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Breaking: Paige Again Suspended for Wellness Violation, Paige Responds

WWE has made the following announcement:

Paige suspended for 60 days

STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE has suspended Saraya-Jade Bevis (Paige) for 60 days effective immediately, for her second violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.

Paige would respond via Twitter with the following:

  • MrDr3w

    Because she tested positive for recreational drugs, not prescription drugs. Read the newest report.

  • CC

    The report said she was ready to return, and she didn’t. Fact is, less than two weeks ago on Twitter, Paige herself said the injury was still not fixed and she had spoken to a doctor about 2 possible procedures to fix it, which means any reports of her being backstage waiting to be cleared, were false. And as I said before, if she is not competing and has not been cleared by WWE doctors to return, why is she being tested?

  • norm

    Congratulations you just won the Most stupid comment on the internet award. Got anything else to say?

  • MrDr3w

    Maybe she refilled the prescription, but failed to produce the paperwork for the refill. Or maybe it was recreational drugs that she tested positive for, and that’s why she was retested. I don’t know, and neither do any of us. So all I’m saying is, before we jump to conclusions and assume that there is some conspiracy going on, we need to first get the SOLID facts. Until then, we only have what we know, and that is the fact that she broke some sort of a company policy. I didn’t see any report about her returning last week. The report I saw said that she and Emma were backstage, and that EMMA was returning, not Paige.

  • CC

    It was noted that she was returning as well, and that report was wrong, so who is to say that she was waiting to be cleared or whatever. She may have been visiting friends or may have just had a meeting.
    Regardless of what she tested for, if she is still on the injured list, why was she tested?
    If she was cleared by WWE’s doctors then she is still injured.
    As for pain meds, we have heard several instance where active talent have been taking pain meds, and as long as they have a valid prescription, and produce it in the correct time frame they have been fine. The whole Reigns suspension was down to him filing the paperwork late. Had he done it on time, he might very well have been allowed to continue.

  • MindTricked

    This doesn’t end well. I’m 100% sure that we’ve seen Paige in a WWE ring for the last time, at least in the short term. Long term, like 3-5 years down the road? Possible return, I guess, but it’s still unlikely.

    Damn shame when your dream becomes a nightmare (see: AJ)

  • MrDr3w

    It was noted last week that she was backstage at RAW, just waiting to be cleared by WWE’s doctors. Injured superstars obviously don’t travel with the talent. Therefore, no longer “injured,” and no need to still be on pain meds. Plus, factor in the fact that we don’t even know what she tested positive for.

  • oppa

    I can’t tell you how many comments about her and Alberto being on drugs together are out there now. People assume the worst because they won’t question anything WWE does, even though a ton of wrestlers have admitted that WWE makes things up as they go along. I’m guessing her lawyer will be calling Stamford later today about this.

  • oppa

    Especially since WWE approved the doctor who did the surgery and knew what pain meds she’d be on. There’s a lot more to this story than we know, but WWE knows they can put this out there and people will assume that she’s drugged up. They’ll go out of their way to test her, but won’t test Brock or Cena. smh

  • ROB-1.

    Goodbye Paige , the door is that way.

  • CC

    I am a bit surprised as to why they would be testing someone who is off injured in the first place.
    Its blatantly obvious that someone who is off injured is gonna be on some kind of meds, and as long as its a genuine prescription it should not be something that results in suspension.
    You can bet your bottom dollar Rollins was on meds when he was out.
    You can bet Becky Lynch is probably on meds.
    You can bet just about anyone who has been injured has been on meds, and those meds probably contained banned substances, but when they are injured they are injured. No wellness policy should even be applied at that time.

  • Will Henderson

    she’s suspended again, yep, she’s pulling an “Evan Bourne”. i bet during the 60 days suspension she’ll ask for her release and then get it quickly. she’s done with WWE, that’s for sure. she’s throwing her career away for Alberto Del Rio and the WWE doesn’t like it.

  • I think it would be more correct to say rules apply depending on who you are dating.

  • JC Bolden

    Her tweet spoke to what we already know but interesting that she actually said it

  • Khosrow

    It’s a bit of A and a bit of B, I think.

  • Symbiote_X

    Or maybe she’s trying to get fired.

  • It seems the WWE is just looking for a reason to fire her and make her look as bad as possible while they do it.