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Breaking News: WWE Diva Quits the Company

According to PWInsider, WWE Diva Maxine has quit WWE.

The report states that Maxine was frustrated with several different things, including not being given a guaranteed deal and not being able to prove herself on TV outside of NXT. She was last seen in the Diva battle royale on Raw this week.

Maxine joined WWE back in 2009 as a developmental talent and was in FCW until NXT’s third season. She returned during Season Five as part of a triangle with Derek Bateman and Johnny Curtis.

  • John Laurenitis’ Voice

    @Men on a Mission

    Typed a little too fast,drank a little too much lol

  • T-Will

    damn she was sexy but she could’ve waited like @Bill said but The Divas are just getting more impatient by the moment but hopefully she gets on tv again sooner then later.

  • Dan

    If they can’t think of anything to do with Kharma, what chance have they got of doing something creative with Maxine? Even Naomi, who was one of the better wrestlers in the women’s NXT, has to settle for being a dancer for Brodus Clay’s entrance.

  • yofits

    I can’t start crying!

  • King Albert

    Cena tried to fuck her and he got rejected, so he was going to get her fired anyway.

  • Another one bites the dust I see! This not a good look for the divas division and it hasn’t been in awhile. In the last several months, there have been girls literally asking for a release from this damn company. And at this rate, they should just defunct the divas title, because its totally meaning less and unworthy of defending.

  • chronoxiong

    So sad. I loved her body. That body will be missed. I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

  • Bill

    Are you serious? What about guys like Curtis & Bateman? They’ve been on NXT for awhile, too. Ryback? He’s been in the WWE system since 2004 & only now is getting somewhere. Plus, with the new NXT, new talents are getting a great place to shine. It took a guy like Chris Jericho 10 years wrestling all over the world to make it in the WWE. She should’ve just waited a bit longer.

  • Jimbotron


  • SYM

    @scooter My Fault, I found that out just now lol

  • scooter

    She’s not melinas sister they just have the same last name.

  • SYM

    I usually dont complain about recieving dislikes but the 3 ppl who gave them to me are either hating or dont believe the facts I stated in my 2nd comment.

  • Men on a Mission

    ^ @ JohnLaurinaitis’Voice, you do know Maxine is a woman, right??

  • John Laurenitis’ Voice

    he’ll be a TNA knockout champion in about 5 months lol

  • SYM

    @Alan Wake Maxine was a New Diva who was on the NXT Diva season I believe and shes also Melina’s sister.

  • Alan Wake

    Who is Maxine?

    I’m not trying to be funny, I really don’t know who she is.

  • Once You Go Bryan, There’s No Point in Tryin’


    She was hot and she was a good wrestler 🙁

  • scooter

    She’s actually become a pretty decent wrestler and has possibly the best promos of all the divas hopefully she goes to the indys or TNA and has success.

  • SYM

    I saw her on Monday and she looked great. Sad to see her leave WWE. She was One of my Favorite Divas. Check her out on NXT, she was way better than Kelly Kelly.

  • Stockton Joe

    I wish I could say I care, but I really don’t.

    The pay must be grand, because I can’t for the life of me understand WHY Beth and Natalya are still around.

    It must be that story lines are cheaper to do than in-ring wrestling. That’s the ONLY reason I can think of for having “build-up” (read skits and “interviews”) in the first hour instead of wrestling.

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Care not I do.
    Care not I do.

  • Nick

    In a way, even if she’s not a “major diva” she has a point. Imagine if all wrestlers thought like her, HALF OF THEM would be gone! Shes not the only one not being given a chance. WWE is being really stupid with the way they use their talent, with the 3 hour raw coming up, they reported they want to use that first hour to build up the main event. why? why wouldnt they use that hour to put in 2 or 3 matches and than build up the main event for 10 minutes.

  • Diesel

    And there I was thinking it was somebody important like Beth or Natalya….