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Breaking News: WWE Suspends Evan Bourne

– WWE announced the following on their corporate website this morning:

STAMFORD, Conn., January 17, 2012 – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE (NYSE:WWE) has suspended Matthew Korklan (Evan Bourne®) for 60 days effective Tuesday, January 17 for his second violation of the company’s policy.

  • venom

    I hope they fire this dumbass.

  • mr kenndy i mean mr anderson lol

    he could of had a weresmaina fued for the titles oh well

  • Devil_Rising

    Along the same lines, it reminds me of the RVD situation. He was handed the keys to the kingdom. Who knows how long it actually would have lasted, but RVD was FINALLY WWE Champion. Except apparently that didn’t mean much to RVD personally. Not enough for him to NOT get caught speeding with Sabu in the car, and NOT have both of them get caught with weed. He fucked up big time, when he was finally getting the push he deserved.

    Sure, Vince probably never had much faith in or plans to really do anything meaningful with the ECW Brand, but one thing was obvious: He DID initially intend to build the whole brand around RVD, which was the right thing to do. Except RVD fucked all that up, and in doing so, he is in big part to blame for Vince basically pulling the rug out from under ECW and making a “C” show instead of it’s own thing. I don’t know what would have happened, or how long it would have lasted, but one thing was for sure, there were plans for RVD to remain the ECW Champion, at least, for a long time. Possibly all the way until Wrestlemania or beyond. But the company lost confidence in him when the guy they put the WWE title belt on, gets caught with pot in his car.

    No matter how you shake it, no matter what you believe about pot or not, that was a stupid, careless move on his part. Even if HE didn’t care about being WWE Champion, it meant a lot to a lot of his FANS to see him finally be WWE Champ. Right when he reached the top, he pissed it all away just by being careless. And that was really a damn shame as well. I love RVD, he’s still one of my favorite wrestlers…but sometimes you have to decide what’s more important to you, your career, or your love of weed. In his case, I guess we got our answer.

  • Devil_Rising

    Part of the problem with this kind of shit, is that the indy promotions are partly to blame. They have absolutely no regulations or testing, of any kind that I’m aware of, on the indy scene, for anything. Sure, if a guy shows up too twisted, they’ll send him home or fire him. But they don’t monitor rampant drug use, or pill popping, or steroid use, or alcoholism, pot use, you name it.

    There is still very much a “party culture” going on on the indy scene, and for all I know even ROH. Only the big corporate companies care enough to monitor for this shit, like TNA and WWE, and even then, they only seem to do it to protect their own image. I don’t think Evan Bourne is bad guy. He’s very talented and very entertaining, which is a damn shame they probably won’t do anything with him after this. But he is, for sure, a fucking idiot to get busted and suspended twice right in a row, one right after the other.

    Some people seem to care more about toking up or whatever it is they do, than their careers. And that’s too damn bad.

  • John

    JUST SAY NO EVAN! Lol. They should just drop this guy. He contributes nothing. And honestly 2 strikes in a 3 month period is just insulting. Even Jeff Hardy was more careful than that.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    he is called AIR BOURNE because he is flyin high….lol

  • Tyler(:

    It’s funny because Air Boom was potrayed as the kids favourite high flying nice guys. when really you got a underused Kofi and a waste of oppurtunity Evan. fuck sake Bourne.

  • LVW

    We know what the Bourne Identity is now.

  • Jura

    They should be suspending people like Mason ryan for taking steroids, not Bourne all he did was smoke some synthetic cannabis.

  • Nicholas G

    @ Matt so now it the WWE fault right? Oh told you some people are going to blame WWE for what has happen to Evan Bourne.

  • Matt

    No he wont go to TNA. Most likely a return to Dragon Gate or maybe even ROH. Dude’s probably tainted from being in WWE so long. Most likely doesn’t even remember how to do his indy moves anymore.

  • Nicholas G

    Wasn’t this the guy who when he got caught an suspended for 30 days. Went on a twitter account saying he wasn’t the only person why got caught. I think he should have had Air Boom drop the tag team title the first time he got caught. Hey if nothing is done the first time around then most likely Evan was going to do it again. An you really can’t blame the WWE this time around. They did not have Air Boom drop the tag title first time around an it cost the WWE. Just like they didn’t give up on R-Truth push. Different between R-Truth and Evan Bourne Truth took full responsibly why Evan blame somebody else. It was the same with Jeff Hardy.

    Now they have to make Evan Bourne work his way back up. I don’t want to but will read internet fans. Saying how they are holding Evan Bourne back. The thing is it was Evan Bourne that screwed up not WWE. An it is Evan Bourne that will pay for what he has done. Now I don’t think he will be fire if there is 3rd strike because there is not going to be one. If there is well don’t blame WWE look at the guy who got busted not at the WWE. It would happen at any other job.

    It is disappointing to see such talent go to waste. I hope he change his life around. Don’t want to read RIP Evan Bourne someday. This is why they should have done something the first time around. R-Truth new better Evan Bourne did not but now he is going to learn the hard way.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Evan I have just one word for you———DUMBASS!

  • Stevie P

    Dude needs to grow up. He has possibly the best job in the world, let alone tag team champs on the biggest stage. Too bad that he will get released because of this and to be honest it’s his fault and he can’t blame anyone but himself.

  • MJ

    Looks like TNA is going to have a new world champion on there hands!

  • scooter

    guys a tool get him released for his behaviour and push kofi as a singles star

  • Starship Pain

    Way to go, pothead…

  • Whatever

    ok, he will be fired soon…

  • bc mitchell

    Man that sucks if they fire him. I enjoyed his awesome rivalry with…. oh yeah. Or his awesome promo where he said…. no that never happened. How about that time he….. no no wasn’t him. Oh well fuck him. Guess they’ll just have find another generic as hell “x style” bland little white guy to smile and flash the peace sign constantly. How will the WWE survive?

  • Leon


  • KpNuttzLol

    I figured he had his second strike when he dropped the titles at a live show. It’s sad really. Let’s hope he can pull around like Jeff Hardy did, he got two suspensions but managed to stay clean….or avoid getting caught until he won multiple heavyweight championships.

  • simon07

    He could have done it to get fired? Nobody can be that stupid to get caught so quickly after the last one.

  • Jon

    Figure that why Epicho and Primo won. Especially in a house show. Best on future endvous Mr Boure in you don’t shape up.

  • Philly655

    wot a plum… i’d give my left nut 4 his job. some people r simply stupid. bourne sits in this camp unfortunatly…. dumbass

  • CC

    the idiot has only just come back and they even let him keep the tag title while he was last suspended … some people just never learn.
    It doesnt matter if its dope, steroids or pain killers, you get caught once, fair enough. You get caught twice, you are an idiot. You get caught twice within such a short space of time, you obviously dont want a job.

    I am a fan of his, and have been since his days on the indy circuit, but that doesnt mean I will defend him.

  • Sammo

    Well… that was predictable.

  • Albert

    Hate seeing athletes loosing it, i mean you’ve worked so hard to make your dream a reality, then they realize when its too late and get worse

  • Frank

    I guess we will be seeing him in TNA sooner or later! Too bad for Kofi he was saddled with a dope head.

  • Jeff Miles

    He is out of his league….bye bye Air Boom….

  • the_electrifying_one

    I hate to say it as I think he is an awesome performer but He’s guna either be buried for a good couple of years or…. He’s guna get FIRED!!!!

  • Dave

    That explains the house show title change and the quick squash rematch. 2 strikes in such a short period. WWE is almost certainly going to insist on a stint in rehab for this one.

  • JIR

    We all knew there was a reason they dropped the tittles at a live event oh well time for Bourne to shape up or ship out

  • Tom… Just Tom

    I sense a third strike coming soon.