what happens in that time scale, HIAC PPV….so he will either recover just in time for it or they will have to come up with a new challenger and at this rate they would prob go with Orton as he is the only real credible challenger at this moment in time

  • Kannon81

    No Cena vs Punk rematch at hell in a cell? Thank God!!!

  • misfit del rio

    Speedy recovery , and let all the hate begin….